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  1. This is interesting, as one of the Comcast posters said at least one other cable company besides Comcast was having the same trouble with TCM and its On Demand listings. It sounds like that one other company could well be Time Warner. I don't know how long you've been without On Demand films from TCM, but this is the second time in less than 10 days that TCM was suddenly absent from the list of On Demand network offerings. Very frustrating. You have my sympathies, big time, on the inability to watch TCM films through their app. I prefer to watch the films on my television, but when I mi
  2. At least there is some response to this frustrating problem. Comcast, on their Help Forum, is saying they are having trouble obtaining the films from TCM for their On Demand listings and are working with TCM and the vendor involved. I'm hoping this will be resolved soon. Thank you to the posters here for staying on this.
  3. This is fun. TCM has now--again--been completely deleted from the networks offering films via Comcast's On Demand listings. This is the second time it has happened in 8 days. Looks like with the expiration of the three films listed yesterday, and continuing with the failure to add films as they expired beginning last Wednesday, the network is once more no longer available through On Demand. We went through all this last week. Do we really need the practice? TCM--you need to get involved in resolving this.
  4. TCM has once again been deleted from the Comcast On Demand list of networks, which is what occurred on April 2. Although the network and its films were added back on April 6, all of the films listed that day eventually expired and were not replaced. Of the 3 remaining films yesterday, all were to expire today, and now that they did expire, the entire network is no longer listed as available through On Demand. What is going on? TCM--please look into this. Comcast is claiming the problem is from your side.
  5. I'm also noticing that the three films available for today will expire tomorrow. When TCM was finally added back to Comcast's On Demand listings on Wednesday, about a dozen films were available. But as the days have passed, the films are all expiring on their given date and none have replaced them. My inquiry to Comcast today led to a Service Expert saying that more limited listings for TCM was true across all cable outlets, and that this was a TCM problem. I will note, however, that a quick review of help forums for other cable networks besides Comcast show no threads related to any
  6. Hello TheCid: As of tomorrow, all three of the films currently listed today via TCM On Demand will expire. Since Wendesday, all of the films that have expired have not been replaced with another offering. If the present trend continues, and the remaining three are not replaced after tomorrow, there will be no further films available. Where are you getting your information from? Thanks very much.
  7. Same here in the Twin Cities. When TCM went missing as of April 2 from On Demand, it returned on April 6 with just over a dozen films listed. Now those films are expiring, one by one, with no new films to replace them. We are down to three films as of today for On Demand viewing, and all three films expire tomorrow. I've posted a question about this on the Comcast Help Forums. Hopefully it will be remedied soon.
  8. Looks like TCM is back among the networks for Comcast's On Demand listings! It must have been added back sometime late this morning, at least in the Twin Cities area. Thank you to TCM and Comcast for resolving this, and thank you to all of the TCM posters for bringing this to their attention.
  9. I just checked the Comcast Help Forums--noon CDT, April 6-- and after some continued prodding from online customers, a Comcast employee has apologized for the delay in getting our questions answered about TCM's sudden unavailability through Comcast On Demand. The Comcast employee stated that they and TCM and its vendor were working on the issue, further stating that a technical issue was preventing Comcast from returning TCM content to their On Demand platform. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  10. Thank you TCMModerator1. Comcast's response to our inquiries seems jumbled at best. I have reviewed several short threads on this issue in the Help Forums at Comcast.com. The Comcast employees have responded to these threads, stating that the issue of TCM no longer being available through On Demand listings is now a "known issue" and will be looked into. One employee specifically stated that there was no estimated time when an answer would be provided. The Comcast reps handling these same inquiries on the phone seem to be giving some interesting explanations: TCM controls it, so d
  11. Hi Oly6t1: I can sympathize with the change in packaging of TCM to a more expensive bracket with your cable company. This happened a number of years ago with a major cable company here in the Twin Cities. TCM had been included for many years in a package of channels with this cable company that was perhaps one step up from their Basic Package. A few years ago, that changed when the cable company placed TCM in a more expensive package that included the Encore and Starz premium channels. I don't recall any additional channels being moved from one package to another at that time other th
  12. I've had the same problem with films on demand as well as live streaming. With live streaming this afternoon, the pause and repeat occurred frequently, along with disruption of the video and the audio sometimes cutting out. Trying to watch a film on demand this evening has been an exercise in pure frustration, with very frequent stopping and starting of the film. Unusually consistent and frequent problems of late compared to past experience. Sorry that I have no answer to this issue, at least for now.
  13. Thanks for posting the Pluto photo. I was thinking of the cold planet Pluto, as you described, and the inhuman cartoon Pluto from Disney in my "Cold and inhuman" comment to relate Bruno to the name of his boat--although the planet is both cold and inhuman. Sorry I wasn't clear. With Hitchcock, I often find a few ways to interpret his little details. I'd go with your planet Pluto/cold interpretation first, though. It's a good one.
