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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1154182684/buster-keaton-project-restauration-films Help us restore films with Buster Keaton! A project by Lobster Films! To restore the entire Buster Keaton short-movies collection is a crazy project; 32 films, over 650 minutes, and over a million frames! When we started this project we knew how ambitious the task would be. It took us a few years to find and assemble the best material for it to be digitized. We have now reached the restoration phase, which is the most fastidious yet delicate step. A small team is currently doing its best to give Ke
  2. I think the British version is better and as I said I think some crucial things are left out. It might have been some stupid producer interference as usual. It's always amazing when you hear what a film was planned to be or who the stars were supposed to be and how it got changed for the better or worse. Shirley Temple as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?! eeek.
  3. I forgot Stonehenge being cut. That's another scene where there is some distortion for Holden/Dana Andrews if I remember correctly. He has been feeling the wrong temperature and seeing things etc.
  4. I think the horrible demon insertion is in both. It would have been so much better had he been allowed to do what he wanted like in Cat People where we are never really sure we are seeing or hearing a large cat. That's why the swimming pool scene is so frightening.
  5. It's cut some but the singing is still wonderfully dotteringly there. Her performance as the believing mother is so poignant. But if I remember the seance requires repeated singing to conjure up more spirits. And since that's cut some of the singing is cut. There's and Indian, a child, of course her uncle etc. The great thing about the movie is some of the characters and you yourself are torn about whether this is real or not. Holden/Dana Andrews is obviously the skeptic at the start.
  6. I wish they would show the longer British version instead of this cut one. There are more atmospheric things that are missing, the wonderfully demented seance scene is cut, and the really important visit to the devil worshipers farm is cut.
  7. I was going to start a topic on this for the January schedule. I think there is probably only a total of three movies that actually show the real "stars". I was wondering if they had decided to make that the theme for the month! It's very frustrating though to not be able to see who's in the movies for some you don't really know. A lot of times I watch a movie just because of a particular person who's in it or who the director is. What IS going on?!
  8. Buster! Buster! Buster! A lot of Chaplin seems to me to be maudlin and sentimental. Very manipulative. I think he and Spielberg would get along great. I also think some of his things are very cruel…I can’t bear to watch Tillie I think it’s so nasty. But Buster was just demented, full on, pell mell comedy. And so much of it can be just surreal in his solution to something in his character’s way. The physicality of what he did was so wonderful and amazing to watch.
  9. This looks fascinating. And has much information about " Women Film Pioneers Project features silent-era producers, directors, co-directors, scenario writers, scenario editors, camera operators, title writers, editors, costume designers, exhibitors, and more to make the point that they were not just actresses" The site is here: https://wfpp.cdrs.columbia.edu/ enjoy
  10. http://www.silentfilm.org/festival/festival-2014-schedule ahhhh oooohh
  11. I think your question needs to be clarified. They are people who believe that anything that claims to be "spiritualism" is a fake and fraud. And others that believe it is real in some cases and some times. And then there are those who make claims to defraud people. There is another discussion about the movie Curse of the Demon and that movie features a seance scene. It's hard to tell from the scene if it's meant to be a fraudulent situation. It's quite hilarious actually. There is one sceptic (the Dana Andrews character), one who might be a believer who seems confused and frightened, a
  12. I was just about to post the same thing. The last time I saw it, they showed the edited version. It seems the scene they mostly cut is the one in the farm house where the Dana Andrews character goes to get permission to study the catatonic Hobart. At this point the Andrews character is strictly a nonbeliever in any of this. The scene in the farmhouse is quite frightening because of the bizarre behavior of the devil worshiping Hobart family who have disowned him because he refused to accept his fate and returned the paper to his brother. When Andrews has the session with Hobart and Hobart speak
  13. I thought it just felt like it was on a lot because it's so bad
  14. Actually this isn't news. And he pretty much was creepy and awful to all of his actresses. He treated Vera Miles horribly too. Tippi Hedren's delusion that she would have been a huge actress elsewhere is pretty bizarre; she is really flattering herself referring to herself as an actress she was so bad.
  15. When you've seen Intolerance you should watch Buster Keaton's film Three Ages. He's kind of poking fun at Intolerance. And I agree about Lillian Gish. Her silent work is astounding but in later years she still gives you chills in films like Night of the Hunter. The beautiful scene of her sitting with the gun in the living room while Robert Mitchum's psychopathic character staks outside.....
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