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  1. I like the idea of nautical themed movies while we are aboard ship. Cool idea. Personally though, I want to be reminded that we are at a classic movie festival of sorts, and so should have some more variety. One recommendation that I would make is "Green Dolphin Street". This is a great Lana Turner / Donna Reed movie, and is really hard to find on DVD and is one of my personal favorites. It would be so great to see this film given the "Big Screen" treatment during this cruise. And of course, "The Birds". Actually... it would be great if they had a whole section devoted to Hitchcock. Although the Birds is another one of my favorite films, I am lacking a proper education on the rest of his Hitch's movies.
  2. Lz... Oh, I know... I got the same email the other day. By that time, I hadn't made up my mind yet on whether to go on this cruise or not, and plus it was still months away, so figured I had plenty of time to make a decision. When I saw Tippi Hedren's name announced, I decided that it was time to book. Glad I did book then, cause most of the cabins seemed to be selling out fast. There really wasnt much to choose from at that point. I'll be treating my Mom to this cruise, and she is about over the top exctatic about this. She loves all the celebs on the list... Tippi, Ernest, and Eva Marie. I do hope they announce more celebs, but if not, this will still be a once in a lifetime opportunity event... well, for me and Mom, anyway. Mom grew up in New York City.. so she remembers seeing Eva Marie filiming "On the Waterfront"... she is going to have such a good time! I hope there is actually some opportunity for one on one interaction with the celebs... that would be amazing! Of course, Im not getting my hopes up too high... just going to enjoy whatever is available and maybe make some new friends. -Patrick
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