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  1. flash got it correctly but, as he says, open thread ...
  2. Yes, flash, you're on the right track. Name of the movie just for the record?
  3. {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:}{color:black}The most important meal of the day at Elizabeth Taylor’s and Merle Oberon’s paradise{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font}
  4. Hey, lavender. Your description reminds me of *RACHEL AND THE STRANGER* (1948) starring Bill Holden, Loretta Young & Bob Mitchum. ???
  5. Esther Williams was in *ZIEGFELD FOLLIES* (1945) with Fanny Brice.
  6. Very cute swithin: *THEODORA GOES WILD* (1936). This was a great 30s comedy starring Irene Dunne and Melvyn Douglas. Yes??
  7. *MARATHON MAN* (1976) - step right up, folks, get your tickets now for the 2012 Film Festival!
  8. Carroll, Penny - Ginger Rogers in *SWING TIME* (1936). Can hardly wait to see this at the 2012 Film Festival on the big screen!
  9. Gosh, SueSue, I was so excited by the contents of the press release that I neglected to respond. Yes, all these new names in the lineup are exciting, indeed. Love your blog from last year's festival and appreciate all you do to set the mood ... would love to meet you at the Festival this year!
  10. Thanks, Kyle, for taking the time to share this old artwork with us; it's *AWESOME!!* It's really setting the mood for us all.
  11. Hi, Kyle. I'm another newbie (I spoke with you once on the phone and hope to put a face to your name at the Festival--only 19 days left to D-Day). Please rest assured that we first-time attendees are here and are VERY excited about attending our first TCM Film Festival. A number of us have already joined the facebook page *Going to TCM Festival!* (feel free to join us) and are getting our questions answered by previous attendees who can say, "Been there, done that." They are a great help in giving us a good idea what to expect. We are all awaiting the release of the schedule with bated br
  12. Golly, darling, you're right!! I've got my 60's outfit all ready for the TCM Film Festival that looks like Mag Wildwood, except that I don't plan to do her "t-i-m-b-e-r" routine. Your thread now, cagney ...
  13. Now that I look back, flash, I like your first description about Rhett looking at Scarlett as if he knew what she looked like without her shimmy. And when she let loose with the vase--one of the best introductions to the protagonists of any film! How about a more recent film now, made in the 60s, but this one has a different twist. This time it's the girl who is afraid of commitment, not the guy. The movie is set in NYC and they become neighbours. She throws a mean party and, like most women, she loves to shop.
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