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  1. What are ya talkin' about here, Hombre?! Gary Cooper wasn't primarily considered western movie star??? Sorry TB, but if anything, Coop was and still is considered primarily a star of westerns, and even though he, like Peck, also starred in many a different film genre. Betcha if you asked 10 people about Coop, the majority of 'em would say Coop is primarily remembered for his westerns. (...but with this being said, yes, the reason I brought up Coop's name in this thread and after you brought up this whole Greg Peck in westerns thing, was because I felt when both Coop and Greg did
  2. I'd say generally the western roles that Peck played in his career would be much better aligned with the roles that Gary Cooper played in his career than with the ones John Wayne played.
  3. Well, it IS just a short four and a half hour flight between LAX and ATL, ya know. Miss Stewart does seem the perfect fit for this position at this new museum, doesn't she. (...but to answer your question here, I doubt she'll have the time to do double duty after this museum opens to the public)
  4. It's always been one of my favorite WWII themed films, and especially one centering on the aerial combat aspect during this conflict, and along with the Clark Gable starring movie Command Decision. Peck is very good as a by-the-book commander of an American bomber group based in England who ultimately crumbles under the stress of command. (...the scene where he just can no longer bring himself to climb into his B-17 for a mission is particularly memorable)
  5. Can't believe Twelve O'Clock High isn't on either of your lists up there, guys.
  6. I remember when Gimme Some Lovin' first hit the charts, I thought it was one of the best Motown recordings I had ever heard. (...and then a few weeks later and after mentioning this, one of my junior high school buddies told me the Spencer Davis Group was British, I couldn't believe it)
  7. Blasphemy, I say wot?! Here we have a film that's rated 8.1 at the IMDb website and with the vast majority of the 101 reviewers of it within this same website awarding this film 9/10 to 10/10 ratings, and this is just for starts! Okay sure, I might be especially perturbed about this because ever since I first caught this movie on TCM some 15 or so years ago it's been one of my very favorite British films ever, but still there's NO excuse for this as I see it. (...yeah, okay, I know there are and have been many more greater injustices in this world than this, but I just had to
  8. Here ya go, slayton. Wiki says about this: On November 4, 1929, Fox sold its interest in First National to Warner Bros. for $10 million.[9][10]:66 The First National studio in Burbank became the official home of Warner Bros.–First National Pictures. Thereafter, First National Pictures became a trade name for the distribution of a designated segment of Warner Bros. product. Forty-five of the 86 Warner Bros. feature films released in 1929 were branded as First National Pictures.[10]:66 Half of the 60 feature films Warner Bros. announced for release in 1933–34 were to be First National Pictu
  9. Director Tod Browning... And, actor Melvyn Douglas...
  10. Well actually MCOH, Groening DID once ask me to guest on The Simpsons, but after I saw the cartoon caricature they proposed of me for the episode, I pulled out of the deal. (...I felt it just didn't quite capture my true magnificent essence, ya see) LOL
  11. Now Doug! You KNOW you didn't need to explain this sort'a thing to Nip here, don't ya?! (...nope, not to one of the biggest Bill Shatner fans you'll ever run across, anyway!)
  12. Then Helen, you might enjoy this little tribute to Ruta I've just happened upon on YouTube here. NOT, mind you, that this has anything at all to do with the topic of lydecker's thread here, but seein' as how I offhandedly brought up the lovely Ruta here, and so without further ado...
  13. Wait! "The Case of the Missing Now Playing Guide", ya say?! Perry Mason, season-4, episode-26, first broadcast 3-17-61, and guest starring Ed Nelson, Ruta Lee and Kent Smith. Boy I tell ya! The stuff IMDb can tell ya is just amazing, ain't IT?! Whatever did we do before this internet thingy came about, RIGHT?! (...and btw, BOY did I have a thing for Ruta Lee back in the day!!!)
  14. Love Mitchum, as I've always thought he brings something special, different and interesting in every movie he's in...except this one. (...nope, this was the third time I've watched this film, and I gotta say when some people accuse Mitchum of "sleepwalking" through a movie, this role of his would be their best argument for that thought)
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