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  1. On 1/19/2021 at 6:07 PM, NipkowDisc said:

    does it mean from now on election nite is to be followed by 72 hours of mail-in vote counting?


    Aaah, what's the matter here, Nip?

    Don't you think the more people who get involved in our election process the better? And, that it could better reflect what is called "The Will of The People" after election results have been tabulated, and regardless how many hours it might take to tabulate them?

    Yep, I'm talking about all those people who usually don't involve themselves in this process and even though they always had a legal right to do so, but did so in this past election because they found it a little easier and more convenivent to participate in this past election's balloting and thanks primarily to more localities throughout this nation instituting the mail-in balloting process. And which btw, we've had in place here in the state of Arizona for many many years, and which has resulted in but a minuscule of cases which could even remotely be called "fraudulent" over those many many years.

    (...oh...wait...that's right...you're one of those people, namely a Republican, who for obvious and pretty much bald-faced reasons think the more people like that who get involved in this sort'a thing is a bad idea, aren't you...never mind then)

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  2. 16 minutes ago, Swithin said:

    Dargo old man, if you thought he prefaced the remark with I've heard," I'm afraid that was an incorrect rumour. Here, in all candour, is the exact quote:


    Yep, after subjecting myself to this painfully inarticulate man-child's presence here (and hopefully for one of the last few times in my life), I have to admit he never said those two words, Swithin. Yep, have to admit you're right here, alright.

    (...question here though...could you NOT have instead just found the transcript of this and so I wouldn't have had to LOOK AT and LISTEN TO the sorry SOB here???!!!) 


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  3. 35 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

    google is about as much help as teets on a boar.

    question: is the covid vaccine mandatory?

    YES! But before you get it, you will be required to strip off all of your clothes und come to za showers for za DELOUSING!

    (...ya know, as I entered that, I got the distinct feeling that this might not be as funny as when it first popped into my head...boy is Nazi humor ever a tough one anymore, isn't it)

    Okay Nip, and now for your real answer:

    Will the COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory? What the law says (today.com)


  4. 22 minutes ago, Swithin said:

    They're going to have a press conference in a couple of hours. Do you think President Biden will suggest that people inject themselves with bleach?


    Now Swithin. Don't you know that fat boy's words there are taken out of context?

    Remember here, fat boy PREFACED that comment and many OTHER comments he made while his fat butt was parked in the White House with the words, "I've heard".

    And so, by his use of those two words, any and all comments following those two words would by default remove any and all responsibility he'd have for either the truthfulness or lack thereof which those following words would convey to the public.

    And so in closing, I must say that I'm surprised that such a learned man as yourself would stoop to such tactics as this in order to make a point.

    (...AND that evidently YOU must be a regular viewer of CNN, TOO!)  ;)


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  5. Btw, this whole thing reminds me of something which I've come to believe has greatly contributed to this whole cultural phenomenon of "Polarization" we in this country are experiencing of late.

    Tell me here folks. WHAT ever became of the concept of people having "a healthy sense of suspicion" in regards to any and all bits of information which they might receive, and from any and all sources from which they receive it?

    Doesn't it seem that more and more people in recent years are inclined to take the information they receive from their perferred source and think of it as "gospel"?

    (...something to ponder anyway)

  6. 7 minutes ago, Vautrin said:

    Check out Newsmax. It's where distinguished nutjobs go to get their full wingnut on. 

    Ya know Vautrin, I've tried watching that channel myself!

    (...BUT,  I found that the dumb blonde chicks reporting their version of the "news" on THAT channel aren't NEARLY as hot lookin' as those who are on Fox News)


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  7. 14 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

    the only cable news outlet I ever have on is CNN. I find Fox's bias insulting because conservative common sense does not need to be helped in any way so I never watch it.


    So, in other words here Nip, you're on the constant search to see what "the enemy of the people" (and as of course how your old fearless leader fat boy Donny, aka your "American Savior", would put it) is saying about things, RIGHT???

    (...well, in THAT case, I suppose I'll have to give you a little credit here for NOT being as "dull a knife" as I first thought, huh!)  ;)


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  8. 7 minutes ago, laffite said:

    Anyone else note what TCM movies are showing today. A fine editorial.

    Aaaah! All of 'em having the name "Joe" in the title, eh?!

    (...good catch here, laffite)

  9. 2 minutes ago, Hibi said:

    I doubt he even glances at CNN. Just wanted to vent.

    Yeah maybe, but THEN the question would be by what means did our "duller knife" here get the idea that CNN constantly "hates" and "lies" about his fat boy savior IF he's never watched that channel?

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  10. 3 hours ago, Princess of Tap said:

    If you don't like CNN why do you waste your time watching it all the time?

    Why don't you watch Fox or some other cable news channel that will View things the way you do, instead of giving the facts and telling the truth?

    Ya know Princess, I have to say I'm not fond of your "suggestion" here and because and as I'm sure you know, it's been THIS very practice by the public in recent years which has been the cause of so much of the polarization and the hardening of opinions in this country.

    And sure, I realized your point here was to imply the thought that Fox News doesn't report the "facts" and "truth" to the degree of which  perhaps CNN does or might.

