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  1. Trump waves goodbye to NYC: Former president to spend summer at his New Jersey golf club after two days holed up in Trump Tower - as his blog aimed at replacing Twitter and Facebook tanks Former president spent two days holed up in Trump Tower in NYC before he was pictured leaving Tuesday. It is unclear what was being discussed over the past two days but Trump has teased a possible re-election run in 2024; he is also part of an investigation into possible charges of criminal tax fraud in the city. Trump, 74, had flown into NYC from Florida on Sunday following a Mother's Day with
  2. Call it The Curse of The Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. Apologies to National Lampoon.
  3. As you lay dying in a pool of blood in some Wal-Mart and your shooter, a pimply faced kid with a semi-automatic weapon who is having a bad day pays you no attention as he moves off to aisle number 7 will you defend his 'God given' right to bear arms? Just wonderin'.
  4. David Frum @davidfrum · 5h Crimes must be punished even after a lapse of time, argues person under multiple state and federal investigations for past offenses.
  5. Prosecutors look to flip ex-girlfriend of Matt Gaetz who worked as Capitol Hill intern and went on 2018 Bahamas trip where women were 'paid to travel for sex' The investigation into Matt Gaetz is now focusing on a former Capitol Hill intern who is the ex-girlfriend of the Republican congressman.
  6. Don Jr.'s now-ex-wife Vanessa and Tiffany both got 'inappropriately - and perhaps dangerously - close' to their Secret Service detail while Trump was President, new book claims NEW The claims are made in 'Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service', the new book from Washington Post reporter and Pulitzer Prize-winner Carol Leonnig. Vanessa (with Don Jr.) allegedly 'started dating one of the agents who had been assigned to her family' at some point during Trump's time in the White House. The agent did not face disciplinary action because neither he nor the Secret Service w
  7. NASA's Kepler space telescope discovers FIVE Star Wars-style double-sun planets that 'could support alien life' University of Illinois scientists used the Kepler data to create a new methodology that can identify systems with two stars that could host habitable Earth-like planets.
  8. Satire from the Borowitz Report Not the news. G.O.P. Claims Biden Is Artificially Inflating Job-Approval Rating By Displaying Competence “Joe Biden is so desperate to have a high approval rating that he’s been using every day in office to deliver results to the American people,” Senator Ted Cruz said. By Andy Borowitz May 10, 2021
  9. Okay, let me get this straight. Liberal mass assumptions. Don't lump me and all white people together when talking about mistreatment of black people. But lump me and all white people together when talking about conquering land, sea, air and space. Got it.
  10. Wednesday, May 12 midnight. Ladies of the Jury (1932). 11 Angry Jurors and Edna May Oliver.
  11. Florida becomes mutant Covid strain capital of US with 11,800 cases fueled by Spring Breakers Florida now has the distinction of being the home to the most variant COVID-19 cases in the country as state health officials reported more than 11,800 cases of COVID-19 variants.
  12. (Aaron Davis/The Washington Post) How an obscure Texas security company helped convince Americans the 2020 election was stolen from Trump Russell J. Ramsland Jr. has sold everything from Tex-Mex food to a light-therapy technology. Starting two years ago, he helped sell the notion that votes in U.S. elections were being manipulated. By Emma Brown, Aaron C. Davis, Jon Swaine and Josh Dawsey ● Read more »
  13. You are not helping that mass assumption any, I can tell you that.
  14. 1991 and I’ve also seen … I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar (1991) Philippe Garrel, France This is a case where I found everything that was written about the film quite interesting but then subsequently not the film itself. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t drawn to a single character. Night and Day (1991) Chantal Akerman, France Akerman fans may like this but I don’t count myself in their number. This is an odd love triangle story. I stayed through to the end as I was curious to see how it would turn out but I can’t say the wait was worth it.
  15. I wouldn't say that the thing that is sick in this thread is liberalism.
  16. Trump jets out of Florida to spend summer at his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey where he will plan 2024 bid and escape the heat after saying goodbye to Melania and Barron Sources had told DailyMail.com Trump will move his base to his New Jersey Bedminster golf club for summer. Mother-of-one Melania opted for a polka dot dress as she dined with Barron, 15, who sported longer hair. Donald had earlier stopped to greet a young fan outside Mar-A-Lago, hugging and posing with the boy. Pictures taken by DailyMail.com show Trump boarding a private jet out of Florida on Sunday evening
  17. Tuesday, May 11 4:30 p.m. The Golden Arrow (1964). Arabian adventure with Tab Hunter no less.
  18. There is so much wrong with that statement it is hard to know where to begin. Self awareness is obviously not your forte.
  19. An interesting tid bit - did you know that right after Pearl Harbor, Canada was first to declare war on Japan? On December 7, 1941 (December 8 in Japan), the Empire of Japan began an undeclared war upon the United Kingdom (invading Hong Kong and Malaya), Canada, and the United States (attacking Pearl Harbor).[3] Mackenzie King and the Cabinet decided to go to war with Japan that evening and issued a proclamation the following day declaring that, as of December 7, a state of war existed between Japan and Canada.[2][3][14] One day later, the US and UK also declared war on the Japanese Empir
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