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  1. Classic, you're a class act! It isI Remember Mama! It is a personal favorite. I adore Oscar Homolka as Uncle Chris. I had uncles just like him. Well Classicfan, tag, you're it!
  2. Sorry, Slappy! Clue # 3: Best Supporting Actress: Grandma Walton!
  3. It seems this may be a tough one! A little hint is that it is a favorite TCM morning movie.
  4. Okay, here goes...! TV show "Dallas" matriarch. Good Luck!
  5. I figured it was wrong. The Wolf Man took place in England, did it not?
  6. Wow! I just checked out this website for the first time yesterday. Today is my first visit to this board and I am so delighted to know that I am not some weirdo! I have been passionate about films from the 30's to the 50's for years. The cinamatography alone keeps me glued to my set. When I tell others about my love for these films they always seem to imply that I am the oldest 44 year old they've ever known and that I am so out of touch. It is rare that I see movies today that can touch me, entrance me, the way classic films do. Today's movies reflect the shorter attention spans of the Sesame Street generation. They lack elegance, genuine suspense and the marks of true story telling. - Dee
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