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  1. Gee, what's NEXT here MM? Somethin' like maybe "It bounces off me and sticks on you" from that keyboard of yours??? (...ya know, I wouldn't be at all surprised) LOL
  2. Uh-huh, that's true. Take for instance my neighbor's Legacy which is made of many things such as an engine and bodywork and wheels and an interior at the Subaru factory in Lafayette Indiana. AND, the only reason I replied to this with this lame little joke was because I'm still waiting for your response to my above post. You know, the one up there about how fat boy will still be "fair game" to talk about around here after he continues to insinuate his fat butt within our country's Body Politic?! And if no response IS to come, then I'll take it that I was successful in my attempt to
  3. Yeah, but in the MEANTIME here James, we STILL have approximately 24 hours as I type this here to express ALL our collective thoughts about how bad a POTUS fat boy was and WHILE the SOB is STILL in office! And so, PLEASE don't be a freakin' wet blanket here until AFTER fat boy's GONE, dude! (...and besides, I have a feelin' here that I'll be one of those people at this forum who might OCCASIONALLY bring up fat boy's name after he leaves the White House, but NOT because I'm a "moron" nor suffer from "TDS", but because and as I think YOU know, fat boy ISN'T "going away peacefully or qu
  4. Well, SOME of those 1,000 words here Lorna are saying to me that this thumbnail photo makes the creepy little dude in his younger days, looked a lot like Pat Sajak. (...doncha think?)
  5. That's probably because that fourth one has a real long title CJ, and so it's perfectly understandable that the title of it escapes you here. It was 1958's Witnessing a Murder from the Window in the Rear. (...but now who starred in it is "escaping" ME, but I THINK one of 'em was that guy who you'd always see guesting on the old Perry Mason show...YOU know, what's-his-name!)
  6. Yeah, ya know Cid, I think I also remember our good ol' backwater southern boy once breaking with his usual M.O. of copying and pasting off the internet, and a few years back posting a picture of himself in a little boat while fishing on some lake or backwater bayou down there. In fact and surprisingly, I even think I recalled him actually posting some of his own WORDS above or below that picture when he posted it. (...but don't quote me on this as this WAS quite a few years back ya know, and so I couldn't swear to that...the last part about him posting his "own words" that is)
  7. Yes, true, but PLEASE conservatives out there, STILL consider jumping out of a SECOND story window, as doing something like this having much more survivable consequences, just MIGHT at long last knock some SENSE into some of those damn hard heads of yours! LOL
  8. Re one of good ol' boy Jake's little cut and paste offerings up there. The one where it shows little Rand Paul's spouting the following: "They will destroy the Republican Party if the leadership is complicit with an impeachment or if leadership votes for an impeachment." Eeeh, don't you worry about THIS here Jake, you good ol' backwater boy, you! Nope, and because as I type this out here, I'm SURE much of the leadership of the Republican party is now sitting cowardly in many a back room throughout this country and attempting to devise WHOLE NEW WAYS to keep the participation in
  9. Yeah yeah, I know folks. (...I should have never posted that Conqueror pic up there, huh)
  10. So then it sounds as if you never made that concert then, eh?! (...and if not, then I guess my asking if they played with enough cowbell that night would be a complete waste of my time here then, huh)
  11. Yeah well, tell ya what here, Eric. When you hear MeTV is getting around to showing what's by far THE best and THE funniest cartoon take on this whole 40 Thieves thing, namely Ali Baba Bunny (1957), gimme a heads-up here, would ya?! (...in the interim, I'll be dreaming of lounging under the warm Pismo Beach sun with all the clams I can eat)
  12. LOL Yeah, I'll bet that was back when Officer Malloy had been temporarily assigned to the Hollenbeck Division, and before the Christopher Commission would change their ways of doing things there. (...and which now leads me to the following question: What the hell was a nice Orange County boy like you doin' in that seedy part of town at the time anyway???)
  13. Good point, but in this case probably best explained by the thought that his character was taking night courses at UCLA in order to get his law degree. (...and among its curriculum was probably Philosophy 101)
  14. I've only ever watched the first one and that was years ago. Thought it was an okay little comedy, but definitely geared to people of more tender years. (...and due to all the characters in it, and especially the two inept would-be burglars, being so outrageously over-the-top)
  15. Hey now, Tom! AT LEAST give some credit to Nip for not posting a pic of Susan and the big lug together in THIS turkey here anyway...
  16. And which I believe may be the only time in any film in which I've ever witnessed George going bombastically ballistic while delivering his dialogue, albeit with those words being said in German and as your stereotypical crazed Nazi. (...nope, seems to me even when he's losing his cool in some movie, he's always had this unique ability to both talk under his breath and yet still at the same time project his words, and which then still quite effectively convey the emotions behind them)
  17. After I became aware of the unsavory and downright offensive comments that Tor Johnson once made about Encino California, I tweeted that I wanted ALL traces of the man cut from Plan 9 From Outer Space. (...however, this in turn caused a grassroots counter-movement to commence which I understand was spearheaded by some retired math teacher from back east, and so my efforts went nowhere)
  18. And ham, I think Edna's "better half" here looks a lot like John Huston. (...don't ya think?!)
  19. That's true! Ya know slayton, this guy came THIS close to taking over the world, ya know! (...and, I've always wondered if Plan 10 just might've worked)
  20. Well, in THAT case, I'd say it's sure hard to beat THIS one then... " "You see? You SEE?! Your stupid minds! STUPID! STUPID!"
  21. "Hey! I didn't marry her just because she's kind to animals, ya know!"
  22. Trump’s Far-Right Extremist Army Has Finally Turned On Him, Now Calling For His Execution Trump's Far-Right Extremist Army Has Finally Turned On Him, Now Calling For His Execution (thegailygrind.com) After reviewing thousands of messages across online havens for MAGA extremists, including Gab, CloutHub, MeWe, Telegram and far-right message boards such as 8kun, Huffpost found that “a growing minority of the president’s once-devout backers are now denouncing him and rejecting his recent pleas for peace. Some have called for his arrest or execution, labelling him a ‘traitor’
  23. Sorry here, ham (at the risk of making MM think I'm being "weak"...LOL) BUT I have NO idea what or who you're referencing here. You see, MY reference up there when I said to Tom "that certain British actor" was a reference to an actor whose most notable performances were probably in films such as Room at the Top and The Manchurian Candidate. And, I only used that vague description of him because Tom has told us in the past that he despises the guy SO much that he prefer people never use his name around here. AND thus, it being my little inside joke to him within my previous posting.
  24. HEY! I just heard that the idiots at QAnon are sayin' Biden shot the SOB! No, NOT that he had somebody ELSE do it, but that HE did it! (...naaah, not really...just kiddin'...BUT, I sure wouldn't be suprised if some of those idiots over there start THAT little conspiracy theory now TOO, huh!)
  25. Now, it's not that I'm now coming to the defense of John Wayne here, as the idea of some damn verbose so-called "super-patriot" has always induced a BIG roll of the eyes in me, but yes, because by the time this country was thrust into WWII, the then 34 y/o Wayne had fathered 2 children and thus his draft classification of 3-A was indeed proper and warranted. And I bring this up solely because the names of Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart, two men who it could rightly be said did their patriotic duty during WWII, BUT who I'm sure would have BRISTLED at the thought of being called a "super-pat
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