    (...BUT because as I'm sure we also all know, with the Nipster here not exactly being as they say "the sharpest knife in the drawer", he just MIGHT take your little suggestion here to heart and actually begin DOING it, and so then ANY chance that he might have had to listen to an alternative POV which might upset him and as he mentioned earlier BUT which at the SAME time could perhaps expand his world view, would never come about, and THUS the poor deluded guy will just become yet another example of our country's apparent march toward this aforementioned polarization)  



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  11. 1 hour ago, mr6666 said:


    So, I see as fat boy departs the premises, he JUST couldn't resist adding another one to his Big Lie List and one which I'm sure we'll begin to hear coming from his Faithful in short order whenever they'll begin singing his praises.

    THIS one here:

    "Another Administration would've taken three, four, five, maybe even up to ten years to develop a vaccine."

    (...and so, as you leave here fat boy, I wish you well...and something I hope you'll soon fall into when no one is around..nope, and especially not Lassie)

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  12. And speaking of little Bobby Blake here...

    After he was acquitted, I'd occasionally encountered him traipsing around a little roadhouse venue along Mulholland Hwy which catered to us motorcyclists and known as the Rock Store. Jay Leno shows up there on the weekends too quite a bit, and along with more than few other Hollywood actors who'd occasionally show up there on their bikes. 

    Little Bobby looked as withered and worn out by life as anyone you'd ever see...well okay, maybe not quite as badly as Spector looked during and after HIS little encounter with The Law, but pretty darn close anyway.

    Well anyway, my friend, a doctor in SoCal with a beautiful collection of 25 classic motorcyles, has always liked the movie Electra Glide in Blue and he has the following poster from the film hanging up in his garage...


    Phil, my friend NOT the little twerp who killed Lana Clarkson, once walked up to Blake and asked him if he'd mind autographing the poster if he brought it to the Rock Store, and Blake said he WOULD...for 50 bucks.

    (...and thus confirming in my mind the thought that life can sure end up being tough, show on one's face and can sure take their toll in many regards when they make some questionable life decisions along the way)


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  13. 3 minutes ago, Vautrin said:

    Maybe a bit. Perhaps what Spector really needed was Blake's lawyer. In that photo young Phil

    looks like your typical nerdy kid who's trying to look cool and not having much success at it. 

    Yeah maybe, but even the worst of lawyers would know that the ol' "I left my gun inside that Italian restaurant" alibi is only a one-time-use sort'a thing.

    (...and unfortunately for Phil, little Bobby used it first!)

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  14. 19 minutes ago, Vautrin said:

    Good detective work there, Dargo. But maybe it was also an LA thing. I recall an episode of Dragnet about

    a nutcase who was much influenced by certain 19th century French poets. And wouldn't you know it, old

    Joe Friday knew all about them from Baudelaire to Verlaine.  Not so dumb da dumb dumb after all.

    This wouldn't have been when our intrepid Sergeant had that almost whole episode long debate with the character modeled after Timothy Leary, would it?

    (...I think I remember some deeper back-and-forth pontifications going on during it, anyway)

  15. 25 minutes ago, MovieMadness said:

    Sadly I knew this would turn into a TDS thread, that's why it's posted in Off Topic. Some just can't discuss things without have to turn everything into a Trump meltdown.

    Well OF COURSE here, dude!

    You see, the LOGIC here being, and as Tom up there SO well stated, that with your Republican Party NOW DAYS generally consisting of people who are dumb enough to support and follow  your fat boy's every lead and/or make allowances for it, AND compared to how  we're sure that MOST of those movie stars named up there would be AGHAST at what fat boy has made of your political party AND with his lowering of political discourse in recent years, NATURALLY the trend to your little thread here WOULD go in this direction.

    So, what WOULD you have expected here? What, something along the lines of "Oh, this is nice to know"? Something along THOSE lines, perhaps?

    (...LOOK you little snowflake...don't be so g/d sensitive around here, and ESPECIALLY after you start one of these little threads of yours which have OBVIOUS political implications which you're bent on sharing with us here)

  16. WAIT! Have I somehow missed the names of Eugene Pallette and Walter Brennan up there???

    Now THERE ya go, Tom! I'll bet THOSE two Republicans would have heartily endorsed what Fat Boy has made of the once honorable Party of Lincoln!

    (...btw, yeah, I know, "The Party of Lincoln" CEASED being THAT right around the time all those movie stars named up there were near the end their careers, and when all those southern bigots down there FINALLY realized that the REPUBLICAN party best suited their little concerns...but I've always liked the sound of that phrase and so the reason I used it here)


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  17. 20 minutes ago, HIGHWAY said:


    Ya know HIGHWAY, it's kind'a funny that you've brought this up here.

    You see, during this time that fat boy has had his fat butt parked in the White house and screwin' up this country, for a while my feelings about Dubya here seemed to soften quite a bit, and probably due to doing comparisons with him and with fat boy.

    However, just a few months ago and while watching an episode of PBS's American Experience series which chronicled Dubya's life and his tenure as POTUS (this series also did episodes on other recent Presidents), all those feelings I used to have about how dumb ol' Dubya here was just came FLOODING back.

    (...and especially while watching the part where he started that needless little war over in Iraq)

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