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Posts posted by Dargo

  1. 31 minutes ago, HIGHWAY said:
    No Dargo it's not "ALL" to all the damn problems in the country, but it's "complicity", lets say you don't have reporters embedded with troops, or you don't have first hand reporting from, lets say inside Syria as examples, but you use the security state talking points as your source for news, and not to have shame for doing this but you hire the very top people in the security state to support that view. And don't forget your advertiser's are pro military, big Pharma and insurance corporations to name a few, so your not going to go against your money cow.
    You have to manufacture consent for war, you can ignore whistle blowers or permit journalist like Assange to go under the US prosecution because you don't want to upset your sponsors, nor upset your journalistic Washington privileges.


    So, then sort'a like the situation where the news media was used by Dubya to whip up a war frenzy back in 2003? And how, by use of MY aformentioned "healthy sense of suspicion" back then, I was able to see right through that whole sales job and voice MY objections to it to anyone and everyone within MY circle of friends and associates?

    Okay sure, back then it DID seem that I WAS in the minority of people who were able to see through those facades of lies and deceits which were feed to us, but THAT is my point here! The idea that it's our OWN personal resposibility TO develop within each and every one of us this ability to question EVERY damn piece of information given to us with a skeptic's eyes and ears, and so as to NOT blindly follow some leader's course of action.

    (...so, should I just chalk this all up to my being smarter than the average joe?)




    1 hour ago, hamradio said:


    Curious is his middle name Third? 


    C'mon now, ham! Didn't you notice how hard and almost assuredly doomed to failure Nazi jokes are after seeing the one I posted yesterday in Nip's "Is the covid vaccine mandatory" thread???

    (...and didn't you ALSO notice that THAT one of MINE got absolutely NO response from anyone EITHER?!)  ;)


  3. Oh hell! DON'T overthink this thing here, people!

    This kind'a thing STILL all boils down to that line that's in that old Marvin Gaye "Heard It Through The Grapevine" song. THIS line:

    "Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear."

    Or put another way:  It's YOUR damn responsibilty to always have a healthy sense of suspicion about ANY bit of "news" that's fed to you.

    (...okay, and NOW if you guys want, you can go back to blaming "the media" for all the damn problems in this country)


  4. Quote
    The filibuster was popularized in the Jim Crow era by Southerners who wanted to prevent the Northern majority from passing legislation in favor of civil rights for Black citizens. Abolish it.
    Adam Jentleson 
    Replying to @AJentleson
    The de facto supermajority threshold was first forged against civil rights. Jim Crow-era segregationist senators repurposed a 1917 Senate rule to force every civil rights bill to clear a supermajority threshold, blocking them all. Only civil rights bills were blocked in this way.

    And here people wonder why the sound of a southern accent has always grated on my ears.

    THIS is why!


    Yes yes, I know. Not all southerners are dumb***ed racists or backwater hicks. STILL though, I gotta say that accent has never been one of my favorites, and especially whenever I hear some "southern belle" attempting to put on the charm..."Honey Lamb"!

    (...okay, and now where were we here?...oh yeah...what "Democrats are working on"...and so, GIVE 'EM HELL, JOE!!!)

    LOL...some more now


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  5. 4 hours ago, Vautrin said:

    Getting rid of the statue of the obese, racist, imperialist, and crook Chruchswill......priceless. 

    Yeah, and besides, any idiot who doesn't like the movie The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp OR is too damn dim to understand its pro-Allied and anti-Nazi sentiments, DESERVES to have his damn bust removed, TOO!!!

    (...know what I MEAN?!) ;)

  6. OH! You LIKED that one, did ya NIP?!

    Well, in THAT case I have another one for ya and which you might like too. And of course, it's a reply I always use to those people way out there on the LEFT when THEY make an asinine comment like you made up there and it goes like this:

    "Ya know, you are SO damn far out there to the Left that you'd think someone who isn't nearly as far to the Left as you are or in lockstep with your beliefs, is some kind'a Fascist!"

    But ya see, it seems I seldom say THIS one very much anymore, and ya know WHY? Well, it's 'cause there seems to be a whole lot more people with closed minds and an all-or-nothing mentality like YOU'VE got and on YOUR far side of the political spectrum than there does of those other kind'a people way out there on Left now days, that's why.

    (...BUT of course and as Bogie pretty much said up there, there's still NOT enough of you people way out there on the Right to WIN elections when the general turnout isn't being hamstrung by the GOP at very turn, and because as I also mentioned up there in another one of posting, the GOP consists of so many cowards when it comes to the idea of Democracy and will go into a coward's mentality of "survival mode"...THAT'S why)



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    1 hour ago, NipkowDisc said:

    ...yeah, the center defined by the left. 

