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  1. Just wanted to clarify my opinion...Not against any specific types of movies, nor have I seen any films that are (not classic films) on TCM. I am just stating that there are modern films on sale on the TCM website--(c'mon people Turner [Classic|http://forums.tcm.com/] Movies anybody?) As for 'modern' classics, first of all, I don't believe all the films for sale on the site are considered 'modern' classics, and might I add, I do enjoy modern films, but somehow I wouldn't find it appropriate if 'Avatar' were featured on the TCM line-up. Maybe 20 years from now, when that is considered a cla
  2. OK, so I guess many of you have noticed that on the shopping part of the TCM website you can buy films from 2010, 2000, 1990s etc..Obviously, these are not classic films- (I believe the definition is atleast 20 years old). Why does TCM have these movies? Trying to attract more buyers no doubt! We as old movie buffs! Unlike those who snear at pomaded hair and papier-mache monsters, we respect and admire those films made in that golden age of silent films, vintages, black and white talkies, and glorious Technicolor! My friends let us rebuke TCM! Down with newbies!
  3. Okay, so I am a random new user of this fansite! Yippee-doo-da--and will post a completely random new post about my obsessions! GWTW & LOA! I have read Gone with the wind a million times and watched the film a million times. Crush heavily on Clark Gable, dream to be like Scarlett, say 'Frankly my dear, all the time', dressed up like Scarlett for Halloween, have read all the sequels/prequels, and try my best to make my friends obssesed too! As for LOA I have watched that a million times, am obsessed with TE Lawrence (love Seven Pillars) and defend him a lot on the internet from haters,
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