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  1. Classic, you're a class act! It isI Remember Mama! It is a personal favorite. I adore Oscar Homolka as Uncle Chris. I had uncles just like him. Well Classicfan, tag, you're it!
  2. Sorry, Slappy! Clue # 3: Best Supporting Actress: Grandma Walton!
  3. It seems this may be a tough one! A little hint is that it is a favorite TCM morning movie.
  4. Okay, here goes...! TV show "Dallas" matriarch. Good Luck!
  5. I figured it was wrong. The Wolf Man took place in England, did it not?
  6. Wow! I just checked out this website for the first time yesterday. Today is my first visit to this board and I am so delighted to know that I am not some weirdo! I have been passionate about films from the 30's to the 50's for years. The cinamatography alone keeps me glued to my set. When I tell others about my love for these films they always seem to imply that I am the oldest 44 year old they've ever known and that I am so out of touch. It is rare that I see movies today that can touch me, entrance me, the way classic films do. Today's movies reflect the shorter attention spans of the
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