    Nip ol' boy, here's something I always reply with after someone makes an asinine comment like you just made here:

    "Ya know, you are SO damn far out there to the Right that you'd think someone who isn't nearly as far to the Right as you are or in lockstep with your beliefs, is some kind'a commie!"

    (...and brother, THIS would be you alright...and MM...and Jake)

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  8. 3 hours ago, ElCid said:


    The Republicans fear an honest and fair vote open to all American citizens more than anything else in the world.   Always have an always will.  Their wish is for only old white men to vote.

    It would be fairly easy to set up an accountable system which permits registration and early and mail-in voting, but the GOPers do not really want that.  So, they pass legislation that overwhelmingly favors older, white people and white people in general.  Just as they do not want state or federal districts based on fair and equitable factors.  They want to overwhelmingly favor districts drawn such that GOPer voters will control vast majority of them.

    Yep, they "fear" this alright, Cid. Uh-huh, and "fear" is exactly the proper word for this too, of course.

    AND, which brings me to why I've so often called them "cowards" in many of my previous posts, and something you might have noticed me doing.

    For you see, what emotion drives cowards more than any other? Uh-huh, the emotion of fear. 

    AND, with another reason for my calling them cowards and with the intent, in an almost hopeless endeavor as it might be, to SHAME them into doing the right thing.

    And because as I've mentioned on these boards MANY a time that I'm a political Centrist, I'm not inclined to think as it appears so many Liberals do that "shaming" people isn't right nor will result in a better outcome if done to others.

    (...nope, and so MY philosophy here and will continue to be, is that people such as MM here and ALL Republicans who fear an election outcome which resulted from more of our American electorate's participation, should be called exactly what they are, a coward, and at EVERY damn opportunity which arises, and thus in hopes that SHAMING them MIGHT just motivate their sorry and cowardly butts into doing the RIGHT DAMN THING, as there appears to be NO other means in which to motivate them in this regard otherwise)


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  9. 16 hours ago, hamradio said:

    Trump discussing forming new political outfit called the Patriot Party, report says


    Say he'll have the same problem the Independent Party has....not possible in this 2 party dominate system.


    Leo Terrell just now said he will join it.




    (...ah, if only Samuel Johnson were still around to see how true his words would still be after all these years)

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  10. 21 minutes ago, laffite said:

    Even it it were TRUE---and it ain't---it's too late now, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

    YER OUT !!!!



    Yeah laffite, it IS "too late" NOW, but if you read my previous posting up there, then you know that I quoted Georgia's Secretary of State.

    AND, word is that right after he corrected the guy who he was talking to on the phone with the FACTS, he then soon met with some of his fellow Georgia Republicans in efforts to find new ways to limit the participation in future elections.

    (...and so my point here is: Don't laugh too heartily here my friend, as the record number of voters who had cast legal and legitimate ballots this past election MIGHT find it harder to do so in the future IF people like Georgia's Secretary of State and the OP of this thread have THEIR way about it in coming years)

  11. 2 hours ago, MovieMadness said:

    ...First one is voter ID, so no more dead people and pets voting.

    GOD, do I ever know the following is a total waste of my keystrokes here, BUT...

    DT: "I've heard there were 5,000 dead people who voted in your state."

    Georgia's Sec. of State: "No, Mr. President, your data is wrong. There were two."

    And need I remind you here you freakin' rightwing nutcase who believes any attempt to increase the number of legitimate and legal voters to participate in our electoral process is a bad thing and because you REALLY know in your heart of hearts but are too cowardly to admit it that THIS is the REAL reason that less of your fellow Republicans would be elected to office the higher the turnout, THAT GEORGIA'S SEC. OF STATE IS A FREAKIN' REPUBLICAN WHO SAID HE VOTED FOR THE JACK*** AND COMPLUSIVE LIAR THAT HE WAS TALKING TO ON THE DAMN PHONE ?!

    (...but yes, I suppose I DO need to remind you here, but then again and as I said at the top, I KNOW this was a total waste of my keystrokes here, wasn't it!)

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  12. 6 hours ago, TomJH said:

    Yes, I was surprised by the billing. I'm not certain that I've seen any other black actress billed that way in a film, though I assume Witness to Murder is not alone.

    I can't recall any film in which a black actor is billed as "Negro."


    After thinking that the actor Stepin Fetchit almost assuredly had had to have been credited in that manner at least once, I've now discovered that yes, he indeed had been but only once and as "Negro Man" in the now considered lost 1929 silent film titled The Kid's Clever, and with the following synopsis according to the IMDb website:

    Bugs Raymond (Glenn Tryon) invents a car that doesn't require fuel but his road to love and riches are thwarted by a rival mechanic.

    (...although, considering the many decades of Hollywood studios churning out films, and considering so much of that time had been before the Civil Rights movement began in earnest, I'm thinking that there almost has be at least a few more instances of this which could be discovered)

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  13. 1 hour ago, hamradio said:

    Biden says we must end this uncivil war!

