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  1. Ahhh ... She will be sadly missed. But thanks to the First Lady, we can all say **** Christmas again.
  2. Thursday, November 26/27 Hitchcock-a-thon 2:30 a.m. Psycho (1960). I’ll go with this one for Anthony Perkins performance.
  3. Next up will be Paul Manafort who the President told to hold tight. And he did by refusing to co-operate.
  4. Trump started out on the wrong foot by asking Russia to help him win the election. Plus he was a known racist and charlatan business man. And as nasty and cruel as can be which I admit was a turn on for too many Americans.
  5. Warren would probably agree with you there. I got confused by JJ's post. I also thought he was suggesting Warren as a Treasury secretary choice by progressives but now I think he was just mentioning her as being overlooked for any of the positions. She is not qualified for that job. Neither is Joe Biden. Maybe Warren could be in charge of Native American Affairs or whatever you call it? Just a bad joke!
  6. That was 500 votes in one state with some dodgy chads. Biden is up by over 6 million now and hundred of thousands if you add up all those swing states.
  7. Nipkowdisc has a filling in his teeth that acts as a radio transmitter. It only gets one channel though and the news on it is suspect.
  8. I'm missing something here. I thought we were talking about the secretary of the treasury. Yellin got that job and I thought that is who you were describing as 'corporate.' Your own post says that (Yellin is a clear single (sic) that Biden is 100% a corporate Dem. ). IMO Elizabeth Warren is hardly qualified for that particular job. You need someone who will most likely be described as corporate. I therefor invited you to name someone for that job who was both qualified and not corporate.
  9. Name someone with experience for secretary of the treasury that could not be described as 'corporate.' I think it comes with the territory and apparently progressives are very happy with Yellin.
  10. I don't think the 'bad decision' necessarily had to be one from the court. Michigan came close to not certifying their own vote. The transition has not gone exactly without a hitch. There have been spanners in the works all over the place testing the system and Republican party members who are actually custodians of the vote have been called upon to act in the interests of the people and not their own party. If you are talking about something that hasn't happened, then yes that is "forecasting." But that is what the person said. One bad decision away from a crisis. Not necessarily
  11. The presidential transition (Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post) Biden’s nominees have pushed policies that Trump used to fuel his rise Biden’s top picks in the past helped push for trade deals, aimed to sign international treaties and advocated for foreign wars. After Trump’s victory in 2016, these positions triggered widespread soul-searching among Democrats over how they had misread the sentiments of voters on whose support they had long counted. By Matt Viser, Joh
  12. In the Florida case it was for State Senate seats and the voters were inundated with leaflets touting the progressive qualities of these phoney 'third party' or independent candidates. In one case the democrat incumbent lost by about 30 votes.
  13. The Dow breaks 30,000 on the news of Janet Yellin's appointment. Trump spontaneously comes into the WH Press briefing room to take credit for the market. After approximately 30 seconds he then turns tail and leaves. Brave, brave Sir Donald.
  14. Satire from the Borowitz Report Not the news. Trump Blasts Biden Cabinet’s Lack of Reality-Show Experience “These people have never earned an immunity idol, presided over a rose ceremony, or danced with a star,” the outgoing President said. By Andy Borowitz 11:25 A.M
  15. How about best two out of three? Trump demands RE-RUN of election: President retweets Fox News-hating videos by ex-fugitive Randy Quaid claiming 'a day of reckoning is nigh' as he STILL refuses to accept his White House days are numbered President Donald Trump attacked Fox News and demanded the election be rerun in an early morning tweet storm that featured voter fraud allegations from actor Randy Quaid in a starring role. Trump, in the nearly dozen tweets and retweets fired off Tuesday morning, appeared to be backpedaling from Monday evening's decision by the General Serv
  16. David Frum @davidfrum · 1h You know what made America great? Sending taxpayer-paid staff in taxpayer-paid vehicles to Ritz Carltons to buy speciality moisturizers for you. THAT's what made America great. Biden's team may have fancy-pants educations, but look at their dry skin! https://washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2018/06/07/pruitt-enlisted-sec
  17. I felt like throwing a shoe at the television last night when Rick Santorum said that Donald Trump was absolutely right in that mail in ballots were rife with fraud and had to go.
  18. As one incredibly smart person pointed out, the system was just one bad decision away from becoming a real crisis.
  19. These so called "candidates" demanded privacy during the run up to the election. They were phoney and had no intention of running to win. The entire purpose of running as a third party and as a liberal was to siphon off votes from the democrat candidate. In truth they were all registered Republicans. The Republicans propped up this third party run.
  20. David Frum @davidfrum · 1h Narcissistic rage, when unsuccessful in bullying its victims into submission, can often collapse into profound depression and withdrawal from the world that so bitterly disappointed the narcissist https://nytimes.com/interactive/2020/11/24/us/politics/trump-twitter-tweets-election-results.html…
  21. The Daily Chase: Investors cheer Biden transition Noah Zivitz North American stocks appear poised to add to yesterday’s gains after U.S. President-elect Joe Biden was formally granted permission to begin transition work. That’s after U.S. General Services Administration Administrator Emily Murphy gave the green light; while U.S. President Donald Trump refused to concede, he said on Twitter he’s guiding his team to support the transition process “in the best interest of our Country”. We’ll gather market reaction and insight on what comes next in D.C. – including Biden’s cabinet picks, i
  22. Trump is mocked after footage of his 2018 turkey pardoning re-emerges showing him joke bird had 'refused to concede and demanded a recount but had ultimately lost' Two years ago President Trump pardoned turkeys 'Peas' and 'Carrots'. During the ceremony, Trump joked that 'Carrots' refused to concede. Trump said the results were from a 'fair and open election'.
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