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  1. Satire from the Borowitz Report Not the news. Major Spray-Tan Corporations Break Ties with Trump With this move, the color of Trump’s head once he leaves office faces an uncertain future, experts say. By Andy Borowitz 10:17 A.M. Republicans Accuse Liz Cheney of Reading Constitution Leading the charge was the Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, who called Cheney’s alleged reading o
  3. America has three strains of HOMEGROWN Super-COVID - as experts says it first emerged in Texas in May A third homegrown variant of the coronavirus has been found in the U.S. Researchers from Southern Illinois University Carbondale say the earliest appearance of new variant, called 20C-US, was in Texas in May 2020. Genome sequencing of the 57,000 U.S. samples uploaded to database GISAID revealed an uptick of the new variant in late June and early July 2020. Between November 1 and December 31, the team found that 20C-US made up almost 50% of all U.S. sequenced genomes. The variant
  4. 'He's got money, he's got property': Trump is a 'flight risk' if criminal charges are brought over the deadly Capitol riot, legal experts say During the campaign Trump joked that he would leave the country if Joe Biden defeated him and reports have suggested he plans on travelling to his golf course in Scotland for the inauguration.
  5. Red Sox legend Curt Schilling says his insurance policy has been CANCELED by AIG after he tweeted in support of Capitol rioters Schilling tweeted: 'We will be just fine, but wanted to let Americans know that @AIGinsurance canceled our insurance due to my "Social Media profile".' He had last week said rioters started 'confrontation for sh*t that matters'. After some followers questioned his claims about AIG Tuesday, Schilling replied with a screenshot of his alleged correspondence with the company. He added: 'I don't imagine it's even close to what we will witness in the coming mo
  6. Retired Pennsylvania firefighter, 55, is arrested for 'throwing fire extinguisher at cops during Capitol riots' - but is NOT the suspect in officer Brian Sicknick's death Robert Sanford, a retired firefighter from Chester, Pennsylvania, was arrested on Thursday, a Justice Department spokeswoman confirmed. Video allegedly showed Sanford lobbing a fire extinguisher at cops during last week's insurrection at the US Capitol. The affidavit states that Sanford is about 55 years old and recently retired from the Chester Fire Department. According to the affidavit, a friend of Sanford's
  7. Funny how everyone being arrested for the Jan 6th coup are white supremacists and Trump supporters.
  8. Wasn't he a lawyer in the Air Force?
  9. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) The president as pariah: Trump faces a torrent of retribution over his role in the U.S. Capitol siege Lawmakers, foreign leaders, businesses and social media companies turn on Trump, leaving the world’s most powerful leader more isolated than ever. By David Nakamura ● Read more » The $3,000-a-month toilet for the Ivanka Trump/Jared Kushne
  10. Frank Luntz @FrankLuntz · 16h The adult children of George W. Bush attended Obama’s inauguration in 2009, and Chelsea Clinton attended George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2001. Quote Tweet
  11. David Frum @davidfrum · 15h By disturbing coincidence, 20,000 troops was the size of the garrison of Washington DC during the Civil War Washington'
  12. Maggie Haberman @maggieNYT · 13h I think this is the first time Trump has recorded a video FOR an audience of one (McConnell), as opposed being the audience of one himself. Quote Tweet
  13. 20,000 Attendees - the National Guard. James Harnett @jarharnett · 12h MPD confirms at @ANC2B meeting that the entire National Mall will be closed to everyone (pedestrians, vehicles, etc) begi
  14. Peter Baker @peterbakernyt · 10h John Eastman, the law professor who told Trump that the Vice President had the power to block finalization of the election, is cast out of Chapman University.
  15. New GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she plans to file articles of impeachment against Joe Biden for 'abuse of power' on January 21 Newly elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has said she plans to file articles of impeachment against Joe Biden on the first full day of his presidency, alleging 'abuse of power.' Greene announced the provocative move in an interview with Newsmax on Wednesday night, insisting it was not merely symbolic, despite the futility of her plan with Democrats controlling the House. 'We cannot have a president of the United States that is willing to abuse the power
  16. Lindsey Graham slams Mitch McConnell for backing impeachment in bitter public split day after traveling with Donald Trump claiming trial will 'invite further violence' Lindsey Graham slammed Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders in the Senate on Wednesday as the House began debate to impeach President Donald Trump a second time. Trump's impeachment defense is already in crisis with personal attorney Rudy Giuliani named in evidence for 'trial by combat' speech to MAGA rally and Alan Dershowitz ruling himself out of second Senate appearance
  17. U.S. Space Command's new $1billion HQ will be located in red state Alabama in 2023 after lobbying by Colorado, Florida, Texas, New Mexico and Nebraska Space Command, currently located in Colorado, will be moved to Alabama in 2023 provided it passes an environmental impact study, the Trump-appointed Air Force Secretary has announced.
  18. Friday, January 15 Ann Miller day 6 a.m. Too Many Girls (1940). WIth Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. 3:45 p.m. Kisses For My President (1964). About America’s first female President. This was made 57 years ago. 4 a.m. Pipe Dreams (1976). Gladys Knight received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Acting Debut.
  19. Trump 'orders aides not to pay Rudy Giuliani's $20K-a-day fee' as he turns on his closest allies in fury at being impeached for a second time and wallows in 'self-pity' at the White House President Donald Trump is turning on some of his most trusted allies, reportedly ordered aides not to pay the legal fees of his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani as mounting legal threats and isolation close in on the president from all sides. Trump expressed disappointment with some of Giuliani's legal moves in challenging the election results, and did not appreciate his demand for $20,000 a day in the f
  20. And at the same time he asks Rudy to defend him in his impeachment trial?
  21. I almost agree with everything here. But he did say the people on January 6th were not "his" people. He disowned them completely. He never really did tell "his" people anything. But not to worry. It was all just HS anyway.
  22. You mention the BLM Protestors, and you might actually agree with this - I thought the arguments I heard from the GOP today were a false equivalency. The BLM Protestors numbered in the tens of millions and were in practically every country in the western world. Canada, Europe and throughout America. People from all backgrounds and races joined in. The right has demonized the ENTIRE movement based on some isolated incidents and even then as it turned out some of these were attributed to right wing groups joining in the 'fun.'
  23. Carl Bernstein said that Nixon was told that maybe 50 members of Congress would stand by him. Nixon looks like a Saint now compared to Trump.
  24. Jim Acosta was speaking with a White House aide who said generations from now mothers will be warning their children not to tell lies because it will all come crashing down on them as it did President Trump.
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