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  1. Think so, do ya slayton? Well, that's nothin'. I once had a cat who got hold of a catalog after finding my credit card. The little #$%&* ordered a catamaran and sailed it to Catalina, and which wouldn't have been so bad if he would've invited me along. (... sorry Steve Martin...I just couldn't resist)
  2. OOOOH btw, and speakin' o' which here, Tom... There happens to be a bridge over the Mad River just outside of Eureka. I kid you not, the river's name is really the "Mad River", and like I said there's a bridge over it TOO that's part of the scenic west coast 101 Highway. (...but I don't think British POWs built it...in fact, I'm pretty sure about this)
  3. Yeah, I've been through there a few times. It's right up there next to Arcata in Humboldt County, ya know. (...and not too far from the Oregon border, in fact)
  4. Yeah, you're probably like a lot of us. (...we might know the guy who delivers the Amazon packages to us a hell of a lot better than the bald-headed little billionaire who owns that operation)
  5. That of course would be Jeff Bezos, with an 'e' here, Janet. (...and he owns a going little concern called Amazon, and he's not gettin' a whole lot of good press lately)
  6. Yep, and here's the real irony about this, Tex... (...I understand this movie is one of the Kardashians' favorites)
  7. So, kind'a like that city you grew up in back there then, eh?! (..."the town so nice they named it twice", right?!)
  8. I dunno. I've always kind'a felt that in that final exchange of the singular word "You!" between Guinness and Holden, Holden dies before he can finish his thought. (...ya see, I've always felt Holden really wanted to say "You...IDIOT!" before he expires)
  9. Well, you DO know the opposite of having a "rough childhood" is having a pampered one, don't ya Tex?! Wow, 12 channels there in the Lone Star State ya say, huh?! (...if I had had that, I'd have probably turned in even LESS homework than I did back then and my GPA probably would've have been any higher than a 'C')
  10. Yeah, good point. Yep, Hawkins always does kind'a fit the mold as bein' one of those Brits who lamented American troops being stationed in his country during the war, huh. (...yep, can't ya just hear him sayin', "There's three things wrong with those Yanks...they're overpaid, oversexed and over here!" ?)
  11. So lavender...would I be correct in assuming that that double post of yours up there was in honor of the old summer rerun season, and unlike how the Smothers Brothers had Glen Campbell take over for 'em starting around June??? (...naaaah, probably not, huh...probably was just a computer glitch, huh)
  12. Wow! What a rough childhood there, Cid! Only two channels you say?! Boy, that IS rough! (...not to rub it in here, but we Angelenos got SEVEN of 'em back then, ya know!) LOL
  13. Yes, but then again, I've already mentioned Jeff Bezos' name earlier today around here! (...and so I probably shouldn't overdo it) LOL
  14. Why, why, THAT'S just CRUEL! (...and pretty funny too)
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