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  1. Question: have you ever arranged 'essentials' by star? Such as 'Essential Tony Curtis' or 'Essential Cary Grant'. Also wondering: which star had the hottest string of successes in say, a single three-year period? Or a single five-year period? Curtis for example, (beginning with 'Sweet Smell' and lasting to 'Petticoat' had an amazing run of hits.
  2. It seems as if lots of sound information which is better presented in printed form, was 'lost' in the adaptation to visual entertainment. I wish I could say this was atypical but as we all know it happens far too often. Dense academic topics simply fare awkwardly on a televised medium. To tell a visual story, nuances and complexities are effaced away for the sake of continuity and coherence over the screen. Television is absolutely not a platform to which we can ever consign our intellectual life. It is frankly disturbing how many allowances we make for it, simply for the sake of convenience.
  3. Eh. My dumb gizmo has a calculator on it, and an alarm clock. What else. Oh yeah international time zone calculator too. All this other stuff I hear people do with their smart toys, I'm sure I don't know why its so fascinating. I love printed books, I'm an omnivorous reader. I'm happy as long as I have a book in muh pocket! Anyway we're all tangled up here now. To regroup: I do have windows which face the water. I see the ferry all the time. Its neat. But I can't take a picture though--don't own a camera.
  4. Ha. Glad to chat with any music fan about these issued. No harm. To address your point here remember first that it was GGGerald who came up with that rickety-sounding notion anyway; (namely that these guys were branching out). I simply countered it. But to measure --as you seem to want to do here--what Collins and Stewart did, as compared to rock pioneers? Doesn't gel very well either, as far as I can tell. For rock to grow so diverse in the first place yes, artists spread their wings and ventured into new territory. But Collins and Stewart went backward; they stepped down from making challeng
  5. I confess I don't know much about 'Kiss Me, Kate' but I did catch a couple scenes and found them both hilarious. The two hoods (Keenan Wynne and James Whitmore) wrangling with Howard Kiel about money Kiel manipulates the hoods into seizing Kathryn Grayson as a hostage --physically hauling her away--she cries for Kiel to do something --and he leans up against the door jamb, rolling his eyes and murmuring softly: "Gentlemen...this ...is an outrage." And the two hoods grin at his wit. I still find this part laugh-out-loud funny.
  6. I'm watching the Staten Island ferry passing back and forth over Upper New York Bay and thinking about a woman who was wearing a red scarf ...
  7. "Someday a real rain'll come and wash all this dirt away"
  8. d'ye mean ...oh! 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'? oy, so many hipster films ...which turn out to be tee-hee for simpletons. (for some reason I have the impression that this one's 'bout a traveling dentist in Scotland who rides from town to town on a motorcycle) anyway naw honestly never heard of this other dude; and what's more (that graphic!) I detest 'Simpsons' and have avoided it as long as its been on.
  9. 'Kiss Me, Kate' has a scene in it where the male lead puts his ex-wife over his knee and **spanks** the bejesus out of her. I wonder how that went down with today's tourists on Broadway.
  10. That's why things are so convoluted and fouled-up these days; this mixture of virtual world and real world all jumbled up together. Its hard to state anything definitively anymore. In a small town, if you stand out in the town plaza by the old Confederate statue and your friends and neighbors come to 'stand behind you' (physically) and they have bats and golf clubs with them, that's one way of feeling 'backed up'. Is it the same thing as getting 2,000 'likes' on Facebook? Does it feel the same?
  11. It's still a really abstruse circumstance with a lot of "if" statements embedded. But in general (for the sake of brevity) I would say that no...I can't label what anyone feels as 'wrong'. It might seem unusual or interesting as the case may be. But not 'wrong'. If they feel it, it's valid for them. Feeling is feeling. I can't say someone's emotion is illegal, or sinful, or disgusting. Like, who is really to blame? Emotions are primeval in humans; we're not responsible for possessing them (they go all the way back to our days as tiny little rodents scurrying around under the feet of Saurians).
  12. Anyway the main thing to enjoy here is Jonathan Swift, who was friggin' sharp as a razor when he went after someone or something. The guy was deadly with his pen. I wish more people recalled him and his killer intellectual skills. The Brits sent out soldiers looking for him! He was like the Scarlet Pimpernel!
  13. I don't quite grasp your question here Det. Jim McLeod. These concepts have thousands of incarnations when put in the form of daily interactions between people. Can you maybe keep your question to me at 'one scale' without mixing it in with a really granular, street-scale anecdote like this? I mean, I can't draw any assumptions based on a 'singular' incident like that. An example of what I mean is, what if your question was rephrased: 'do Americans still value individualism?' There are definitely psychological and social instincts in people which make them conform to others around them, w
  14. Yeah but she was really hawking her torpedoes there too for a while...
  15. Certainly 'reaching' for fresh ideas...
  16. 'Still' a current topic? 'Individual' versus 'mob' is the #1 topic in this country lately, I would say. Anyway I agree with Swift but I don't perceive that here, that he is referring to 'mobs' as such, he is more so just talking about 'class' versus the 'instance'. The 'specie' vs the 'specimen'. Even today we say things like, "Oh, I hate Australians...I've been known to like individual Australians but I hate Australians in general". But Australians aren't a mob, they're a nation. Swift is just griping about macro-level generic groups of any kind. Frankly, I don't blame him. People (
  17. This thread reminds me of that one created by TopBill'd months ago where the question was 'career woman characters ...were they unfeminine'? Question: in any such male dominated industry as Hollywood was at the time (and still is) ought we really have held male movie-makers in disgrace for not being imaginative enough [or probably even willing enough] to create such characters? Realistically speaking, do enclosed fraternal organizations ever think that way on their own?
  18. Ha. How many ~democratic~ dictators down through history, can you name? When you got a dictator problem ...thank a conservative! Follow-up questions: how many beloved Republican leaders have ever been gunned down by crazed democratic assassins wielding sniper rifles? How many elections ever had to be stolen or rigged ...by unscrupulous democrats?
  19. Well said, midwestan. Indeed it can be difficult to keep 'consistent' in the way we apprehend celebrities, their lifestyles, and the corresponding 'performances' they give us. It probably feels incoherent for them as well. Maybe its too rigid for anyone to be stringent about. Naturally I'm sure we'd all like to be as forgiving as possible. Like I said above, I attended a Phil Collins concert well after his conversion to pop music. If I happened to find myself seated next to him on a jet, I certainly wouldn't harangue or haze him for his career choice. I might tease him just a little, yes.
  20. TopBilled sez: Well stated, TB. Your post above about Jimmy Stewart. Another example (from the casebook of Sgt Markoff, stringent demon for high standards) might be a guy like Michael Caine. We know Caine made things like 'Beyond the Poseidon Adventure', 'The Swarm', 'The Island', 'Jaws Revenge' etc. He hasn't hid the fact that he did these purely for the paycheck. Are these howlers enough to make me dislike Michael Caine? Blame him? No, but I certainly have to turn a blind eye to these episodes in his career. They're not projects of his I'd like to dwell on or mull over at l
  21. I've said before that I typically have no problem separating an artist from his 'personal politics', his 'crimes', etc. The only star 'unsavoriness' I've balked at so far is the creepiness of Raymond Burr who allegedly indulged in male rape. Involuntary reaction on my part. I just don't want to look at the guy's face anymore, (or seek out those movies of his which I haven't already seen yet) after hearing that about him. Sure, I'll continue to enjoy films of his which I've already enjoyed, but that's it. It would not be fun to view a fresh scene of his where he might play opposite some young m
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