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Posts posted by Dargo

  1. 1 hour ago, ElCid said:

    Just watched Trump's well scripted speech.  Probably best one he ever made, but too little, too late.  Should have said it two weeks ago if not after the election.  Bet it was hard for him to not go off script and now he can't go back and use Twitter, etc. to counter what he said.

    He did not actually recognize the insurrection for what it was not take any blame for it.  He did not acknowledge that Joe Biden was elected in a fair and legal manner.  But he did tell his people to not do it anymore.  Will they believe him?  Will they believe he is sincere?  Time will tell.

    Yep Cid, I've just now also watched it, and all I can say here is that IF Fat Boy had only used words such as that and used a tone such as that during his tenure in the White House, this country would NOT be in NEARLY the political turmoil we find ourselves in.

    Nope, BUT there was another thing which he now has gotten wrong in his little speech, and that was his little shot at Twitter. And because while it appeared he's FINALLY grasped the idea that the words said by Presidents matter and have consequences, he STILL unfortunately doesn't seem to understand his being blocked from his favorite little means to express his opinion, does NOT constitute his First Amendment right to free speech being usurped or taken from him, as that right SOLELY pertains to our mutual right to not be taken away or jailed by our GOVERNMENT for expressing opinions which our government might find offensive.

    (...but then, because I've always known that despite Fat Boy's lone "talent" at being "screwd" in financial dealings, he was never really all that bright to begin with nor really ever had much of a clue about our Constitution or constitutional government, this came as no surprise to me)

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  2. Hey! I wonder if maybe a showing of The Producers here might help satisfy the OP's complaint???...


    Okay sure, so maybe it's not actually a "Nazi" movie per se, but anytime you can catch the late great Dick Shawn in ANYTHING is always a big plus, wouldn't ya say?!

    (...hey, it's just a suggestion here, that's all)  ;)

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  3. On 1/12/2021 at 4:38 AM, TikiSoo said:

    Here's my photo:


    Yeah, word is those Brit actors who came over here lookin' for work, always liked to dine together at those studio commisaries.

    (...well, you've never seen a shot of Basil here chowin' down with the likes of Marjorie Main, have ya?!)  


  4. 21 hours ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Well clearly TCM tries to cater to a fan base, as well as grow that fan base.     You have a different POV than the majority of that fan base (what you define as mainstream consumer).   

    Hey,  I feel the same way as an amateur jazz musician and lover of that art form.   E.g. even the top US jazz radio station here in So Cal  has now watered down their product to appeal to the "mainstream consumer" of music (E.g. adding blues,  and easy-listening which isn't jazz in my book).     But with the Internet there are now  many options for both musical content as well as movies.     Can't you find one that is more in-line with your taste?

    Complaining about TCM at the TCM forum isn't going to get you what you desire.     



    Sorry, but I too am a little confused about the OP's complaint here, James. And so, lets see if I'm readin' you right.

    Are you sayin' that 28Silent here probably also doesn't like Kenny G's music???

    (...hey, I SAID I was "confused" here, now didn't I)  ;)



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  5. 1 hour ago, MovieMadness said:

    I had a feeling someone would bring John Wayne into this, more liberal harps get played over him than in heaven.

    Well first here rightwing nutcase, you might recall this CENTRIST here only brought up your hero's name because of that stupid line he says about "apologizing" in that John Ford movie, and because THAT was what Bruce Willis reportedly did per your usual little copy & pasted original post in this baby of yours. AND because, I could THEN make the reference that I did about that being your fat boy Trump's basic M.O. his entire life...the idea of apologizing for some mistake one has made is akin to showing "weakness", and with THIS being an undeniable FACT in fat boy's case!

    And secondly, with Yours Truly here not only being a poltical centrist but also agnostic, I, and unlike all those presumptious believers and atheists out there, have no idea if whetherJohn Wayne is now "looking down" OR "looking up" IF there might actually be some sort of afterlife, and playing a "harp" or NOT!

