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  1. Another TCM viewer highly recommended this film to me and I really want to see it. I recently put in a request for this movie. I really hope that TCM will show it soon!
  2. The fact that you couldn't sense anything wrong during the film is a testament to Charlie's talent. If I remember correctly, Winona Ryder (the host for that night) mentioned that Charlie was going through a bitter divorce from his second wife. He had several major setbacks during the making of this film, including a fire that destroyed the circus tent set. I also read that his mother died during the making of this film. It's awful that he had to go through so much. Like you, I couldn't sense anything wrong either. Even though I knew that he had a lot of trouble during the making of this f
  3. Weren't those movies great? I especially liked The Circus. It made my list of favorite silent films! That scene where Charlie was on the tight rope was hilarious.
  4. I watched *The Circus* (1928) and *Pay Day* (1922) the day before yesterday. I'm sure many other Charlie-Chaplin-loving TCM viewers did too!
  5. Thanks, johnbabe. Yes, Greta Garbo is great! I've seen several of her talkies, but I've never seen any of her silent films. I think I've only seen one movie with John Gilbert -- *Queen Christina*. Garbo and Gilbert are great in that movie. In case you don't already know this, *The Mysterious Lady* will be shown on TCM on November 27th! I'm looking forward to seeing it. It sounds like a great movie.
  6. Yes, George Sanders was great in Rebecca! Jack Favell and Mrs. Danvers are my favorite characters from the movie. It's funny that I like the two villains the best.
  7. Thank you for your replies, JackFavell and faceinthecrowd. I read up on on some of the movies that you both mentioned and they sound great. My list of "must-watch" silent movies is getting longer! Thanks for the video link, JackFavell. By the way, I really like your screen name. *Rebecca* is one of my favorite movies!
  8. Sorry for the late replies, folks. I haven't been on the TCM message boards in a while. I read up on the movie *Sunrise* (1927) and I think that J.W. Harbert is right. If you want to check it out, the movie is available online.
  9. Last weekend, I watched *Orchids and Ermine* (1927), *Sherlock, Jr.* (1924) and a few Harold Lloyd shorts. *Orchids and Ermine* was the first Colleen Moore movie that I've ever seen and I absolutely loved it!
  10. The only movie I can think of right now is Disney's *The Aristocats*. Next: football
  11. Gilbert Roland was in *Captain Kidd* (1945) with Randolph Scott.
  12. That's a great photo! Thanks for the info about the site. I'll definitely check it out. I finally got a chance to watch some of Lon Chaney's films several days ago and I really enjoyed them. Chaney really was an amazing actor.
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