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  1. Yeah, I always liked Morrow myself. Maybe that was from watchin' as a teenager, along with my Dad (who was a WWII veteran himself) all those first run episodes of "Combat" back in the mid-'60s.


    However, I have to say if there is one adjective which might best describe Morrow's usual persona in just about everything he ever played, it would be the word, "sullen".


    (...btw, during one episode of "Combat" I once asked my Pop if the Germans really would stand up from whatever barricade they were behind and get themselves shot like what would happen about 6 or 7 times in each episode, and his reply was, "Son, the Germans were NEVER that dumb...unfortunately!")

  2. > {quote:title=clore wrote:}{quote}They sound a bit "classier" coming from Scott as there is still a mix of some Virginia in there. But it would surely confuse the heck out of Professor Higgins.

    LOL! Yeah, word is the one time Higgins made it across the Pond, he never ventured over that newly built Brooklyn Bridge! ;)


    (...and supposedly he was already aghast at what he heard coming out of the months of the Manhattanites!!!)

  3. Hank Williams Sr.



    Sheriff Woody



    (...and thanks again for your assistance in helpin' me find the secret to postin' pix 'round here, FredC...and NOW to find a pic of Joseph Cotten and David Letterman to show ya I'm right about that one too!...oh yeah, and a pic of Ava Gardner and that Fergie girl) ;)

  4. > {quote:title=clore wrote:}{quote}I'm a big Scott fan, and also born in Brooklyn and I can say that he pronounces "work" and "heard" (or "herd") with what does sound like a bit of my old neighborhood in it.

    Really?! Well then, I guess I'm just gonna have to sit and watch a few of his films again and see if you're right, huh?!


    Hmmmm...soooooo,"woik" and "hoid" ya say, huh Flatbush?


    (...yeah, I'll soyenly keep my ea's ready ta hea' any o' THAT comin' outta the gent's **** the nex' time I watch any o' his movies!!!)

  5. > {quote:title=Ascotrudgeracer wrote:}{quote}Never ran into any Maish(s) but DID find many who said "woik" for "work" and they weren't Leo Gorcey or Randolph Scott.

    Wait a minute! Randolph Scott(excuse me while I remove my hat here, a la "Blazing Saddles") had a Brooklyn accent????


    Now, I HAVE heard his favorite song was..ahem.."Cary Me Back to Ole Virginny"...his home state (and no, I didn't accidently misspell "Cary" there as you might've guessed, and if you've ever heard certain humors about him), but I sure don't recall him ever soundin' like he might've ever been a diehard Dodger fan at all back in the day, dude!

  6. Yeah, maybe so Hibi. I guess I just can't get past Douglas' general appearance.


    (...I can be rather "shallow" like that sometimes, I suppose) ;)



    But on the contrary, I think MacMurray was perfectly cast as Sheldrake, who it is seemingly often forgotten, didn't just successfully portray absent-minded professors and likable father-types in his long career.


    And, I find it very likely that Fran could've fallen for Sheldrake, of whom this young woman might've imagined a sophisticated, worldly and successful man.


    (...in fact, I've seen this happen more than a few times during my years in the "business world", as I'll bet you have too)


    Edited by: Dargo on Jul 21, 2011 12:43 PM

  7. Thanks Fred. I apprecate you takin' the time to help me with the whole photo post thing.


    And btw. I just about busted a gut when I read that last line here:

    > In other words, find the photo's URL address, post it, then put an exclamation point just before and just after the address, with no spaces. An exclamation point looks like this:


    > !

    Yep, as it appears you've noticed, I have, lets say, an affinity for them there exclamation points, don't I?!!!


  8. REALLY?! Stocky, not particularly attractive, never an actor to play the "Sophisticate" in any film that I can recall watchin', Paul Douglas, was set to play Jeff Sheldrake??? WOW! I had never heard this before!


    Now, don't get me wrong here, I always liked Paul Douglas, especially in light comedies where he's playin' somewhat befuddled, rough-around-the-edges but still likeable characters, BUT I would've NEVER in a million years believed Shirley MacLaine's Fran Kubelik could've fallen for HIM!!!!


    (...hmmmm...I wonder what Billy was thinkin' with THAT pick?!!!)

  9. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}Here's a pretty tune with Anita Carter and Hank Williams:

















    > Watch the expressions on Anita's face. It looks like she is in love with Hank.


    Wow! Ya know I've never realized this before, but after watching that, I THINK I'm beginning to see where the folks at Pixar got their inspiration for the look of Sheriff Woody in the *Toy Story* movies! And, I ain't just talkin' about the clothes here. Yep, Woody's the spittin' image of Hank Sr!!!


    (...yeah Fred, I know this should probably go in that "Lookalikes" thread, and I wood...err...WOULD do that, BUT you've STILL never directed me to where I can find the information of how to POST PICTURES around here...Pardner!!!)

  10. > {quote:title=Hibi wrote:}{quote}I think WIlder's first choice, Cary Grant would've been a perfect Linus. Bogart wasnt bad, but less than ideal casting.







    Yep, Cary Grant was supposedly Wilder's first choice for Linus in *Sabrina*, Hibi. However, I still say Robert Taylor would've been far better, as I feel Grant could really never pull off the idea that he's a rigid "Starched Collar" type such as the Linus chartacter, whereas Taylor had played many a role as that sort, and even in a few light comedies to that point in his career.


