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  1. Trump is pictured golfing with Lindsay Graham in West Palm Beach just one day after the senator told the Republican Party they 'can't move forward' without Donald Photos exclusively taken by DailyMail.com show Sen. Lindsey Graham golfing with former Donald Trump in Florida a day after Graham said the GOP can't 'move forward' without Trump.
  2. Monday, May 10 10 p.m. Marie Antoinette (1938). With Norma Shearer, Tyrone Power and a very royal, Robert Morley.
  3. And now it is revealed thatTrump used the Justice department to spy on Reporters and get records of their phone calls. So much for Trump whining about being spied on himself. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Where is Devon Nunes and Jim Jordan now?
  4. See my post just above. An indefinite ban is not a temporary one. There is no reason why the Review Board should view the original ban as being temporary. They were reviewing the indefinite ban to make sure that it was justified as they do in criminal cases.
  5. I thought Trump didn't like the government spying on private citizens? Just more HS.
  6. This is from the Washington Post, January 7, 2021. Indefinitely not temporarily. Tech Policy Trump banned from Facebook indefinitely, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says The move follows temporary bans of Trump’s accounts by both Twitter and Facebook
  7. Was it a temporary ban or a lifetime ban that has come under review? Even people sentenced to life in prison are reviewed from time to time. I repeat my question to all - how many more people have to die before Trump is banned for life?
  8. Here you go. Cooking on a budget. Enjoy.
  9. Just like a venereal disease.
  10. How many deaths have to incur based on his lies before he is banned for life? Four more? Six more?
  11. Jean Sorel Robert Wagner
  12. Job hesitancy. Why rush back to work in the service industry which was hit hardest by the pandemic when it is still not safe to do so! And stupid rabid Republicans and people like Tucker Carlson are only prolonging the return to normalcy by vilifying vaccines.
  13. Richard Signorelli @richsignorelli · 10h The statute of limitations for the Stormy Daniels payoff, for which @MichaelCohen212 received a 3yr sentence for crimes done at the request of Donald Trump, expires in a few short months. T
  14. Sunday, May 9 The TCM Film Festival continues. 8:45 a.m. Her Man (1930). World television premiere of the restoration. With Helen Twelvetrees. 9:30 p.m. The Goodbye Girl (1977). Plus a conversation with Richard Dreyfuss.
  15. 'Spring is here!' Jill Biden posts picture of Melania Trump's revamped Rose Garden as an online petition to change it BACK to its Bunny Mellon design hits 75K signatures Jill Biden on Friday posted a beautiful photo of the White House Rose Garden that Melania Trump controversially renovated amid calls for the first lady to restore the space to its 'former glory.' 'Spring is here at the @WhiteHouse!,' Biden wrote, posting a picture of sunlight filtering over the pink and white flowers planted along the White House colonnade. Melania Trump unveiled her renovations to the White Ho
  16. Satire from the Borowitz Report Not the news. Millions Ask Facebook to Ban Their Relatives The signatories to the petition praised Facebook for its decision to ban the online rants of Donald J. Trump, but argued that the move “does not go far enough.” By Andy Borowitz 12:20 P.M.
  17. I think people generally overestimate the total number of times that they have viewed a film from start to finish. If left to memory I would have said that I had seen A Christmas Carol (1951) at least 50 times, Casablanca about 20 times, etc..
  18. What Trump has to fear from Rudy Giuliani Opinion ● By George T. Conway III ● Read more » ....If Giuliani has anything to offer prosecutors to save himself, it would have to be Trump, the only bigger fish left. And it was arguably criminal for the then-president to have used his official powers to try to coerce foreign officials into aiding his reelection campaign. In fact, Giuliani’s admission that he wasn’t conducting foreign policy, but merely helping Trump personally, is exactly what would make the scheme prosecutable. The former guy just might want to re
  19. These people won't be returning to work ... 05/07/2021 11:40:36 TOTAL ESTIMATED U.S. COVID-19 DEATHS: 571,821 Trump Death Clock 343,093 Estimated U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Due To POTUS Inaction In January 2020, the Trump administration was advised that immediate action was required to stop the spread of COVID-19. According to NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, “there was a lot of pushback” to this advice. President Trump declined to act until March 16th. Experts estimate that, had mitigation measures been implemented one week earlier, 60% of American COVID-19 deaths wou
  20. I've kept a film diary since I was 12 so I can tell you exactly what my top ones are. I've seen roughly 600 films, three times or more. A Christmas Carol (1951) 28 times The Great Escape (1963) 19 times Dr. Strangelove (1964) 18 times The Wizard of Oz (The) (1939) 15 times Casablanca (1942) 12 times A Clockwork Orange (1971) 12 times 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 12 times Bedazzled (1967) 11 times A Night at the Opera (1935) 11 times Paths of Glory (1957) 11 times Slaughterhouse-Five (1972) 11 times Abbott and Costello meet Fran
  21. Why vote for a Republican in Congress if it will only help Kevin McCarthy become speaker?
  22. For these anti-democracy reasons I would find it difficult to rationalize voting for any Republican, down ballot included. They are only enabling this push toward an autocracy in America and are complicit in the same merely by being a member of this enabling party. Just look at what all of the 'down ballot' Republican legislatures are doing with voting rights. And it is not enough to write in another Republican candidate for President as W. Bush did and vote for every other Republican down ballot. That's not good enough when democracy is at stake. The GOP is dead. It is the Party of
  23. I wonder if these same Trump zealots would be in favour of a recount in Texas 6 months after the fact done by Biden supporters.
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