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  1. OH, and one other thing here, Nip ol' boy. IF you WERE "bright" then you would have probably learned by this time in your life that...wait for it... ...THOSE who EXHIBIT repect to OTHERS will USUALLY receive it back in turn. And then you might have ALSO noticed that Donald J. Trump hardly EVER exhibited "respect" to those who held different opinions from HIS. (...nope, and because IF your WERE bright, then you would have NOTICED that Donald J. Trump MOST often DEMONIZED those who differed from him)
  2. OH my yes! Donald Trump's massive but fragile ego should have NEVER been challenged or "disrespected" by those darn Dems. THEY'RE responsible for this storming of the Capitol Building, alright! Suuuuuure. (...ya know Nip, sometimes I think you're just not very bright)
  3. Here's a question I would love to pose to not only those who are now resigning their posts in this adminstration due to yesterday's events, but also to all my fellow citizen's who voted for Donald Trump: Do you FINALLY understand why those of us who have said all along that Donald Trump was never fit to be a President of this country and was IN FACT an embarrassment to the office he held and to this country at large, WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG??? (...yep, I've LOVE to get an answer to this)
  4. Ah yes! And later to be remade in live action during the mid-1950s and starring Glenn Ford, Anne Francis, Louis Calhern, Sidney Poitier and Vic Morrow. (...I remember it well)
  5. Yes, they're all quite "special" here, aren't they. (...and probably took "the little bus" to school every day when they were young)
  6. No Nip, THAT abuse first happened almost forty years prior and when it was awarded to THIS guy here...
  7. Yeah, but I'm sure they're LOVIN' this in Beijing and Moscow. (...and in Tehran...and in...)
  8. Well, I was going to ask why here Mr.Sixes, and because the lying and SEDITIOUS fat boy Donald would STILL be able to fire up his hoard of gullible idiots by use of his Twitter account. Aaah, but THAT was before I've just heard that Twitter is now suspending his account for 12 hours and because fat boy had always found it impossble to act as a damn adult. (...my guess however is that his aforementioned hoard of idiots will just view this as an assault on his First Admendment rights and thus fire 'em up even more)
  9. "Irrelevant?" You REALLY believe the vast majority of those scared little people who have latched onto Trump's (now) falling star and who actually believe all the lies he spreads are going to recede into the political woodwork, OR and even more importantly, the many GOP politcos who will take up his fight will also just fade away (like MacArthur once famously said about "old soliders") in short order? (...dude, these morons don't even KNOW what the term "Patriotism" means anymore...and I'm SURE you know what Samuel Johnson once famously said about THAT, don't ya?!)
  10. OH, and btw...the above would ALSO apply to any and all "movie stars" TOO! (...here in an effort to steer this baby back to the topic of the Academy Awards, ya see!) LOL
  11. Hmmm...while the following isn't exactly what you're lookin' for here Sans, this has got me wondering if the next time you see Deborah Kerr or Audrey Hepburn or Natalie Wood singin' in some movie, if the closed captioning should maybe read somethin' like... "It's really Marnie Nixon singing here" (...like I said, not exactly what you're lookin' for here, but still...)
  12. Well Tom, I DO have to admit that just about a month ago, I myself experieced this very feeling after... (...well after...ah, YOU know!) LOL
  13. What a wonderful comment about the power of kindness and pulling together in order for us all to get past this panademic which Alex gave after being introduced tonight. Like I said earlier in this thing, the guy personified the concept of "Class". (...although I STILL can't believe that middle contestant bet $11 Thousand on that Daily Double when he was ahead and then blew it...that cost him the game right there...would have won otherwise)
  14. This IS good news. Glad to hear it! So, kind'a like the opposite of Generalissimo Francisco Franco here then, eh?! (...you have to be a fan of the first few years of SNL to get this one, ya know)
  15. LOL So, you can "neither confirm nor deny" this, eh?! Saaaay, you wouldn't happen to be Miss Rush's press secretary here or somethin', now would YA?! (...'cause that sounds JUST like what some press secretary would say, ya know) LOL
  16. Yes, by all means let us wish the lovely Barbara Rush, a lady who always seemed to me to grow more attractive as she aged, a wonderful 90th Birthday here. Although, I gotta say here Aritosthenes, I do not believe the beautiful and quite sultry brunette you posted a pic of here is actually Miss Rush. Nope, and because Miss Rush had a softer look with fuller more rounded cheeks than this lady has. See what I mean?... (...betcha your search for a pic of Miss Rush was another case on someone uploading a pic into the Internet and mislabeling it...this happens all the time, ya know)
  17. Yeah, and there's a couple of other performances of Basehart's which are quite good too, Princess. In fact and as you might know, his work in Repeat Performance was his very first screen credit. (...and yep as you note, I'll bet the primary reason he took the role on the Irwin Allen show was for the paycheck)
  18. Oh, I dunno. I'd also fault Irwin Allen and this TV show for basically become as big a joke after its first fairly good season and where it just became a case of each new episiode being the adventures of Admiral Nelson and his crew of the Seaview battling some different "monster/alien of the week", and something of which even as kid who was a regular viewer of this program recognized this show's waning quality during its initial run. (...and speaking of "Admiral Nelson" here...I've always wondered if such a talented actor as Richard Basehart might have been bit embarrased about wasting hi
  19. After doing a search for it, I found that old offering of mine in the 20th Century Vole thread here, midwesty. Good suggestion here regarding Miss Kerr, but it appears I only mentioned two other actressess known for playing nuns in movies, and as you can see below... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The year, 1943, and Hitler's Fortress Europe is holding fast to its invaded territories. In the
  20. You mean you'd two-time on MARTHA???!!! (...man, you're as fickle as I am, dude!)
  21. Btw, MY favorite animated short of all time isn't WO,D?, although it does rank highly with me. Nope, MY favorite animated short of all time is another Chuck Jones directed funny-as-all-hell little piece starring that crazy rabbit...Ali Baba Bunny. (...just can never get enough of "Open Saskatchewan?", "Here we are, Pismo Beach, and all the clams you can eat!" AND the ever-popular"HASSAN, CHOP!", among many other hilarious lines in this one)
  22. Wow! I can NOT believe the animated short What's Opera, Doc? which almost all lists of the greatest animated shorts of all time has sitting in the Number-1 position, wasn't even nominated in 1957???!!! And here I had thought this was the one that garnered the great Chuck Jones his first Oscar win. (...guess it's kind'a like how THE greatest musical ever made, Singin' in the Rain, wasn't even nominated for Best Picture its year, eh?!...damn Academy!)
  23. HEY, and btw AGAIN...the above has me wondering whatever became of that old "20th Century Vole" thread??? Gotta say MY most proud entry in that thing was coicidentally ALSO a riff on a WWII flick. (...you may remember it...it was titled "The Nuns of Navarone")
  24. Btw Rich, have you ever watched that Jeffrey Hunter and David Janssen WWII flick titled From Hell With Eternity It Came ? Uh-huh, Jeffrey Hunter plays a guy who was raised by Tabongas in Southern California, but is sent overseas to fight 'em after hostilites commenced, and which in turn of course causes poor Jeff to engage in much soul-searching while in combat. And Janssen, in a precursor to his most famous role, goes on the lam after encountering his first Tabonga, which coincidentally kind'a sort'a looks like Barry Morse. (...well, once again IF ya squint real good, anyway)
  25. LOL Yeah, and especially because some of those trees on the island of Oahu look like a Tabonga. (...'specially if ya squint real good)
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