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  1. Yeah, I suppose so ham, but ya know statistically married men live longer. (...and now this would've been were Alan King would have offered up the punchline, "And so gentlemen, if you're looking for a long slow death, just get married!")
  2. I get the two guys here lydecker, Powell and Pidgeon, but is the lady supposed to be Betty Grable? (...just not sure)
  3. Yeah Bronxie, and besides the unfortunate placement of the rubber hose, another thing that appears kind'a "wrong" to me in this shot is that Hume's head seems a little oversized for the rest of his body, wouldn't ya say?
  4. Who's the cutie sportin' the tank top here, Tiki? (...would that be you back in the day?)
  5. Funny thing is, squared steering wheels are actually very popular again, and especially in high-performance sports cars. Here's one of the latest Momo steering wheels available in the aftermarket, and which mimics many of the ones that now come standard in many of the higher priced cars...
  6. Ya know, come to think of it, I HAVE always wondered what became of the native chief in King Kong, and after they ship the big guy off Skull Island. (...does he settle down to a much less stressful life, or once Kong is gone, do some other big nasty creatures then attempt to come through that large gate in his village???)
  7. Yeah, Channel-44 always DID have the best sign-offs, didn't they ham! (...yep, those old UHF channels couldn't be beat in this regard, alright)
  8. OH, and now one MORE note of "interest" regarding this movie, but THIS one is directed to the OP here, Cid. Now Cid ol' chum, while I fully understand your heightened interest in the cars manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation during the years this Bob Hope movie was made, I wanna tell ya (as Bob would say) I still think this 1961 Dodge Polaris featured in said movie is STILL one of THE weirdest lookin' cars to ever come out of Detroit... (...this model has always reminded me of a moose...I dunno why, it just has...and ya know what they say about moose, don't ya?..."it's a horse designed by committee"...oh wait, that's a camel, isn't it...okay okay, how about a moose being "a DEER designed by committee"...yeah, that's better)
  9. OH, and one OTHER note here, Tom... Because the first Bob Hope movie you mentioned here was produced in the good ol' U.S. of A., there was no superfluous letter 'u' in its title. (...just for the record)
  10. Tell ya what, Tom. When I earlier posted that reply of mine to Cid up there and said, "Yeah, I've always felt it was probably one of Hope's better ones he made toward the latter half of his movie career", two additional thoughts went through my mind but I failed to add either one of 'em to that sentence. They were: A- ", but that's not sayin' much, of course. and B- ", but this movie is certainly never going to be shown as an "Essential". And so, I'll leave it to you here, ol' buddy. Pick either selection 'A' or 'B' and I'll go up there and edit in the one you prefer. LOL (...in other words, yeah, I have to say I pretty much agree with your thoughts about this Bob Hope movie and his movie career in general)
  11. Oh, I NEVER look at Bugs askance, laffite. No, I leave THAT sort'a thing to Yosemite Sam. (...or as a certain leader of the free world would call him, "Yo-Semite Sam"!!!) LOL
  12. Well, as Bugs says at the end of it: "So what did you expect in an opera...a happy ending?!"
  13. Yeah, I've always felt it was probably one of Hope's better ones he made toward the latter half of his movie career. One note here though, Cid. You'll actually see Mopar cars in this movie that were made all the way up to 1961. (...just my way of sayin' you have the year of the movie's release wrong up there, which I'm sure was just a typo)
  14. Well, other than perhaps wondering if Ronald Colman could've carried a tune, I suppose you're right here, ol' boy!
  15. Btw Sepia, you might be interested in watching this episode of Jay Leno's Garage which features the Y-Job...
  16. After just now going to the IMCDb (cars in movies) website, I found there was a page for the Y-Job, although it's listed there as "1938".. https://www.imcdb.org/vehicles.php?make=Buick&model=Y-Job&modelMatch=1&modelInclModel=on However, it doesn't list the Ann Miller movie as being featured in it. (...although this wouldn't mean it wasn't the car you saw in that film, of course...in the past I've noticed a few instances where I've recognized a particular car in some film, but upon checking it out at this website it wasn't listed either)
  17. Well Gerald, they tried this once and it didn't turn out too well... (...sorry, couldn't resist)
  18. Kind'a looks like somebody's just told her..."C'mon lady, start singing so we can get this opera over with!"!
  19. OR, as Johnny Carson once said to Ed Ames during a demonstration of tomahawk throwing..."Gee, I didn't know you were Jewish!"
  20. Here's another one from "The Boss" which sounds to me as if the lyrics suggest a guy who's questioning if the woman he's met and fallen for might just turn out to be his own personal noir femme fatale...
  21. Ya know lafiite, back in the day there was talk for awhile about doin' a remake of this movie and it starring Joe Namath. Well, before it was discovered in that biker flick he did, C.C and Company, that Joe just couldn't act. And so, the closest this thing ever came to fruition was him doin' these series of television commercials here... (...yep, you got it...sometimes this stuff just writes itself...and thus my way of a disclaimer if you didn't find this funny)
  22. LOL Wow! Kind'a sounds as if your mother might've been the Marjorie Main to your father's Percy Kilbride, eh?!
  23. Might've been nice if you would've finished this thought up with somethin' like... "And he NEVER laid a finger on my mother." (...just for the purposes of clarification here you understand, Cid) LOL
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