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  1. Yes, but that relationship didn't last. (...and she ended up marrying Chuck Cunningham)
  2. Connie Gilchrist Kathleen Freeman Virginia Gregg
  3. Coming soon to the Dark City Community Theater. Tennessee Williams' Suddenly, Last Summer, starring Lorna and his mother. (...sorry Lorna, just couldn't resist...although with that terrific sense of humor of yours, I knew you'd get a kick out of this one)
  4. And now, can anyone here name all the people circled around Krazy Kat as he dances away in the center of them during the finale? (...the YouTube clip is set start at this moment in the film and after you click on it)
  5. Ya know, before the invention of the jukebox, early man was required to change his own records...
  6. So, is anybody else but me here now thinkin' of this old song after reading over the previous post?...
  7. Yes CJ, and thus this very LACK of the "style" OR of the visual cinematic aspect to the film Eddie presented to us this week in Noir Alley WAS the very point of my little disertation up there, and why I said it SHOULD be defined as either a "Suspense" or a "Melodrama" and not a "Noir", and so thus again, didn't have a reason for being shown in this series. Allow me to point out here that besides all the exterior scenes shot in bright sunlight, even most of the interior scenes were shot in bright light and with absolutely no use of shadowy contrasts or tilted camera angle shots, and which
  8. So you're saying here laffite that because in both of these cases you offered up here there's characters being "frantic" and which gives the viewer "anxiety", that this alone would legitimately constitute them being defined as "noir" then, right?! Then tell me here. Has the simple definitions of "Suspense" or "Melodrama" movie been assigned to the trash bin of cinematic history? And when exactly did this happen? (...wait, don't tell me...this happened about 10 years ago or so and when it seemed everyone jumped on this whole "film noir" designation bandwagon and which is a whole lot m
  9. Ya know Moe, sometimes I DO think this a plausable explanation for Eddie's picks. Good point. (...and 'cause I really DIDN'T want to chow down on that fedora of mine...good ones aren't cheap, ya know)
  10. Why Vautrin! Haven't you heard? Didn't you get the memo??? Evidently almost ANY movie from the 1940-'50s filmed in B&W and which contains at least ONE crazy *** character in it that isn't playing that charcater for laughs, is NOW considered a "film noir"! Uh-huh, and especially if someone which as a noted expert on the subject such as The Czar of Noir, aka one Eddie Muller SAYS it is, then brother it MUST be one! (...OR in other words here folks...IF Cause for Alarm, a movie which contains absolutely NO visuals which even MILDLY suggest the story taking place in some dark and dan
  11. I've seen a lot of euphemisms in my day but that one's a first. (...sorry Lorna AND Ed...I JUST couldn't resist borrowing the line as it seemed to fit so very well here again for some reason) LOL
  12. Good point, laffite. This makes sense. So maybe what I was earlier trying to say and perhaps didn't even realize it myself was that while I like this format of having another person around for Eddie to bounce off ideas, opinions and the specifics about these neo-noir movies and instead of having Eddie talking directly to us and as he does in his Noir Alley series, IF say the other person couldn't been on equal or near equal footing as Eddie in regard to the knowledge of this genre, and so to elicit more a give and take and possibly even a difference of opinion about of the films being sh
  13. LOL JUST couldn't resist spellin' my handle around here with that...well, YOU know! (...so my dear...which o' my five might you not be all that big a fan of here, anyway?...don't worry, I won't get into any big debate with ya about this if you respond...would just like to know, that's all, and because and as you know, I've always valued your opinions very highly)
  14. Yeah, I think I recognized most of 'em in it Sepia, but who were those four guys who pop out of Krazy Kat's piano supposed to be??? (...they LOOK familiar but...)
  15. Hello and welcome to the boards here, Jillian. I found your introductory post very impressive and well presented. Coincidentally, my second favorite film also happens to be The Apartment. I also have to say that I thought what a paradox it seemed that your favorite film They Shoot Horses, Don't They? was one of the two most depressive but excellently done films about the human condition, along with The Last Picture Show, I can recall watching. And yet, in your "bonus" selection you stated that you prefer the earlier television production of Requiem for a Heavyweight over the later do
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