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  1. "On a 'funnier' (?) note: One evening, I was home alone when suddenly I began hearing that tune to the 'Exorcist'. (I think it's called 'Georgetown/Tubular Bells' by Jack Nitzsche). It came across faint, at first, but then grew Louder and LOUDER ! Needless to say, I was starting to 'freak' out, but I knew I had to find the Source of that 'Horrendous' sound. I finally tracked it to my brother's bedroom, where he had forgotten his cell phone. It was his 'Ring Tone'. I couldn't shut it off, quick enough. I really 'lit' into him, when he got home & told him to change his ring tone OR
  2. I have never seen Private Practice either. I happened to see that photo of Fletcher when I posted the younger photo of her. Another actress is Piper Laurie she is up there now and I can't get over how time flies when I saw her in the movie HESHER! She is a really wonderful actress! I love her!
  3. ugarrate So sorry that you had to watch that horrible film as a kid! A lot of people had problems with seeing that film. Top it off it was based on a true story? (I wonder?) No I will never watch it EVER! I read at that time that a Priest told a women to go see it? What the heck was wrong with that jerk?
  4. I know it happens but how strange that people take an actors role so seriously? Hey it's called acting!
  5. Here she is today! ?:| http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2834937856/nm0001221 HOW TIME FLYS!
  6. Has anyone ever experienced a 'carrying a Hate' towards an Actor/Actress, in a movie for doing a Good Job, Delivering his 'hateful' role ?? Louise Fletcher in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUOKOO'S NEST http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4109010688/tt0073486 (I saw her in a 50'S ONE STEP BEYOND show (Fletcher) she actually surprised me with her good shape in a bikini) I thought That's Louise Fletcher?
  7. Joan Crawford? She didn't bother me all that much until I read and re-read "Mommie Dearest". I can't understand how anyone could be quite that mean. I have read that some people think Christina Crawford is a liar and actually attack Christina. Personally I think Christina is telling the truth. Joan did have a very hard childhood but does that allow her to treat her kids the way she did? In all fairness there were some postive times with Joan I read. Like the time Joan and her Coke a Cola executive husband gave Christina a cool 50's Thunderbird sports car for her birthday!
  8. I loved Captain Kangaroo as a kid. So did my sister. What I couldn't understand was that BIG CLOCK. The Captain would be talking to it all nice when all of a sudden the damn clock would suddenly go to sleep! Moving it's eyes up and down before it dozed off in the middle of a sentence! That I could not stand! :_|
  9. One of my favorite horror flicks is the classic KING KONG. The music when the film crew sneaks in on the savages about to hand over a young girl to Kong still makes my skin crawl. Fay Wray and Bruce Cabot running through the jungle trying to escape Kong always scared the hell out of me. And The Brain that wouldn't die! I always loved that movie. Corny but fun and scary. One movie I refuse to watch to this day is THE EXORCIST. I am terrified of that movie! I remember once I was at a drive in movie and the previews came on and guess what was shown? Yep THE EXORCIST! I guess I was
  10. Didn't the *Eye Brows* destroy Faye Dunaway's career?
  11. I read that actress Vivien Leigh loathed Hollywood! In fact after filming "Gone with the Wind", "Waterloo Bridge" and "That Hamilton Woman" Vivien left with husband Lawrence Olivier back to England and WW2. David Selznick sent constant telegrams asking Vivien to fulfill her contract with him and she politely ignorned his letters. The you know what hit the fan when Vivien was to go on stage with "The Skin of our Teeth". David Selznick took her to court but Vivien Leigh won the legal battle. She stayed in England until I believe the early 50's when she made "A Streetcar named Desire".
  12. I agree! I thought Hayden was a very virile and sexy male!
  13. The person I always recall going all out wearing formal clothing when doing an ordinary chores was on TV's Leave it to Beaver. *June Cleaver vacuming with a dress and pearls on her neck!* Only in films.
  14. I happen to love biographies! That is why I have been interested in even the silent stars. But maybe the new generation can only relate to their own generation of stars? I am not all that interested in the new stars unless they are in a movie I really enjoy. I never was interested in Amy Winehouse and only listened to one of her songs when she passed. I actually liked the song! Shows me I too should not be so closed minded myself. I'm sure there will be a few people of younger generations that will check out stars of the past. In the years to come I have often wondered if even Elvis wil
  15. I thought Sunset Boulevard was a great movie! But then I'm partial to 50's films. William Holden seems to be trying to keep things together by hiding his car when men try to repossess it. He needs his car to get to work and probably thinks he will be able to pay for the car if he is successful with his career? Had he allowed the men to take the car he might have lived to be a senior citizen? Instead he hides his car in the garage of a washed up and mentally ill older once famous film actress. He makes the mistake of befriending Gloria Swanson the silent screen actress and Holden gets
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