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  1. Very talented songwriter. I've been to Ohio by the way; and I've even been in that Air/Space museum. It's a pretty state, (just as Colonel Kurtz insisted right before he died).

    Anyway many fine vocalists often take Newman's songs and make them superb. Look out for Bonnie Raitt's definitive version of 'Guilty' and give an ear to the Holly Cole Trio doing 'Same Girl'.

  2. -_- Could be, I don't know for sure. I'm recalling scuttlebutt I skimmed my eyes over from years ago, and forgot all about in the interval. Anyway, that's a fab trio of pics, Duryea sure looks like he 'means business'. Lol at the neckerchiefs though.

  3. Wow @ reading the wiki page for 'Pennies From Heaven'. Dennis Potter, responsible for the BBC version, did the adaptation for the American version. I didn't know that. Remarks from Steve Martin about why it failed, why he worked so hard on it... the reaction from Fred Astaire...whooooeee

  4. Yea Bounty Killer is a cult film for sure; I've seen it quietly but passionately talked about for years among western aficionados. The shotgun drawn from a leg holster by a guy who doesn't know how to really shoot; and finally getting his just desserts...Greek undertones to this...

  5. Can definitely spot a difference in the way 'creepy characters' are handled in modern movies vs classics era. Its almost as if in the older films, they thrive in spite of the filmmaker's intentions. They're not deliberately played up; its as if they're an afterthought or an embarrassment, or the inadvertent result of an actor shining. They're unglorified; have to be 'discovered' by sharp-eyed film buffs.

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  6. Not me. I like everything about him. Singing, radio shows, and his personality too. Its unusual to hear a classics movie fan panning Jolson so stridently. Usually, knowing even a little about Jolson and his era makes it clear he wasn't a bad guy.

  7. Ha! Last weekend I played some Al Jolson on a jukebox ...err...in a local dive bar ...medicinal supply house ...where I was stopped in for some refreshment refilling of my favorite doctor's recommended prescription. I played Jolson at full volume just to see what would happen. Needless to say, I escaped unscathed. I actually had to explain to the other patrons patients who it was and they still didn't grasp the import of the awful, fateful step I had just taken. Heck I might have wound up on the nightly news for doing such a thing. But it was grand! Ole Al really tremolo'd the joint!

  8. Stagecoach question! I'm wondering lately whether a town called Lourdesburg (Lordsburg?) actually existed in the old west. And where it is located. Or where it was located.

    No, I won't 'Google' it! Either you know it or you don't. I don't. Do you?

  9. What all these industry articles reveal (I think) is that the system is set up the way it is today to ensure that even a bad movie will still make money. The sneaky accounting and the overseas markets give lousy producers leeway to do everything wrong (usually by a crazy zeal for frugality) and they will still keep their position in the pecking order. In other words: there's no incentive at all to strive to make a high-quality movie. There's every incentive to make the cheapest and then merely crow about the size of the profit margin at the end of the year.

  10. Decent actor. Worked regularly with Cassavettes as I recall, but I don't know how many times. Distinctive face and gutsy performances. Prematurely silver hair like Peter Graves. Remember him specifically from a flick 'Minnie and Moskowitz'.

  11. Capitalism in South America is just as bad --arguably, worse. In Brazil there is no healthcare system except for the very wealthy and you can't even call 911 no matter who you are. What the heck is so 'good' about a system that sets every man against his neighbor and puts everyone's hands at each other's throats? 'Capitalism, red in tooth and nail'--as the saying goes. The only way open for Third-World countries is to concentrate on community. To hell with the United States; our model doesn't work everywhere. It's time we got over that.

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