    (...nope dude, bottom line here being that your idea that "some liberal would bring up John Wayne's name in an effort to discredit the total sum of that man" is as off-target here as most of the other little "summations" you supply below your little copy and paste thread starters)


  6. 14 minutes ago, TomJH said:

    It's too terrible a disease, and it's at a second wave peak RIGHT NOW, to warrant such "dark humour" in my opinion, Dargo.

    And part of the reason that the disease is ravaging as savagely as it is today is because of those who have adopted a light hearted reaction to the pandemic, refusing to take it seriously. And that includes jokes. Sorry, buddy, we're going to disagree on this one.

    Okay then, ol' buddy. I guess this'll have to be one of those rare instances in which we'll have to do this. Agree to disagree, that is.

    (...but hey, at least give ham here some credit for not mentioning anything about clowns or that certain British actor who'll remain nameless anyway, okay?!)  ;)


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  7. 22 minutes ago, TomJH said:

    A truly tasteless attempt at humour.

    Ask any person who saw a family member die sucking for air how funny they find it to be.

    Oh, c'mon here, Tom. 

    I'm sure Ham's dark humor joke here wasn't meant to imply there isn't anything awful about people dying from this disease.

    (...of course then again, I'm probably only defending him here because I only wish I had thought of THIS one first...and I'm not gonna apologize for that...and no, NOT because MM would THEN think I'm being "weak"!)  LOL

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  8. 6 hours ago, Bogie56 said:

    Moment heckler interrupts Schumer's NYC presser to call him a 'racist anti-Semite' and tell him that she loathes him so much she got 'sexually excited watching him hide under his desk at the Capitol'


    A heckler told Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer that she got 'sexually excited' while watching him cower under a desk during last week's riot at the US Capitol.

    "The woman also accused the New York senator of following the 'socialist' practices of Adolf Hitler."

    And so, in contrast to how idiots like her have been been unable to supply any evidence at all of this election being "stolen" from them, CLEAR evidence in THIS case that THIS woman IS an idiot!

    As I'm sure attempting to explain the differences between "Socialism" with that of Hitler's "National Socialism" would be a complete waste of ANYONE'S time.

    (...let alone this idiot calling a Jewish man an "anti-Semite")

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  9. 1 hour ago, Sepiatone said:

    Y'know, this reminds me of something a friend of mine brought up.  "Words that sound like they should mean something else."   

    But sadly, it was long enough ago I could only recall one example.:   (and thanks to the previous posts)

    "Ignoramus"   Meaning someone who is basically ignorant of a lot of things, but could also describe someone who seems to ignore a lot of things.  ;) 


    True, and it also sounds like it could be some sort'a prehistoric creature, too.


  10. 1 hour ago, MovieMadness said:

    Bruce Willis calls not wearing mask in Rite Aid ‘an error in judgment’

    ....At least he didn't use the old Hollywood excuse that he was preparing for a part in a movie.

    Yeah, and besides, Bruce has evidently forgotten (or maybe never watched) John Wayne's line in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon ..."Never apologize, Mister, it's the sign of weakest!"

    AND, a bull crap piece of advice that I'm SURE you heartily believe in, don't ya MM.

    (...as this being the very cornerstone of your fat boy Trump's philosophy and manner of "acting")

  11. 2 hours ago, cigarjoe said:

    Image may contain: text that says 'All these people getting arrested and losing their jobs for storming the Capitol building are realizing why their grandparents wore hoods.'

    Gotta say here CJ, this is not only a very clever remark, but it's also reminded me of a thought which I've had for quite some time now.

    You know how you're always hearing from people on the Left who'll say something along the lines of "Conservativism dies out as history progresses"? Or, something such as "As conservatives die out, they will be replaced within the electorate by those with less conservative ideals?

    And then from the Right, you'll hear THEM squawking all the time about how "America's institutions of highter learning are always attempting to indoctinate our youth into becoming liberals".

    Well, HERE'S the thing.

    With the point of your post up there using a reference to the K K K, in reality, we'll ALWAYS have many people and I mean MANY people, generation after generation, who'll bring up THEIR progeny to believe in such things as White Supremacy. And thus, ensuring their replacement within the gene pool...and the electorate.