    I totally agree we must get back to old school when wars were civil.



    Hmmm...I dunno, ham.

    Wasn't THIS an integral part of fat boy's "Make American Great Again" plan???

    (...and of which the only thing it really ever succeeded in was getting that flag you see over there on the left side of this painting being waved inside the Capitol Building for the first time ever!)


  14. On 1/19/2021 at 6:07 PM, NipkowDisc said:

    does it mean from now on election nite is to be followed by 72 hours of mail-in vote counting?


    Aaah, what's the matter here, Nip?

    Don't you think the more people who get involved in our election process the better? And, that it could better reflect what is called "The Will of The People" after election results have been tabulated, and regardless how many hours it might take to tabulate them?

    Yep, I'm talking about all those people who usually don't involve themselves in this process and even though they always had a legal right to do so, but did so in this past election because they found it a little easier and more convenivent to participate in this past election's balloting and thanks primarily to more localities throughout this nation instituting the mail-in balloting process. And which btw, we've had in place here in the state of Arizona for many many years, and which has resulted in but a minuscule of cases which could even remotely be called "fraudulent" over those many many years.

    (...oh...wait...that's right...you're one of those people, namely a Republican, who for obvious and pretty much bald-faced reasons think the more people like that who get involved in this sort'a thing is a bad idea, aren't you...never mind then)

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  15. 16 minutes ago, Swithin said:

    Dargo old man, if you thought he prefaced the remark with I've heard," I'm afraid that was an incorrect rumour. Here, in all candour, is the exact quote:


    Yep, after subjecting myself to this painfully inarticulate man-child's presence here (and hopefully for one of the last few times in my life), I have to admit he never said those two words, Swithin. Yep, have to admit you're right here, alright.

    (...question here though...could you NOT have instead just found the transcript of this and so I wouldn't have had to LOOK AT and LISTEN TO the sorry SOB here???!!!) 


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  16. 35 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

    google is about as much help as teets on a boar.

    question: is the covid vaccine mandatory?

    YES! But before you get it, you will be required to strip off all of your clothes und come to za showers for za DELOUSING!

    (...ya know, as I entered that, I got the distinct feeling that this might not be as funny as when it first popped into my head...boy is Nazi humor ever a tough one anymore, isn't it)

    Okay Nip, and now for your real answer:

    Will the COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory? What the law says (today.com)


  17. 22 minutes ago, Swithin said:

    They're going to have a press conference in a couple of hours. Do you think President Biden will suggest that people inject themselves with bleach?


    Now Swithin. Don't you know that fat boy's words there are taken out of context?

    Remember here, fat boy PREFACED that comment and many OTHER comments he made while his fat butt was parked in the White House with the words, "I've heard".

    And so, by his use of those two words, any and all comments following those two words would by default remove any and all responsibility he'd have for either the truthfulness or lack thereof which those following words would convey to the public.

    And so in closing, I must say that I'm surprised that such a learned man as yourself would stoop to such tactics as this in order to make a point.

    (...AND that evidently YOU must be a regular viewer of CNN, TOO!)  ;)


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  18. Btw, this whole thing reminds me of something which I've come to believe has greatly contributed to this whole cultural phenomenon of "Polarization" we in this country are experiencing of late.

    Tell me here folks. WHAT ever became of the concept of people having "a healthy sense of suspicion" in regards to any and all bits of information which they might receive, and from any and all sources from which they receive it?

    Doesn't it seem that more and more people in recent years are inclined to take the information they receive from their perferred source and think of it as "gospel"?

    (...something to ponder anyway)

  19. 7 minutes ago, Vautrin said:

    Check out Newsmax. It's where distinguished nutjobs go to get their full wingnut on. 

    Ya know Vautrin, I've tried watching that channel myself!

    (...BUT,  I found that the dumb blonde chicks reporting their version of the "news" on THAT channel aren't NEARLY as hot lookin' as those who are on Fox News)


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  20. 14 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

    the only cable news outlet I ever have on is CNN. I find Fox's bias insulting because conservative common sense does not need to be helped in any way so I never watch it.


    So, in other words here Nip, you're on the constant search to see what "the enemy of the people" (and as of course how your old fearless leader fat boy Donny, aka your "American Savior", would put it) is saying about things, RIGHT???

    (...well, in THAT case, I suppose I'll have to give you a little credit here for NOT being as "dull a knife" as I first thought, huh!)  ;)


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  21. 2 minutes ago, Hibi said:

    I doubt he even glances at CNN. Just wanted to vent.

    Yeah maybe, but THEN the question would be by what means did our "duller knife" here get the idea that CNN constantly "hates" and "lies" about his fat boy savior IF he's never watched that channel?

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