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  1. Gee, what makes you say this, Vautrin? (...drama at its finest here, I'd say)
  2. And now in my very best falsetto... "Yes, easy for him...hard for her!"
  3. Not tryin' to start any trouble right here in River City (or on these boards) and while I think this might be a good example here CJ, I think you meant Robert Preston and not Preston Foster in the above, didn't ya.
  4. And I remember thinking the guy was so cool that back when my parents allowed me to stay up an extra hour on Tuesday (school) nights to watch this show first-run, I started emulating that one-sided grin of his here...
  5. Yeah, I hear women like a guy who has a sensitive side alright, AND I hear they ALSO say they like a guy with a good sense of humor too. Guess I should have cultivated those two things back in the day, huh. (...boy, hindsight sure IS 20-20, ain't IT?!)
  6. Hmmm,,, that's funny. I think my father STARTED smoking when he STOPPED being a Christian Scientist! (...and when the U.S. Government started including those packs of Lucky Strikes in his rations while he was fightin' Field Marshal Rommel on the sands of North Africa)
  7. Does it show, lavender??? Naaah. Okay, and now some of my favs from the annals of Television past...and for real this time: You Bet Your Life The Jack Benny Program The Honeymooners The Rifleman The Dick Van Dyke Show The Fugitive Star Trek The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Bob Newhart Show WKRP in Cincinnati The Rockford Files Taxi Cheers Hill Street Blues St. Elsewhere (...is that 15?...I could easily go on here, ya know)
  8. Oh yeah! Didn't that one co-star Shari Lewis, Paul Winchell and Senor Wences? (...remember it well, Tom)
  9. My Mother the Car, followed by Supertrain, Manimal and Galactica 1980. (...what, think I'm kiddin'?...well okay, maybe)
  10. Well personally, I always thought Doris was never more smoking HOT than in Love Me or Leave Me, anyway. (...not sure about the whole tobacco thing, though)
  11. Btw, I've just now remembered why I started calling him "Pop". It was because when our family sat around that old Philco TV set in the living room and watched the The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, smart-alecky little Ricky Nelson always called HIS father "Pop", and I guess I thought that that was kind'a cool. (...and being the impressionable little smart-aleck that I WAS back then, of course)
  12. "The man who was a father in all sense except biology" you ask, Sans? Well, all I can tell ya here is that in my case and when I was little, I just called him "Dad", and then somewhere around my teen years I started calling him "Pop". (...but other than those, I can't think of any other here)
  13. Dave Karger hosted the presentation of this film the other night, RG. As I recall his intro and outtro pretty much consisted of comments regarding the Oscar wins for the two principals Fonda and Voight and their preparation for their roles by visiting VA hospitals, that Jane Fonda who was one of the producers of it has been inspired to make it after having met Vietnam veteran and subsequent antiwar activist Ron Kovic at a rally, and that Jack Nicholson, Sylvester Stallone and Al Pacino had all turned down the Voight part. (...and I think he also mentioned a little something about Bruce Dern and his part, but I can't remember what that might have been)
  14. Btw, and speaking of this AND the idea of one's maternal parent... I would suppose in order to steer clear of any possible misunderstandings and hurt feelings it could conceivably cause others, it might be best to never precede the above word with the word "mother", and especially so if the above word was to be pronounced as the first phonetic example shown above. (...hey, jus' sayin', and you have now been warned)
  15. Nope, just "Mom", but speaking of "plural" mothers... After I'd meet my Canadian birth mother a few years after my Mom died in 2001, I called her "Ma". I told her when we first met that I felt our biological kinship called for me to call her something more than just "Elizabeth" or "Liz", but I didn't feel right calling her "Mom" because I already had had a mother who I had dearly loved who I called "Mom", and so then thinking this over I asked her how she felt about me calling her "Ma" instead. The dear lady replied with a tear in her eye, "That would be lovely", and so "Ma" it was. (...until she too passed away about a year and a half ago now)
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