    (...and so my point here is that every time I hear some liberal tell me about their little prediction up there, THIS political centrist here thinks to myself how utterly pollyanna a thought it truly is, as it seem we CENTRISTS are TRULY the people who are "dying out" and not being "replaced" within the aformentioned "gene pool" and "the electorate"!)


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  12. 8 hours ago, TalkTalk123 said:
    The warmonger Mike Pompeo is trying to manufacture consent for war against Iran and to keep Biden from improving the relationship with Iran.
    Pompeo claimed that ties between al-Qaida and Iran vastly improved in 2015, when the Obama administration, along with France, Germany and Britain, were finalizing the nuclear deal. He offered no evidence for the claim.

    Heck, I hear "evidence" for almost ANYTHING isn't required anymoreTalkTalk, and just as long as you can get approximately 40 percent of the population to believe what you're telling 'em is true.

    AND, I hear it helps your case if you can affix the label or labels of "elitist" or "scientist" or "evil people" to those who won't go along with you or believe you. "Un-American" is also a very good one to use in cases like this too, ya know. Well, that is IF you're attempting to offer up something but without presenting any evidence within this country of ours, anyway. This of course would be much less effective on the people in other countries.

    (...say, I'll bet you've noticed all this too, haven't you)  ;) 


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  13. 2 minutes ago, Sepiatone said:

    Nah.  But it was amusing whenever she was visiting because it was the onlytime I'd see my Dad sit uncomfortably silent and work up a sweat trying hard not to say even the mildest of "cuss words" in her presence.  :D   But she was a delightful person with a quit wit and sharp sense of humor.  And yes...   She WAS the principal of a Catholic parochial school in a neighboring city.   SAINT ALFONSUS in Dearborn, MI.  Which is why I found the old Zappa tune "Saint Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast" particularly amusing.  ;) 


    Hmmm..."Dearborn", eh?!

    Lemme guess here. Almost all the kids' dads worked putting Mustangs, Falcons and Galaxys together, right?

    (...oh, just a lucky guess here, that's all) ;)

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  14. 7 minutes ago, Sepiatone said:

    Tell all that to Darg's neighbor.    As for the "saint and Christian" thing.....

    I once asked my Stepfather's older sister, who WAS a "sister"( as in NUN) how she thought about praying to some of the saints in her church, like SIMON, SIMON/PETER, JOHN, LUKE  and MATTHEW,  all of whom if you follow the scripture were Jewish and didn't ever think of themselves as "Christians".   And being a good natured person, she just smiled and said,

    "Every time I'm asked a question like that I wish I was given another dime."  :D 


    You mean she DIDN'T rap you on the knuckles with a RULER???!!!  

    HECK, I've heard that THAT was their go-to whenever they were questioned about such things, dude!

    (...man, she MUST have been a "good natured" nun, alright)


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  15. 18 hours ago, noah80 said:

    Who Dies for Donald Trump?
    By Miranda Green

    Ashli Babbitt did not hide her far-right political views. Outside her San Diego bungalow, located blocks from the beach, she flew both an American flag and a QAnon flag emblazoned with a giant Q and the acronym WWG1WGA, for “Where we go one, we go all.” She plastered her SUV with pro-Trump bumper stickers and a Blue Lives Matter flag. On the door of the local pool-servicing company that she ran with her husband, uncle, and brother, a poster declared it to be a “mask free autonomous zone, better known as America” and added, “If you need to wear a mask outside, I’m not sure we can help you.”

    Even so, people close to Babbitt said they had no idea how devoted she was to Donald Trump and his movement until they saw her with a mob inside the U.S. Capitol. Wearing a Trump flag over her shoulders, Babbitt made it as far as a cloakroom just off the House floor when she climbed through a window and was shot by a Capitol police officer on the other side. Babbitt, 35, later died of her injuries. Now her family members are trying to reconcile their own image of the feisty but private woman they knew with the one who stormed Congress as part of a violent mob that called for the killing of lawmakers.

