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  1. Not that it would happen, but if proven he lied to Congress (and perhaps subsequently to the FBI) he could be criminally charged. He would have the same strike against him as Michael Cohen.
  2. 2011 9. Dark Blue World (2011) Jan Sverak, Czech. The story of Czechoslovakian pilots in WWII who make it to Britain to fly for the RAF. It’s quite well done but not exactly thrilling. I was more interested in trying to determine where the aerial photography of real vintage planes meets modern day CGI and that was very well done.
  3. Sunday, September 5/6 3:30 a.m. Aparajito (1956). By Satjayit Ray.
  4. I caught Sandra Bernhard at The Comedy Store in LA in the mid-80's and it was not a good night for her. She spent her entire set yelling and swearing at the audience. An altered state to be sure.
  5. Maybe Joe Manchin should announce a strategic pause on global climate change.
  6. The should investigate Kavanaugh lying under oath to Congress and do the background investigation on him that Trump barred the FBI from doing.
  7. I'm sure they would not have liked Daddy Bonespurs either.
  8. Trump Tower’s key tenants have fallen behind on rent and moved out. But Trump has one reliable customer: His own PAC. By Shayna Jacobs, David A. Fahrenthold, Jonathan O'Connell and Josh Dawsey ● Read more »
  9. Hillary might have been a poor candidate but I am certain that tens of thousands of Americans would be alive today if she had become President. She would have tackled the pandemic in complete seriousness. None of this 'hoax' business to try to sweep it under the carpet in the opes of being reelected. That is the shame of it.
  10. Quick fact check: If you break the law you are not a law-abiding American. Quote Tweet Justin Baragona
  11. Michael Cohen @MichaelCohen212 · 1h I call **** on this one! They are only saying this as part of #Trump’s continued grifting of funds from the remaining supporters who foolishly part with their money to a #conman Quote Tweet
  12. Nor will it be kind to any of those that turned a blind eye and voted for him.
  13. When told by his own government that the Planet was at a tipping point with regards climate change, Donald Trump called it all a hoax, abandoned the worldwide Paris climate accord and started to reverse conservation methods wherever he could. Donald Trump is how you spell Evil.
  14. But it was really Omar Sharif that was robbed. That was a performance for the ages.
  15. I'm sad to hear this news. I worked with Joan on several films coaching different actors and she and Richard lived nearby in Petersham. Richard E. Grant announces death of his wife of 35 years Joanjavascript:void('Bold') Washington, 71, as he posts heartbreaking video of them dancing together Richard E Grant has announced that his devoted wife Joan has died aged 71. Joan, a voice coach, passed away last night, the Withnail and I actor revealed in a heartbreaking tribute. He posted a poignant video of the pair dancing together and laughing along to a song. Richard wrote: 'ONLY YOU
  16. Saturday, September 4 4 p.m. Lawrence of Arabia (1962). I have to go with this David Lean classic for pick of the day.
  17. Gunmaker Remington subpoenas the report cards and disciplinary records of five children who were shot dead in Sandy Hook massacre Remington has subpoenaed for the academic, attendance and disciplinary records for five kids who were shot dead in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre after their families filed a lawsuit against the bankrupt gunmaker. The subpoena was revealed in a court filing made by lawyers for the families of the five children seeking modifications to an order of protection to prevent the release of the records. Remington also subpoenaed for the employment files of four
  18. David Frum @davidfrum · 1h Without the courts to protect them from themselves, Texas Republicans will have to face the electorate on their plan to surveil and police women. Quote Tweet
  19. Crowd control was needed at Snake World in Mississippi to maintain lineups of Trump supporters waiting to put their arms in the Viper's cage! Joking!
  20. The Fix Analysis A judge rebukes Donald Trump Jr. for misinformation — as Trump Jr. doubles down on misinformation It was a telling moment in the GOP’s continual descent into a post-truth party in the Donald Trump era. Even though multiple fact-checkers debunked a claim that the Taliban hanged a man from a U.S. helicopter left behind in Afghanistan, many Republicans who promoted the claim refused to back off it. And Donald Trump Jr. ultimately went so far as to replace the banner on his Twitter page with a mock Biden campaign logo
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