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  1. In THAT case slayton, perhaps this old Quinn Martin production could find a whole NEW audience to entertain, and considering that a major strain of paranoia seems to be sweeping through this country of ours in the past few years. And no, I'm not talkin' about Covid here, dude! (...think of this as my "social commentary" for the evening)
  2. For years slayton, I never wore a baseball cap while playing tennis under the sunny SoCal and then later Arizona skies. However, in the last few years and after noticing the damage the sun was doing particularly to the skin of my forehead, nose and cheeks, I'm now attempting to protect those parts of my face by wearing one while on the tennis courts. The point being that playing baseball isn't the only sport where wearing one would be readily advised. (...and even though I know your point was that baseball caps in recent years have somehow become "acceptable attire" in public by
  3. And if I recall correctly NS, the San Fernando Valley was also where this 1957-1963 sitcom family's farm was located... (...didn't see it mentioned in that wonderful link you provided)
  4. Yeah, but BEFORE the Wicked Queen turned herself into that old hag, she suuuure was one hot and sultry babe, I always thought! (...uh-huh, even as a kid I noticed that!) LOL
  5. Gotta admit it MIGHT even be longer than that one I started a while back that began that whole "Don Ameche/George Brent Controversy"! (...btw, I STILL say that it was supposed to be Brent in that cartoon)
  6. Exception to this rule here then, Vautrin. As the aforemenioned old weathered greybeard here still possesses a pretty darn thick mop o' hair on his noggin. Nope, not even a little bald spot to be found on it, in fact. (...and I'd show ya this now TOO, but I think I've already been a bit too immodest here by postin' that pic up there)
  7. "Hats", ya ask?! This old weathered greybeard here usually only sports this number when it he knows he's going to be out in the rain or the snow... And yes, we do get snow here in the higher altitudes of northern Arizona. Otherwise, the only other time the old f*art here wears something on his head would be a baseball cap while he's out playing tennis or driving his little sports car around with its top down. Oh AND of course, ALWAYS a helmet when he's ridin' one of his motorcycles around, too. (...btw, don't ya just HATE IT when someone refers to themselves in the th
  8. The year: 1960 The place: One of the grand old movie palaces in Downtown Los Angeles (sorry, can't remember which one exactly) This then 8 year old received the shock of his young life while watching George Pal's newly released sci-fi flick, The Time Machine. The scene in particular which would key this shock being the one in which Rod Taylor stops his time traveling contraption in the year 1966 and only to discover that "the mushrooms are about to sprout" (as the air-raid warden character played by Alan Young exclaims in it) and thus a mushroom-clouded sky and the beginning to a nuc
  9. Although I'm not suggesting the following might in any way explain this recent incident Swithin, but as I'm sure you know, this sort of thing has been done before, and with perhaps one of the most notable early examples being the scene in Hitchock's Spellbound in which the gun Leo G. Carroll uses to commit suicide is filmed in the subjective camera technique.
  10. Actually Sepia, by far THE most "nonsense phrase" (okay, really a word in this case) that "Millennials" use now days, is when they begin EVERY freakin' reply to a question that's posed to 'em with the word "So"! (...I might have mentioned this before, haven't I) LOL
  11. WAIT a sec here, AD! What red-blooded American male doesn't like lookin' at ANY woman who's got red pucker paint on her lips, or who doesn't think it makes her look more beautiful? Sure, some of the hairstyles that some of the actresses had back then might now be considered less than flattering, but hell, red lipstick is and in MY considered opinion has ALWAYS added to the attractiveness of a woman. (...in other words, I have NO idea what you mean here???)
  12. Not to turn this into another "Lookalikes" thread here James, and so I'll just say I think all three of the actresses now mentioned here share a similar look. And, while you might disagree with me that none of them were ever "ravishing beauties", when made up with cosmetics, all three were very pleasant looking and attractive ladies. (...I'll also add that I think all three were exceptional actresses...de Havilliand in particular, of course)
  13. Sorry Nip, but not even close. The actress Olivia looks like in that still from The Proud Rebel, is an actress who would be married to John Huston for a while. Uh-huh and ironically, the very same guy who once during a little Hollywood soiree came to blows with Errol Flynn over Olivia. (...I'm talkin' about Evelyn Keyes here...uh-huh, THAT'S who Olivia in that pic up there is remindin' ME of, anyway...well, at least a hell of lot more than Jane Withers, anyway)
  14. Lemme see if I can clarify the sitution here for everyone...regarding Olivia, that is. Olivia de Havilland was never "gorgeous". WHAT she was, OTHER than being a great actress, was kind'a "sexy/cute. Looks-wise, that is. YOU know. Kind'a like Teresa Wright was. And there you have it. Oh, and regarding how Olivia looked in The Proud Rebel, somebody, I think Tom maybe earlier, had it right. She played a frontier woman in that flick, and so NATURALLY they wouldn't have made her up to look the best she could...i.e. "sexy/cute"! (...and btw Fedya...LOVED your previous comme
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