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  1. If I'm not mistaken, every single Republican in the federal government voted for the Trump tax cuts for billionaires. That is where that party is at.
  2. BTW, LsDoorMat do you like the fact that Biden is addressing climate change problems in the reconciliation bill? Joe Machin saying industry will take care of this problem all by itself is like saying the fox has vowed to become a vegetarian. It is an insult.
  3. Wages have not kept up with the price of living. They have been stagnant for about 30 years. That is the major problem. And I'm not talking about $15 an hour either. The problem is monumental. Though the billionaires are getting richer at a staggering pace and that is why Republicans are marching toward a kleptocracy ... but I digress. What do you think about subsidies for farmers and for the fossil fuel industry? Socialism for Corporations under Republican leadership.
  4. He painted with a broad brush denouncing "Socialism." I wasn't particularly singling out child care. Let him answer how he pays his bills. My guess is that the government subsidizes him and has done so for just about his entire life.
  5. The problem is this is not the 1950's where a middle class household can get by on just the man's salary. If you want women in the work force and you also want to maintain a population you need to be able to make child care affordable which for millions it is not. I wish this were not so. As a retiree I could be selfish like many millions and just say not my problem but it is more complicated than that.
  6. Melania Trump was nicknamed 'Rapunzel' by the Secret Service because she rarely left the White House, Stephanie Grisham claims in new book Stephanie Grisham (left), former White House press secretary and Melania's top aide, said in her memoir that the Secret Service nicknamed Melania as 'Rapunzel' because she never left the White House. Grisham claimed in her book that Melania focused all her time on her photo album. She claimed Melania spent two hours recreating a ribbon cutting for the White House tennis pavilion because she did not get the right shot in previous attempts. Dur
  7. Remember that the next time someone in your neighborhood calls the fire department. BTW, who pays your bills?
  8. Koch-backed group fuels opposition to school mask mandates, leaked letter shows By Isaac Stanley-Becker ● Read more »
  9. Married Trump donor files police report against Corey Lewandowski claiming he 'bragged about his giant genitals to her', then groped and stalked her during Las Vegas event A Donald Trump super PAC donor who claims former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski made unwanted sexual advances towards her last weekend has sent a statement to police outlining the allegations. Trashelle Odom, of Boise, Idaho, (bottom with her husband and Trump) the wife of construction company executive, claims in the police report that the married Lewandowski touched her repeatedly while seated next
  10. Sunday, October 3/4 12:30 a.m. This Is Francis X. Bushman (2021). New documentary. 1:30 a.m. Ben-Hur (1925), With Ramon Novarro and Bushman. 4:00 a.m. The Human Condition III (1961).
  11. If only Australia had more guns they could blast their way out of the pandemic. Fox News host Tucker Carlson compares Australia's Covid exit strategy to 'Chinese authoritarianism' before claiming Aussies can't fight back because the country was 'disarmed' of its guns A popular American television host claims Australia has slid into 'Chinese authoritarianism' and that the United States should be worried by events Down Under.
  12. Earth is DIMMING due to climate change: Warming oceans cause fewer bright clouds to reflect sunlight into space - trapping even more energy in our planet, study warns Decades of measurements of earthshine allowed the team from the New Jersey Institute of Technology to get a better picture of the impact of climate change on how much sunlight the Earth reflects.
  13. Melania and White House aides called Ivanka and Jared 'the interns' because they were 'obnoxious know-it-alls': Stephanie Grisham says Kushner was like 'Rasputin in a slim-fitting suit' during COVID talks Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham and first lady Melania Trump would call Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump the 'interns' for their role as 'know-it-alls,' Grisham writes. Her tell-all blasts Kushner as 'Rasputin in a tight-fitting suit.' She says Ivanka would engage in the 'routine' of saying what 'my father' thinks' to try to influence discussion. She says the
  14. Let's hope it's nothing trivial. - apologies to Oscar Wilde.
  15. Manchin voted against the Trump tax cuts but it is unclear as to whether he is now willing to rescind them which is supposed to pay for the reconciliation bill.
  16. Alas, the blu ray does not appear to have English subtitles though. Sounds good.
  17. Two Canadians BTW. Some of it was shot in Toronto.
  18. Saturday, October 2 9:45 p.m. The 100th Anniversary of Fleischer Animation: Parts One and Two (2021)
  19. Too bad we cannot pin this post.
  20. The price tag for the military industrial complex is twice that. I don't hear many people crowing about that. It is about time average Americans enjoyed some benefits of their own labor. Life is short.
  21. Biden officials finalize a rule making it harder to kill birds, reversing Trump By Maxine Joselow ● Read more »
  22. Donald Trump set the bar at the bottom of a mine shaft.
  23. The 2020 National Society of Film Critics Best Picture Award … Collective (2019) Alexander Nanau, Romania
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