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  1. The greatest child star in the history of the movies died early this morning surrounded by family and friends. She was 85. I was lucky enough to know her a bit through the years since the mid-1970s. She was always that same effervescent person that you saw on the screen as a young child. Full of life, always looking ahead. She was one of a kind. A truly remarkable woman who will be sorely missed. God bless her for all the joy she brought to the world. Rest in peace, dear Shirley.
  2. That wasn't the joke that upset Affleck, it was the reference to GIGLI. Which was uncalled for and that joke is so old that it's .... (insert older joke here). That kind of stuff is sick. Jokes about assassinations? Nazis? Domestic violence? Fine for a stand-up show on HBO. But on the Oscars? Really? And I'm sorry, but if you find a joke about one of the greatest tragedies to ever befall this nation then you are really a very sad individual. Really sad. Nothing more to say about that.
  3. You claim you watched the show but you didn't hear the constant groaning and moaning every time MacFarlane attempted a joke? What is one to assume other than you didn't really watch the show? Because, quite frankly, you had to be deaf not to hear how many times that happened after MacFarlane opened his mouth. Even HE commented on it during the show. I think you heard what you wanted to hear. That's fine but let's please not pretend otherwise!
  4. Yes, Jennifer Lawrence was so cute, intelligent, and classy that she didn't know how to walk in a ball gown so she fell going up to get her award. Then she rattled off a bunch of names no one has ever heard of and backstage, let rip one four letter word after another all the while telling us how many "shots" she downed before the show. Yep, that's cute and intelligent.
  5. And while she was singing, they could have shown another 25 people -- the ones people cared about -- that they had left out of the earlier segment. Better than a blank background of black for 3 minutes.
  6. You betcha. It was awful. Neither could dance. Just show a clip of Fred and Ginger. I read this morning that Tatum's people are "LIVID" that he did that segment. Apparently, he didn't tell them about it.
  7. I watched it on TV with 20 people and we all heard the groans, booing, and general disinterest on the part of the audience. MacFarlane even remarked on it several times. Were you watching the same show?
  8. Including Klugman but not Griffith was ridiculous. Griffith's film career was FAR more significant.
  9. You had to be there. The audience hated his jokes. They booed, groaned, gasped. Ben Affleck was terribly upset. Friends tweeted me from the room that the whole thing was falling completely flat inside the theater. It was a DISASTER.
  10. It was the TONYs without a capable host or talented singers or dancers
  11. That show was second; this one took the cake. At least Franco and Hathaway weren't insulting. MacFarlane was rude, inappropriate and a schlub. He will never be asked back. The reviews last night were scathing. Where were the film clips?????
  12. First, it's "Memoriam." And it was one of the most awful ever. They left out a who's who of classic film people .... Harry Carey Jr, Tony Martin, Ann Rutherford, Patty Andrews, Joyce Redman, and that's just the start. Instead, we got a lot of behind the scenes people that most of America has never heard of. Shame on you, Academy.
  13. Worst show ever. Worst host ever. Nothing more needs to be said.
  14. MRS. MINIVER. Hands down. Nothing else comes close. As for after the war, THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES. Not surprisingly, both made by the same director.
  15. I know sometimes that the truth can be very painful.
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