    “I actually saw it first on video when I was on the phone with multiple hospitals trying to find her,” said Kayla Joyce, 29, who said she is the mutual live-in girlfriend of Babbitt and her husband, Aaron. “We found out through the news. Through live television.”

    “I thought she was just going to a rally. And I think that was all it was, until it wasn’t,” said Joyce, who has known the couple for about a year. “It was extremely unlike her to put herself in that position.” Aaron Babbitt did not respond to requests for comment.

    Babbitt was one of thousands who flocked to Washington, D.C., to support Trump in his ongoing effort to dispute the results of the 2020 election he lost. Speaking on the morning of January 6, Trump called on his supporters to protest what he falsely claimed was a theft of the election by Congress, pushing them to “fight like hell,” then head to the Capitol.

    “I blame Trump. How could you not? I mean he is their figure, their president,” Joyce said. “Why else would they do that unless their leader tells them to do that?”

    Joyce pleaded that the image of Babbitt being presented online and in the press wasn’t the real her: “She wasn’t a terrorist. She wouldn’t have put herself in harm’s way for any bad reason. If I could get into her head and pick her brain, I would.” Joyce added that Babbitt’s death shouldn’t be celebrated by anyone. “It shouldn’t be construed that because she had an opinion that she deserved it. It’s just gross what they are saying.”

    Joyce has spent recent days speaking to the FBI, making her and Aaron’s social-media accounts private, and dodging an endless barrage of reporters at their door. They await the return of her ashes and are planning a small memorial. There will be no headstone. “I don’t want this attention. We don’t want this. She wouldn’t have wanted this,” said Joyce. “We were very local, private people. We barely even leave our community.”

    Tiny in stature, Babbitt wasn’t shy about voicing her strong opinions, according to friends and neighbors. The Air Force veteran would hold court at barbecues for hours about the state of the country, but she often segued into conspiracy-theory-tinged rants that people couldn’t comprehend. “You just had a hard time even following what she was saying,” said one neighbor, who requested anonymity because of a fear of online backlash.

    Joyce said she didn’t follow Babbitt on Twitter, where Babbitt’s devotion to Trump and conspiracy theories went beyond backyard political debates; she tweeted far-right talking points and openly backed QAnon conspiracies, including the belief that high-ranking government officials were running an elaborate pedophilia ring. Her photos show that she attended a pro-Trump boat rally, called President-elect Joe Biden a “kid raper,” and believed COVID-19 is a hoax. The day before she stormed the Capitol, she tweeted that it would be a day to remember, as QAnon prophecy foretold. “Nothing will stop us,” she tweeted on January 5. “They can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours….dark to light!”

    “To be perfectly frank with you, I knew my granddaughter was into politics, but I didn’t know how deep,” said Anthony Mazziott, Babbitt’s grandfather, who lives a 20-minute drive away from her house. “She kept me totally ignorant. So I’m a little bit surprised, to be honest with you. She was the perfect granddaughter; she took care of her grandfather when she could.”

    Her neighbors are similarly having to reconcile their memory of Babbitt with the person they’ve seen on TV. “It is upsetting to grasp that she, my neighbor, is seen as a national terrorist. It’s gut-wrenching to think the passion she encapsulated for Trump would end up being her death,” one said. “I knew she was passionate, but I thought most people don’t act on their passion,” said another neighbor who requested anonymity. “That’s next level, to be the first person going through that window.”

    Mazziott said he learned his granddaughter was going to Washington only two days before she left, and Joyce said she and Aaron told Babbitt they did not want her to go because they didn’t like the idea of her traveling alone. Finally, the three all agreed they would be comfortable if Babbitt promised to stay in constant contact with their “pod” and check in every 30 minutes.

    “We were trying to get in touch with her once this **** was all over the media. We were trying to call and trying to call, and nothing. Her location services were off. We just couldn’t find her, and finally we saw the live video of her,” said Joyce.

    Joyce said that she and Aaron must now also face how to salvage the family pool company, which has already lost customers. It has become increasingly hard not to place blame on the deceased. “We’re upset with her,” Joyce said. “We truly just never thought this would happen.” Yet they tell their friends, especially those who were with Babbitt in her final hours in Washington, not to pass any judgment.

