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  1. Oh, come on. That is the biggest false equivalency I've heard in ages. I'm not talking about far left or far right policies. I'm talking about clear cut wacko fruit cakes here.
  2. On why Trump is now hiding out: "Well, Donald is a coward. He is a small racist man who can't handle that he lost the election."
  3. According to Neal, Trump's post election shenanigans guarantee that the DOJ will investigate him.
  4. So, Trump says it is fake news that he didn't attend the G20. Sure he sent a pre-recorded message that trashed the Paris Climate Accord among other things. I guess by that he thought that was attending. Did he listen to anything anyone else had to say? Not interested. He went golding.
  5. Trump AGAIN leaves virtual G20 early to play golf after denying 'Fake News' reports that he blew off Saturday's summit to hit the course For a second day in a row, President Donald Trump left the virtual G20 early to go golfing at his Virginia resort. Earlier, Trump had bristled at news reports that said he blew off a part of the G20 on Saturday to go golfing. 'Just arrived at Virtual G20,' Trump tweeted Sunday morning. 'Was here yesterday also (early), but some of the Fake News Media failed to report it accurately - as usual. My speech is available (they said I didn’t make a spee
  6. Has it been explained to them that they are not supposed to jump over barriers to rip up any ballots that say Joe Biden?
  7. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) Trump privately plots his next act — including a potential 2024 run In a nod to the reality that he is destined to leave office in January, the president is seriously contemplating life beyond the White House, telling advisers he wants to remain an omnipresent force in politics and the media. By Philip Rucker, Ashley Parker and Josh Dawsey ● Read more »
  8. How do these farcical creatures get elected time and time again
  9. Monday, November 23 1:15 p.m. On Approval (1944). I still have not seen this one with Beatrice Lillie.
  10. A very blatant message to the bozos Trump appointed to the Supreme Court that he expects them to do right by him.
  11. David Frum Retweeted Brad Heath @bradheath · 2h
  12. David Frum @davidfrum · 1h I missed this great line in my quote-summary Quote Tweet
  13. Indeed, all those things that ElCid points to as Trump having done were done by others while he was golfing. He did zero work. "Hurry up with that vaccine. I''m going golfing."
  14. Thank you. Though I liked Bernie's policies I thought it was a mistake for him to run this time (too old for one) and being pragmatic liked that Joe Biden who had a good shot to win was the nominee. I hope that Joe can bring America back to normal with regards the rest of the world. I did have champagne the day he was declared the victor. But now that ****heel in the Oval Office and Golf Course is making things difficult to the end.
  15. So, this morning when the G20 conference turned its attention to the corona virus that's when Trump got up and left and went golfing.
  16. Republican governments have been bad for Canada. That is my opinion. But up until now I didn't have a personal problem with people who voted Republican because I understand why people lean conservative. I think Trump is a danger to the planet as well.
  17. Wrong. I explained that this was not the case to JamesJazz just the other day. I have stood up for their positions for the sake of discussion and that ***es you off because in your world everyone has to think and do exactly as you want them to.
  18. Just to be ***ing clear here. My beef is with racists and those who enable a racist to be President. PrincesofTap and Swithin have said just about the same thing. If ElCid thinks that this is then an attack on America you have to ask yourself where he is coming from.
  19. I have to respond to this and say that you are out of your freakin mind. And YOUR posts continue to be of a hateful personal nature.
  20. Contrary to what some may think I LOVE America and cannot wait to put my personal boycott in the past come January 21st. So, thank you for that post. While I like Gordon Lightfoot he is no Bob Dylan.
  21. Donald Trump is proving to be the ultimate stress test to the American system. He has been bucking the rule of law and the separations of powers for four years now. He certainly doesn't even try to represent all of America. Quite the opposite in fact. His entire presidency has been devoted to turning one American against another. Not to mention the grifting and the negligence that is resulting in tens of thousands of needless deaths. But then again, I was told I had TDS when I warned how evil he was.
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