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  1. True, there are few things in life more seductive than someone with self-confidence. JUST as long as there's a history of competence behind them to support this feeling of theirs. For without that history, they become more a joke than seductive. TO those who aren't easily deceived, anyway. (...this and more of these little bon mots of mine can be found in my upcoming book, "I Was A Teenaged Smart*** And Still Am Fifty Years Later")
  2. A quick easy decapitation by an airborn spinning bowler hat just might have been preferable to slow suffication by body paint, I suppose. (...the latter of which of course isn't really possible)
  3. And then there is that one notable Twilight Zone episode featuring a young and beautiful Anne Francis who doesn't know that she is in fact a department store mannequin who had been granted her time out in the world as a living breathing human. (...one of Serling's better episodes, I've always thought)
  4. Oh yeah, Lori Ann. I also wouldn't mind getting reacquainted with the saga of the "Kirwood Derby" and other assorted such storylines, or of that noted institution of higher learning "Wossamotta U", either! (...not to mention the tails, ahem, I mean tales of that genius dog and his adopted boy who travel through time) "
  5. Yeah, I found this last night after YouTube searching for it Tiki, and even watched some of it too. (...although I noticed only at a very few points during it where there might be any true correlation or synch between the PF music and the film's visuals, but maybe that's just me)
  6. Here's one of these I ran across a while back while surfing through YouTube, and which features the lovely actress Marj Dusay mostly remembered for her later soap opera career...
  7. Would this now beg the question: While listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, would a visually impaired person visualize this movie in their mind? (...some of you here I'm sure will catch this one, won't ya)
  8. Okay, OKAY! I've never understood why Jimmy Stewart just sits there and whimpers "Stella, what should I do?" to Thelma Ritter while watching Raymond Burr manhandle Grace Kelly inside of Burr's apartment after Burr catches her snooping around inside it. GEEZ, Jimmy! I'll tell ya what you should do. You SHOULD wheel your sorry butt over to your window and yell out something like, "THAT'S RIGHT, YOU DAMN MURDERER! WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID!" That's what I would have done, anyway. What, you don't think THAT would've stopped Burr right in his tracks? Of course it would have, and in the process
  9. Well Hibi, it looks as if Hitch's blonde "Ice Princesses" have gotten the last laugh on me here tonight! Seems the last scheduled NFL game this evening between the Ravens and the Steelers has been tentatively postponed until this coming Sunday, and due to some of the Ravens players testing positive for the coronavirus. And so, I guess the upside of this being that while once again watching Grace Kelly in Rear Window and as I'm presently doing, I'm being reminded of what a truly gorgeous woman she was. (...for a blonde, anyway)
  10. Thanks for posting this NoShear! It did indeed bring back memories of watching this parade on KTLA Channel-5 many years ago, and when it seemed to kick-start the magic of the Christmas season to this then little Angeleno. (...good memories, alright)
  11. So, basically another chance to see Hitch's "Ice Princess" blondes, Grace Kelly, Doris Day, Tippi Hedren AND Janet Leigh during their absolute hottest time in life, eh?! Well, seein' as how none of these movies feature the hottest brunnetts of the time like Ava Gardner or Hedy Lamarr or Natalie Wood, AND because I've already seen every one of these flicks at least a dozen times in the past, I'M gonna watch the NFL games this evening instead Hibi, and before gettin' all sleepy from the triptophan. (...but thanks for the heads-up here anyway!)
  12. I would guess that they were for the purposes of inhouse sales departments. (...and probably shown at various corporate meetings)
  13. Yep Cid, and pretty much what I said up there, but only once up there in my case. But still, the idea that Joe Biden will be unfairly blamed for this coming recession and not Trump, and especially by the rightwing media, needs to be restated, over and over and over again. (...although I will now refrain from doubling MY post here) LOL
  14. I'd like to get back to Nip's thread premise here for a moment, and after this thread somehow segued into talk of rightwing "news" sources here. Ya know Nip, you're exactly right here. I'm going to agree with you about something for once, however it won't be because of your premise expressed about "those dang liberal con artists" being responsible for the almost assured coming recession. Nope, what's going to happen is because The Fed will have no recourse other than to raise the prime interest rate because of the ever increasing national debt rising at an even higher rate since your
  15. If I had the power ban a word in general (over)use today, it would be a certain short little one which it seems almost everyone under the age of 40 now days prefaces any and all their replies to a question posed to them. Yeah, that's right: "So"! (....AAARGH...I'm SICK of hearing it...it makes whatever comes after it sound both pretentious AND noncommittal at the same damn time)
  16. Yeah well, lets just hope Prince Harry remembers to always buckle up HIS seat belt when he's in a car. (...suuure, maybe more than little "Oooooh my, REALLY?!" of a thought here, but accurate just the same, and so I'm stickin' with it!)
  17. Yes, and notice my wordage used earlier when I said, "...and regardless if they both might 'act better than the rest of us' at times" if you will. (...and thus signifying that, yes, I suppose I can agree that Mrs. Obama could/can occasionally come across as such)
  18. Well TB, I'll tell ya what I won't put up with. When people put the NO class Donald Trump's name in the same sentence with that of the classy Michelle Obama's. (...and regardless if they both might "act better than the rest of us" at times, and considering that in Trump's case particularly, there is NO manner in which he is nor can be NOR ever exhibited he's "better than the rest of us" in any way, shape or form)
  19. So, in essence, Donny was probably the classic spoiled little rich boy who never had a paddle applied to HIS butt then, RIGHT?! His daddy being MUCH too busy screwing over everyone in his adult business world to grab that paddle and do a number on Donny's butt. (...well then, maybe ham has been right ALL ALONG here then, EH?!)
  20. I would say their "job" now days is primarily being a symbol of tradition AND being examples of the continuation of civility to their subjects. (...in other words, concepts which Fat Boy Donny has never grasped nor never will)
  21. Saaay, I wonder if Fat Boy Donny had had a paddle applied to HIS bottom occasionally, if he might've acted a little more civil these past four-plus years??? I'm talkin' about DURING these past four-plus years here and NOT when he was a kid and when his butt was a little less fat. (...heck, I'D have volunteered for THAT duty, and even though as you folks have noticed, I've been talkin' against the concept of Corporal Punishment since ham brought this whole thing up!!!) LOL
  22. So, it appears YOUR answer to my earlier question would be that, yes, because Jesus was well-versed in his Hebrew Bible, he would have spanked the hell (literally) out of his kids' bottoms IF he had had any of 'em, eh?! (...sorry ham, but I still doubt that he would've)
  23. Yes, the British Prime Minister is chosen by the victorious political party who among those superfluous 'u' spellers over there they find to be the most "favourable" to them. (...and then of course you have their now mostly ceremonial Her Majesty the Queen, who I understand is a pretty nice girl but she doesn't have a lot to say and changes from day to day...well, according to a couple of lads from over there, anyway)
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