    “We tell them, just try to remember that when you get angry with her, focus on who she was,” Joyce said. “She was extremely happy that day. And that’s all I think about.”



    So basically here noah, just another case very similar to what you see all the damn time on the news after some freakin' idiot goes on a murderous rampage, and they'll then interview his clueless mother standing in her doorway who'll profess the following statement with tears in her eyes:

    "But he was always such a good boy."

    Yep, pretty much the very same damn sort'a thing here, I'd say.

    And to which I THEN always yell at the damn television screen while watching this sort'a thing unfold: 

    "How in the freakin' world could you NOT see this coming?! SURELY there HAD to be SIGNS that your loved one/friend was GOING OFF THE DEEP END! How freakin' clueless ARE you ANYWAY?!!!"

    AND, once AGAIN in the case of Miss Babbitt here, there WERE these signs, and ALL OVER the place! 

    (...yep, evidently there suuuuure are a lot of clueless people out there, alright...and NOT just those who were/are GULLIBLE enough to believe the LIES that Fat Boy Trump has spread these many years)

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  16. 1 hour ago, TomJH said:

    You'd have preferred it even more, I'm sure, Dargo, if Mitt had sprung from his chair before that crowd and started bouncing on his toes and then dancing to the left and then right. The crowd of shriekers are momentarily  silenced. Mitt throws a left jab, quickly followed by another.

    "I'm a dancing master," Mitt proclaims as he circles around the gang of cell phone cretins, many of them recording the moment for posterity. Mitt is bobbing and weaving. "I shook up the world," he proclaims. "I'm faster than lightnin' and as pretty as a girl."

    One loud mouth then moves in on him calling him a traitor. Mitt connects with a right cross followed by an upper cut directly on the moron's chin as the MAGA hat wearer staggers backward, a number of his Nazi medals bouncing off the floor. The crowd is silenced, watching in awe, as Romney, a dancing master, points to his feet, does a quick Mitt Shuffle, then exits to the right of the crowd, his hands held in triumph over his head.

    The crowd of Trump flag wavers is quiet for a minute but then spots Lindsey Graham and moves in one him.

    Ah, so in other words and boiled down to its essence here Tom:

    "Float like a butterfly, sting like a BEE. Mitt silences them all, with the fists of RomNEY!"

    I like it! I LIKE IT!!! 

    (...alternate summation: "Down goes Fat Boy's fans! Down goes Fat Boy's fans!")

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  17. 41 minutes ago, hamradio said:

    The family JFK visiting in 1960 more likely couldn't afford a TV to watch the idealistic / realistic "Father Knows Best".




    WAIT! Did you NOW just say the "IDEALISTIC Father Knows Best"???

    Nope, there still is nothing "idealistic" about that program, nor for that matter the idea of living in a modern (1950s, anyway) suburban environment. 

    Ya see, that was kind'a my point up there too, and that FKB also realistically portrayed the trials and tribulations of a down-to-earth and average everyday middle class suburban family from the 1950s, and so it couldn't be called "Idealistic" either.

    And even by those living in "Skunk Hollow WV" back then. And although I suppose to their POV, living in a location where people have all the modern conviences (AND where of course people don't resort to marrying a blood relative, LOL)  might be "ideal"! 

    (...but NOT "idealistic", as there is a difference in meaning due to the "-istic" suffix then implying the thought of something being "unrealistic" or "unattainable")

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  18. 19 minutes ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Well you might have been lucky.    My parents were more like these two:

    Feminist Flashback: 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' | Women's Views on  News

    Wow, that's a shame.

    Ya know James, the more I think about it, the more I think I might HAVE actually been "lucky" in the parental department, as my wife has told me that her parents were quite often at each other's throats just like  Martha and George here are...and evidently as your parents were too.

    (...however, in my wife's parents case, she has told me her family dynamics wouldn't have been exactly like this scene from this movie, as she said her father would get "physical" with her mother instead of recoiling like Richard is doing here and if she dare ever acted like Liz did here in that movie...nope, my wife's mother was more the passive-aggressive type)

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