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  1. Senate report gives new details of Trump efforts to use Justice Dept. to overturn election By Devlin Barrett ● Read more » Advice to Trump critics and democracy lovers in the GOP: Leave the party Opinion ● By Jennifer Rubin ● Read more »
  2. Trump added over 8 trillion to the national debt. Why don't you mention something about that? Meanwhile, Biden's 10 year "socialist" reconciliation bill has not even passed as yet.
  3. Here are a few more late additions from films that I have recently seen or revisited that have made my top tens As you see, I recently did a Garbo fest. I’m not including here performances I have already mentioned in this thread such as Camille, Anna Karenina, Anna Christie, Queen Christina and Ninotchka. 1929 Actress 3. Greta Garbo (Lillie Sterling), Wild Orchids 6. Greta Garbo (Irene Guarry), The Kiss Supporting Actor 5. Lew Ayres (Pierre Lassalle), The Kiss 1930 Actress 1. Great Garbo (Anna ‘Chr
  4. 10/07/2021 07:25:22 TOTAL ESTIMATED U.S. COVID-19 DEATHS: 700,499 Trump Death Clock 420,299 Estimated U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Due To POTUS Inaction In January 2020, the Trump administration was advised that immediate action was required to stop the spread of COVID-19. According to NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, “there was a lot of pushback” to this advice. President Trump declined to act until March 16th. Experts estimate that, had mitigation measures been implemented one week ea
  5. Friday, October 8 Lucille Ball SOTM 12:15 p.m. Panama Lady (1939).
  6. No, June Allyson is not in Bunker Bean to my knowledge. The two sentences about films on that day were supposed to be unconnected. Sorry for any confusion.
  7. Satire from the Borowitz Report Not the news. Trump Claims He Fell Off Forbes’s Richest List Because They Failed to Count Rubles “Let’s say someone has been receiving payments of billions of rubles for four years, and they’re buried in a vault under the Kremlin,” the former President said. By Andy Borowitz October 5, 2021
  8. 'We ain't afraid of no ghost!': Maryland couple discover they unwittingly bought the house behind The Exorcist story - and realize that's why it was SO cheap at $380k Danielle Witt and Ben Rockey-Harris said they were looking to settle down in 2020 when they stumbled across a three-bedroom house in Cottage City, Maryland, which they said was going for cheap as previous buyers bailed out. They said they saw it as their lucky break and closed on the home, only for them to learn of the home's haunted history through an online search. The house was the site of the 1949 exorcism that
  9. Click on the headline for more photos. Built on part of what was the Errol Flynn estate. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel list sprawling nine-bedroom mansion on 10-acre compound in the Hollywood hills for $35M... after he purchased the palatial pad for $8million in 2002 They're saying bye, bye, bye to a major piece of real estate. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel listed their massive mansion in the Hollywood Hills for a staggering $35million price tag, according to property reports. The 40-year-old musician purchased the 10-acre compound in 2002 for $8million during the
  10. Home alone! Actor Joe Pesci finally finds a buyer for his New Jersey waterfront mansion after 2 years on market Actor Joe Pesci finally sold his New Jersey waterfront mansion for $6.5 million on Monday, two years after he first put it on the market for the same price. Pesci's price tag made his home the most expensive listing in th
  11. Bad news for Matt Gaetz: Joel Greenberg asks judge for more time before his sentencing so he can cooperate with prosecutors over claims the GOP Rep trafficked an underage girl Matt Gaetz's 'wingman' Joel Greenberg (left) on Tuesday asked the judge in his case to delay sentencing set for November until March, so he can cooperate more fully with prosecutors.
  12. Thursday, October 7/8 TCM Horror Month continues with a day full of June Allyson movies. 1 a.m. Bunker Bean (1936). Lucille Ball SOTM
  13. An epiphany. Is that what you call it? Not a hypocrisy?
  14. If the government does not wish to pay for something then they should not have purchased it in the first place. Raising the debt ceiling is a moronic rubber stamp to pay for bills already incurred.
  15. Wednesday, October 6/7 8 p.m. All About Eve (1950). Fasten your seatbelts. 2:30 a.m. Nightmare Alley (1947). With Tyrone Power. Guillermo del Toro is remaking this with Bradley Cooper.
  16. Live from Sing Sing ... the 2024 Presidential debate !!
  17. Thank goodness they were the modern stone age family otherwise it would have blown their minds.
  18. I don't think it was every explained how the Flinstones arrived in the 20th Century.
  19. Melania's top aide Lindsay Reynolds feared president's kids would 'look like the Beverly Hillbillies' and 'embarrass' the US during London visit to meet the Queen, Stephanie Grisham claims in new book First Lady Melania Trump's chief of staff feared that the Trump children would embarrass the United States when they all attended a state dinner with the Queen in London in 2019. 'We're going to look like the Beverly Hillbillies,' chief of staff Lindsay Reynolds told Stephanie Grisham, according to Grisham's forthcoming book. 'We'll be an embarrassment to the whole country.'
  20. Satire from the Borowitz Report Not the news. Facebook Apologizes for January 6th: “We Put the Lives of Politicians We Own at Risk” For his part, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook would avoid enabling insurrections going forward. By Andy Borowitz 11:59 A.M.
  21. The Plum Line Opinion: The revelations about Mike Pence’s role in Jan. 6 keep getting worse Former vice president Mike Pence gives a speech in Budapest on Sept. 23. (Attila Kisbenedek/AFP via Getty Images) Opinion by Greg Sargent Columnist Today at 10:30 a.m. EDT .... The meeting
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