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  1. And with Quigley Down Under probably being his best one. And perhaps his most underrated one. (...I've always thought so anyway)
  2. Now HOLD your horses here, Nip! Might you be forgettin' ABOUT...
  3. You sure you're not thinkin' of Shelley Winters here, Cid?
  4. Don't forget James that Lansbury also played the hard-bitten type in her role in The Harvey Girls... (...maybe this'll help you think of her a little more in this manner)
  5. Funny here Eric, but I always had this very same reaction to how Glenn Ford played the same character in the original version of 3:10 to Yuma. However, in both cases, isn't that exactly how the cocksure antagonist in this story is supposed to be played? Are we not to both resent him, but also at the same time, kind of admire the SOB for his outlandish bravado? And so in this regard, I thought Crowe did a pretty good job of recreating what I always thought was one of Glenn Ford's better performances. (...and one in which Ford was pretty much cast against type, AND also did a quite a bit of "smirking" in, I might add)
  6. And let us not forget this one here, Doc!... (...btw, I also seem to recall an old cartoon short which at one point shows a caricature Jack Benny attempting to get an Oscar that's inside one of those old toy claw grabbing arcade game machines)
  7. Nope, not anymore evidently, and perhaps best evidenced by the current !@#%&! presently inhabiting the White House. BUT, like I said earlier about me being "long in the tooth now days", I ALSO remember a time when as a kid among my group of friends during the late-'50s and early-'60s, there was only ONE of 'em who came from what was THEN called a "broken home". (...and a term seldom if ever used anymore to describe the situation of children whose parents were or are divorced)
  8. Aah, I'd forgotten 3rd Rock From the Sun. Now THAT was one funny sitcom, alright. (...how can ya not love the stunt casting of Shatner as The Big Giant Head in particular, huh!)
  9. AND, speakin' of Bob Cummings here... I always thought the guy made a good career choice in switching to the small screen during the '50s, as other than his fairly good performance in Hitchcock's Saboteur, he never seemed to hold my interest very well as the lead in any other big screen pictures, and just barely did in Kings Row. (...the guy just seemed to lack that intangible thing often called "screen presence")
  10. "Misspelling my last name again, that is." (...btw, and speakin' of this guy's last name...remember back before he entered politics, most people pronounced his last name as "REE-gan" and not "RAY-gan"?...well, I remember this anyway...but then again, I AM gettin' pretty long in the tooth now days ya know)
  11. FWIW (and probably not for much), the following is just a short mention of just a few of my favorite television programs by each decade: The 1950s: Alfred Hitchcock Presents, You Bet Your Life, Father Knows Best, Maverick, The Rifleman The 1960s: The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Twilight Zone, Route 66, The Fugitive, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour The 1970s: The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant (the spinoff which ran into the '80s), The Bob Newhart Show, M*A*S*H, Taxi, The Rockford Files The 1980s: Cheers, Hill Street Blues, The Wonder Years, St. Elsewhere The 1990s: Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, Law & Order, Everybody Loves Raymond The 2000s: The Big Bang Theory, Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, Boston Legal The 2010s: Modern Family, Blue Bloods, Mom (...and no, I never got into The Sopranos, Breaking Bad or that whole Dungeons and Dragon, ahem, I mean that Game of Thrones one...I prefer to leave swordplay to guys like Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power and Basil Rathbone...and when it comes to dragons, fire-breathing or not, they've never interested me all that much...nope, just about as little as superheroes do)
  12. 🎵 Beep beep, beep beep. His horn went beep beep beep.🎵
  13. I assume you meant the Fiat 124 Spider not looking like the Lotus Elan, right slayton? No, they don't, but I think they both were some of the better looking little sports cars from that era. (...and I think you'll find any Lotus Elan in reasonably good shape and thus less likely to be a money pit, to cost quite a bit more in today's market than either a nice older Fiat Spider or MGB, and due primarily to the Lotus' much lower production numbers)
  14. Yep, the nice thing about the Fiat 124 Spider as compared to the MGB or TR6 back in the day was that the Fiat boasted a much more modern design overall, what with it sporting a DOHC engine, disc brakes at all four corners, and a five speed gearbox. These were all still fairly cutting edge back in '66 when Fiat introduced the model, and especially for a relatively inexpensive sports car, and was a damn good lookin' little car to boot... (...no, this wasn't my Spider...I owned a 1977 model in black with red interior for about 10 years during the mid-'80s thru the mid-'90s, and on which I replaced the ugly post-'74 federally-mandated bumpers with ones like this from an earlier model and bolted larger 14in Panasport ultralight rims at the corners...it was a very reliable little car too for, and as another old joke went, a "Fix It Again Tony" car)
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