  14. Hi BrianBlake: No stretching here in the least. I loved your comment and I am right with you on noticing the boat's name. Hitchcock, in my opinion, never does anything without some subtext or subtle references that we have to look for. I'm with you on this, and I thought the Disney Pluto added another dimension on how the name of Bruno's boat reflects on him. Cold and inhuman. Good eye!
  15. What I also found interesting was that, according to Wiki, Pluto the Disney character is one of the "sensational six" of Disney characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy. Yet Disney's Pluto is the only one of the so-called sensational six who is not dressed as a human. Frozen, ice planet and the only Disney character of the main six (at the time) not dressed as a human . . . hmmmm. I think you are definitely onto something.
  16. Sorry that I wasn't clear; that's what I was referring to as well. I didn't want to give away the film's various plot points and conclusion, so I wasn't explaining myself very well. I'll be interested in what you think when you see the film.
  17. I happened to watch the entire film last night, and I thought her role in multiple relationships throughout was reflective of what we see in this clip. In The Strange Love of Martha Ivers and perhaps other noirs, I generally remember Lizabeth Scott as playing victims more or less. In this film, her weakness as defined by the noir vantage point may lead to difficulty, but I don't get the sense that her character Jane sees herself as weak or struggling with a weakness at all. It made the film enjoyable to watch and a nice change of pace from Scott's other film roles. I found it a very interest
  18. Thanks, Working Dead, as always, for your insightful analysis. In considering what you've identified as the post war enemy being our own weaknesses rather than an external force, I consider why the bag of cash wound up in Alan and Jane's convertible. I think--someone help me out here if I'm mistaken--the lights of Alan's convertible go out and then on again as Jane struggles to turn off the ignition in order to force Alan to stop the car and turn it around. She's attempting to make Alan avoid a gathering where her financial and middle class insecurities are, in her mind, painfully on displa
  19. Spot on, as our Jane reveals how powerful she is in her reactions after Alan discovers the money in the bag. I have to wonder if she's switched techniques rather than changed. At the beginning of the clip, Alan asks her why she's so quiet, as if she's been implementing a friendly silent treatment to convey her unhappiness at their pending destination--and likely not the first time she's expressed unhappiness stemming from their middle class destination in life. When she subsequently grabs the keys from the ignition in response to Alan's refusal to turn the car around, she exhibits a pr
  20. In considering this week's themes of alienation, disillusionment and partial victories at best, as well as noir's rejection of power within conventional female relationships, these motifs are on full display in Caged. Marie Allen, played by Eleanor Parker, enters prison for her non-violent role in a robbery, clearly timid and fearful. She maintains emotional ties that the noir world views as conventional and powerless: a loving wife to a dead husband, a loving mother to an unborn son, and a loving daughter to her self-involved mother. These relationships inflict emotional traumas, as sh
  21. Now that is a story. I did not realize your profound ability to relate, shall we say, to the incidents in both films, particularly when your experience stemmed from your noble efforts--obviously very successful--to spread the word about the art of film. A nearly pure example of life imitating art, including the whiff of whatever we want to call it as to the bootleg copies of the films. I am mindful of the "pain" you continue to experience when you see these two films, but I also hope you understand when I say a big thank you for the howler. Great story.
  22. I have a new appreciation for Caged, and although I've seen it several times before today, our discussion of film noir gives my viewing a new perspective. Everyone is trapped in this film, including the non-inmates. The shadows of bars are everywhere, even in the warden's office while the female warden talks with a male muckity muck wearing a suit and an attitude. From the dialogue to the set design to the lighting and direction, it's a great film from the noir vantage point. The fantastic Hope Emerson as the prison matron was an inspired casting choice. I love what she does with the
  23. That was one great scene, and like you AndyM108, I immediately thought of The Killing when I saw the cash scattered to the four winds on the runway. It reminds me to check the locks on my travel gear. Just in case.
  24. I realize I am in the minority here, but I found the film to be very enjoyable--primarily because of what I had read about its making in a Lancaster biography beforehand. Based on my reading, I was looking forward to seeing it when it was broadcast on TCM the last time around. The English subtitles at that time were small and difficult for me to read on the TCM broadcast, so I streamed the Italian version with English subtitles elsewhere and watched it up close and personal on my PC. I found the story and location shooting beautiful, and Lancaster's performance quite touching once I got pas
  25. Say, film lover 293, is MBE a candidate for the "I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than watch this one" thread? I feel a bit sorry for Kirk--or "Peetah" as he's referred to by Mr. Redgrave and Ms. Russell throughout--getting stuck in this film relatively early in his long career. I can't help but think it would be tough to recover an early foothold in Hollywood after being involved in this one.
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