    Now, NOT to go "all political" here, but I wonder if maybe Taylor might have never even been considered by Wilder for that role because of Taylor's well-known very conservative political stances during that time(his famous appearance at one HUAC meeting in support of anti-Communism and blacklisting of those suspected of any sympathy to it being an example), whereas I would guess Wilder would've been most likely far more liberal in his political leanings and would have resented anyone in support of the Blacklist.


    (...just a theory)

  11. Yep, the addition of the racial element and trying too hard to top the orginial, are good observations here, clore.


    Maybe it's also that this is basically a gritty little human interest story, and so the addition of higher production values in a way detracts from that somehow.


    (...I don't know...just a theory there)

  12. Ya know, I've watched both this film and the kinescope of the original teleplay on Playhouse 90, and for some reason I've always preferred the latter to the former.


    I can't quite put my finger on it, but for some reason Jack Palance's performance "hits me right here", where Quinn's somehow misses that mark.


    And, I think the Wynns, both father Ed, and son Keenan, were every bit as good as Gleason and Rooney in those parts, and Kim Hunter maybe even a little better than Julie Harris.



    (...well, like Palance, Hunter "hits me right here" a little more than did Harris' portrayal of the employment agency worker, anyway)

  13. Glad you revived this thread, clore. As a relative newbie around here, I hadn't run across it. And, I have to say some of the reponses in it were very amusing.


    This one comment in it by member "finance" stuck a chord in me...



    "The only instance in which watching someone check into a hotel is entertaining is Dustin Hoffman in THE GRADUATE."



    ...and so I feel compelled to respond...and my response to finance is in the form of a question:



    What, finance?! You've never caught *My Favorite Wife* showing on TCM, my friend?


  14. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}Wow. As I clicked on to this thread, I was going to say exactly the same thing (even though I'm a militant non-smoker)

    Wow, *"militant* non-smoker" ya say, huh finance?! :0


    Well...cough...hack...just forget what I said about wantin' that lighter TOO then!


    (...I sure don't wanna get SHOT!...cough...hack)





  15. > {quote:title=casablancalover wrote:}{quote}

    > > *Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.*

    > Joe Mantell

    > Chinatown

    > (1974)

    Yep, much better than how Polanski originally had the ending.


    Ya see, after Mantell says, "Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.", Nicholson was to say, "Well, technically speaking, this is still Olvera Street. Chinatown is right over there!"




  16. > {quote:title=chaney7 wrote:}{quote}

    > You know, I might be nuts but I somehow think I've seen that bit about the scientist hanging in the green house. This flick was shown hundreds of times on Million Dollar Movie in N.Y. in the late 50's & early 60's and I watched it numerous times. Was it "modified" that early?

    Nah, you're not "nuts", chaney, but your chronology is just a little off there, that's all.


    Ya see, many film historians now believe that those 7 minutes of film went missing sometime around 1973.



    (...and when the master print of *The Thing from Another World* was given to Rose Mary Woods for safe keeping!!!)

  17. > {quote:title=Cobolt wrote:}{quote}Oh come on, fellas. Surely you know I was just trying to be funny. It's just that in the overwhelming number of these types ofmovies the conservatives are usually presented as reactionary ultra-fascists and the liberals are always presented as the untainted proponents of democracy and freedom.

    That's very true, Cobolt ol' buddy. But, let me ask you THIS:


    Just who is it in real (that "real", not "reel") life who tends to wave Ol' Glory around a little too much(as I stated below) and who a little too often seem to offer up simple little bromides to people as to why "those people" are always "the problem" with the world, and why it's never "us"?



    It seems to me it's seldom "those people" who might "over-think" things through. You know, like those "eggheads" who usually ARE represented in movies as, yes, admittedly, a little too pure-of-heart and "untainted proponents of democracy and freedom".



    (...and before you turn this thread into a political debate, I believe this will most likely be my final post in the thread...nice talkin' with ya, Cobolt...Adios, amigo!)

  18. > {quote:title=Cobolt wrote:}{quote}The "great political thrillers'" like Seven Days in May, Advise and Consent and The Best Man are all liberally biased. Lancaster's Gen. James Matoon Scott and Robertson's Sen. Joe Cantwell are villainess righties of course. Is that how the left wins it's arguments in films? Don't forget George C. Scott as Gen. Turgidson in Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove.

    Yep Cobolt, that was pretty much my point when I said that I call these particular films "New Frontier Films", as this country had shifted somewhat to The Left during the late '50s and early '60s. And yep, these films definitely did have somewhat of a liberal bias to them.

    > {quote:title=Cobolt wrote:}{quote} I'd like to see a remake of Seven Days in May with Jon Voight or maybe even Robert Wagner as General Scott *but this time...we win and take over!* :^0 :^0 :^0

    Well, when you say "we", please don't include me in that, as I feel the outcome in the original 1964 version of *Seven Days in May* is more than satisfactory as it stands now.


    (...that's 'cause I'm of the same mind as Col Jiggs Casey, the Kirk Douglas character in this movie...I TOO have got a little problem with those who don't know when to stop wavin' Old Glory around, ya see!)

  19. > {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote}mrroberts -


    > Just by coincidence, I recently came across an auction history listing for the Bogart "Worry Balls" from *The Caine Mutiny*. In 2005, the balls sold at auction for $2,390.


    > Kyle In Hollywood

    Wow! Well for THAT price, I sure hope that it at least came with a quart of strawberries!


    (...or at the very least, a duplicate key to the ship's pantry!!!)

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