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  1. Well Herman, allow me to get the following in here first and before some other joker around here pipes in.... This thread stinks!
  2. How about the guy on the right in this picture here? Rootie Kazootie. Sure, from what I understand was pretty darn, ahem, "wooden" when it came to his acting skills, but supposedly he was quite popular during the early days of television. (...and I guess for a while, almost as popular as another "wooden" television actor from that same era...a guy with the rhyming name of "Howdy Doody")
  3. Maybe this'll help, KC... The Great Dictator (1940) - Filming & Production - IMDb
  4. OH...MY...GOSH!!! Didn't notice this until you pointed this out. And, this isn't even including the approximately few thousand more I posted under the name of "Dargo2" back about 10 years ago now, and when I forgot my password for a length of time. Thanks, I guess, for noticing this, (...although most likely, a questionable accomplishment on my part)
  5. Sounds to me Hibi that your feelings about this Bogart movie could pretty well be summed up by paraphrasing a line of his from another film: "It's the stuff tedium is made of."
  6. I'll second this. (...sounds like this would make a pretty interesting movie on its own)
  7. Well, I suppose that's better than getting Dana Andrews and Dana Wynter confused, anyway. (...Andrews of course had a squarer jaw)
  8. Goin' out on a limb here Lorna, but I take it the reason you like Big Duke is for an entirely different reason than why you like Maxwell Caulfield, huh. (...btw, would I be correct in assuming that your real name is Ethan?...well, I certainly hope your parents didn't name you Ringo Kid, anyway!!!)
  9. Sorry Dave, couldn't tell ya. (...but I just couldn't resist posting the above gif and a scene in this movie that's cracked me up ever since the very first time I watched it back in the '60s on TV and when I was a teenager)
  10. His televised interview with Ben during a TCM film festival just a few years back and when he was I think 102, was by far one of, if not, the most entertaining interview done with an old Hollywood pro that I recall ever watching. While watching it, I found he had the energy and the spirit and the ability to recall moments in time from the distant past that many men half his age don't have. (...R.I.P., Norman Lloyd...what a life you lived)
  11. Yes yes, Lorna. Maxwell was very cute back then. Even I have to admit that. BUT, once again another thing I remember while watching this movie way back then was that this kid who was supposed to drive the action in this film was, well, boring as hell TOO. And, you at least can't say that about Travolta's performance in the first flick, now can you?! (...in fact, I thought Max here was SO boring in this one, that I even began to appreciate Kevin Costner in some of HIS flicks by comparison!) LOL
  12. Well, they certainly worked well together in killing a whole bunch of nazis in that flick, anyway!
  13. Uh-huh, but then again, the first letter in the first word of a sentence is supposed to be capitalized too!
  14. Seems you're sayin' here that while your Suzuki made much more horsepower, in the twisties such as Mulholland's "The Snake" just west of the Rock Store, your friend's old Ducati was still the superior handler, right? Yep, Phil has quite the varied assortment of bikes, alright. I get to look at 'em in person and even ride some of 'em every year when I head back to my old stomping grounds and stay at his place to attend the Hansen Dam British Motorcycle Rally that's held every November by the Norton Club of SoCal. Been going to it for about 30 years now, except for last year when it was
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