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  1. "...he was a man lacking in every virtue except courage..." ?
  2. Exactly so. And on shows like Groucho's 'You Bet Your Life' --where contestants are drawn out to discuss their personal lives at length--I've seen the same thing. I think that program ran from '48 to '55? But yes, just as you say. People used to always know culture history. One episode of YBYL, in particular, had me mist up. A wonderful bandleader and tune-smith of the 30s, Pinky Tomlin, appeared as a surprise contestant from the audience one night, to get up on stage and take the quiz; but he was not announced as Pinky Tomlin. He was introduced to Groucho by George Fenneman in his curren
  3. I surely will at some time, though. I promise you! ?
  4. I don't know the answer to your pickle but I just wanted to say that I enjoy this film. Ladd is moribund in this flick as he usually is --always appears to be delivering his lines at 78rpm--but the story is about knives and knife-fighting and I think its a lot of fun. The scene where Ladd and an opponent battle in a locked, darkened room emptied of furniture--outstanding.
  5. Impossible to say. In the century of cinema so far, there have been such drastic shifts in the audience outside the theater. Sea-changes in society and cultural memory. If you asked this question in the mid-1960s people might have said Bogart even though Bogart had died what, 15 yrs before? But Bogart and Jerry Lewis and 'noir' and even Buster Keaton all had powerful revivals. Woody Allen's film about Bogart kept him alive long past his actual tenure. If you asked this question in the mid 1950s many replies might have cited Gable, even though his heyday was already faded. Gable had b
  6. Gregory Peck makes the best war movies, in my opinion. There's just something about him; his stature; the crisp delivery of his lines; his pauses between replies; his squinty eyes; the set of his jaw. He's particularly facile in WWII flicks but he's likeable enough in this one, too. The source material gave producers every right to assume the flick would be a big hit; the book series was renowned in Great Britain at the time. Oh well. Who knows exactly why it missed the mark? I sure don't. I haven't got an opinion on it either. I will mention though, that the novels have recently be
  7. This very month, I turned a young kid on to the history behind this movie; told him all about it; got him interested--and he actually went home, rented it, watched it, and enjoyed every moment. Came back to tell me about it later. The film still 'works'.
  8. I feel the best way to answer with a list of my faves, is to just rattle off names of soundtracks I've purchased, downloaded, or even recorded myself with a microphone held up to the television speakers. music from 'The Duellists' music from 'Reilly: Ace of Spies' various James Bond themes theme from 'Magic', Theme from 'Papillon', Theme from 'Alien' --all by Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack to 'The Music Man' by Meredith Wilson soundtrack from 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' Rossini's 'La Gazza Ladra' from Kubrick's ACO soundtrack to 'Anatomy of a Murd
  9. Thank ye very kindly. Yes, the Hill-Street-Blues 'feel' is there and its a good one. To this day, HSB is my all-time favorite cop show. NONE of the big-name police series popular these days thrill or charm me in the slightest. Sigh. 'Choirboys' could have been a mega-hit if it had been handled better. Look at that casting. And the book is laugh-out-loud funny. They really blew it.
  10. Two hundred and fifty dollars per MONTH! ? What madness. The bill for my entire monthly use of electronics is $37. $14 for www connection; $0.00 for TV (I don't watch TV at all); and merely $20 for a cheap throwaway emergency phone, (more like a pager). No "cable" or "dish"; no wires or chargers; no video games, no streaming media, no blu-ray, no flatscreens or touchscreens, no smart -devices; no "music service", no "subscriptions" to anything, no nuttin', get outta here, go away, leave me alone! A bookshelf of good books; a dinky little stereo system; birds chirping in the tre
  11. I was fortunate to see this on the big screen a few years ago. It is expressly for classics fans; only classics fans would grasp all the nuances. The subtext I'm talking about are not even minor--they comprise the pinions of the plot itself. There are a number of things to enjoy about the movie, and I'm glad I saw it. Tom Tryon's story is lurid and perhaps predictable to some. Astute viewers may be able to 'see the twist coming' at the finale. I had a glimmer of the outcome but nothing was ruined for me, even so. The tale succeeds with its atmosphere: charming and downbeat and fey, all as
  12. I've enjoyed plenty of Perry King films. Seen a good deal of 'em; and can talk about them at length if anyone cares to. Generally an underrated actor even in his heyday. But a reliable "go-to" guy for whatever he did. He always seemed to turn in an energetic, vigorous performance and he seemed to care about 'making the grade'. In his early films he was sometimes cast as an overly-sweaty, overly-pale, overly-hormonal youth such as in 'Slaughterhouse-Five' or 'Lords of Flatbush' (where he was swapped in for Richard Gere). His face retained a youthful cast for a long time and he stayed lean
  13. A few yrs ago I purchased a four-DVD box set of Merry Melodies / Loony Toons and enjoyed a few episodes...but I kinda found that I already knew every one of them by heart. Every time a giant mallet came down on some character's head, squishing it flat! So I let it go to a pal. I didn't need it as much as I thought; and also, the purchase was really past the day when I can really set down in a chair and watch a screen anymore. I can only hope some kid somehow gets to view it; (if so, maybe there'll be at least one feeble weakling on the East Coast who grows up with an inkling how ridi
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