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  1. Things would be no different here on planet Earth.
  2. He has little else to offer other than whining about nonsense. Trump doubles down on attack of Cleveland Guardians for changing name and slams U.S. Women's Soccer Team during Saturday night speech in Phoenix Donald Trump reiterated his disapproval of the Cleveland Guardians name and lamented about the 'woke-ism' that he believes has ruined the U.S. Women's Soccer Team at his rally Phoenix.
  3. Monday, July 26 5:45 p.m. Cool Hand Luke (1967). You forget just how good the entire supporting cast is in this one.
  4. All of the above are very good options. France and Italy are now requiring vaccination passports for restaurants and bars. Guess what? More people are deciding to get vaccinated.
  5. Wrong on every count. Quite simply the unvaccinated are a danger to the rest of society. Sadly that is the way this virus works. Wake up.
  6. Remember when Trump said, the day after the election that there would be no more covid stories. The only reason that there were any covid stories by the media at all was to make him look bad.
  7. As Stephen Hawking has explained, M Theory does not rule out the existence of God but it does rule out a necessity for a God in the creation of our Universe. It was mathematically inevitable.
  8. I've heard that there was only one or two people in Jonestown who didn't believe as well. How many people believed the world was round 1500 years ago? Numbers of believers don't mean proof.
  9. It appears he was a religious wing nut who put all of his faith in God to protect him. Three days before his death, Harmon tweeted: “If you don’t have faith that God can heal me over your stupid ventilator then keep the Hell out of my ICU room, there’s no room in here for fear or lack of faith!”
  10. How do I describe the indescribable? That seems like a rhetorical question. I think Sagan is on to something. Did you watch the video until the end. Without God man is left to take responsibility for his own actions and that is not such a bad thing.
  11. It is also a case of finding "my black man over there."
  12. Sunday, July 25/26 3:45 a.m. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964). Somewhat bizarre musical by Jacques Demy.
  13. Which of the Gods that Carl Sagan proposed do you adhere to? The one that looks like an old man with a long grey beard? Or the one that created everything then buggered off? Or the one that is completely irrelevant? Judging by your Einstein theory of God (which I do not dispute) it is number two. The God that buggered off.
  14. And that is why there are LAWS prohibiting people from smoking in other people's faces in public places.
  15. Smoking is not as contagious a disease. They have managed to put in place a lot of laws barring smokers from puffing in public places because it is a health hazard to others. Covid is tens of millions times more dangerous than inhaling a whiff of someone else's tobacco.
  16. You could see this 5th wave coming a month ago when they started reporting how many people were not going to get vaccinated and the variant was on the rise. About the same time America re-opened everything. A perfect storm.
  17. Yes, polling has shown that they are losing even more suburban women over this issue. Presto, chango!
  18. Hospital workers must be getting pretty fed up by now. It was different before when people got the disease. But now people have a choice whether they want to stay out of hospital. Everyone 12 and over in America has had plenty of time to get vaccinated. The unvaccinated are holding the rest of us back now.
  19. Azerbaijan should be next if he is going in order.
  20. I'll stick my neck out and say that criticizing anything Canadian is MM's way at getting back at what he sees as criticism of his own country by Tom and I. But this is where he goes wrong. I actually love America and I suspect that Tom does as well. What I despise with all of its hypocrisy, inequity, cruelty, mysogony, fascism, racism and insanity is Trump's America and all of its kind. These people even loath their own cities and states of California and New York! Oh, and lest I forget. He likes trolling and getting a rise out of people.
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