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  1. > {quote:title=Dargo2 wrote:}{quote}ROFL > > One of the best so far, VS! Gotta say your photoshoping skills have also been first-rate lately, too. Thanks for the kind words, Dargo2. As an insomnia cure, it beats juggling chainsaws.
  2. h3. *QUEEN CHRISTINA FOR A DAY* This failed 1957 live TV game show hosted by Greta Garbo had her sauntering around New York in search of people more pathetically dressed than she was -- whoever had the saddest hard-luck story AND was willing to abdicate as sovereign ruler of Sweden won a dishwasher and a full-scale replica of the Codex Gigas. The series was cancelled a mere 9 minutes into its premiere when Greta wandered into Central Park, declared, “I vant to be a lawn,” and city maintenance workers accidently fertilized her.
  3. h3. *GASSEDLIGHT* Ray Milland’s portrayal of a sweet, young Edwardian alcoholic who schemes to convince everyone else in the house that THEY’RE the sick ones would surely have earned him a second Oscar had he not been nominated in the Best Actress category. As the confused husband forever finding liquor bottles hidden in the gas light fixtures, Charles Boyer threw himself into the part -- so completely, in fact, that the arduous love scenes became a source of friction and Milland wound up hospitalized with severe beardburn. Producer/Director Ed Wood’s innovative “cross-cas
  4. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}I , for one, want to see that film. > The second pic looks like a still from *Glan or Glanda?* Also released under the title *I Changed My Slacks* . . . ?
  5. What a poster ! The look on the kid's face is hysterical !
  6. h3. *GLAND HOTEL* By setting its first all-star extravaganza in Europe’s most-fashionable plastic surgery post-op retreat, MGM killed two birds with one Lewis Stone: not only was the film a monster hit, but by scheduling both its femme stars for rejuve- nating facelifts and monkey gland treatments, the studio’s fattest assets were kept working even while they recuperated. Not until Monty Clift and Raintree County would plastic surgery again play such a major role in marketing a movie.
  7. h2. *SPLENDOR ON THE GRASS* When Dreamie (Natalie Wood) falls hard for “The Bud” (Warren Beatty), her innocent little teenage life goes up in smoke.. *. . . You’re bogarting it again, Bud !!!!* In no time, Dreamie has CHANGED . . . *I HATE poetry and I’ve got a headache and I don't feel good and I’m* *having my period and I need to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW !!!!* Dreamy follows The Bud to Hollywood where she winds up on the streets . . . . . . but, thanks to The Bud, she does have an active fantasy life. *Whoever keeps yelling "Pretzel !
  8. h2. *Bongshell* One of the few pre-Codes to be censored later for its drug-related plot, Jean Harlow plays stoner star Lola Blunt, who always has a smile on her face even when Lee Tracy as meth-head Jimmy Jabberjaw blows up her kitchen. *God, I’d LOVE some Doritos !!!! Anybody else want Doritos ???* The film’s seemingly-biographical, “behind-the-scenes” feel includes Lola-Jean buying a half-ounce of barrellin’ weed from co-star Clark “Ganja” Gable on the set of the ironically named Green Dust. *And just where am I supposed to PUT it ???* The romance wit
  9. *Let’s Make Lumps* Few remember that after Shemp Howard’s untimely death in 1955 and before Joe Besser was hired to replace him, Marilyn Monroe stepped in for a single Three Stooges film as “Curvy Jo.” Shooting was problematic from the first take when Marilyn, determined to pull no punches with her pugilistic co-stars, reflexively kneed Moe Howard in the groin. Further problems erupted when Monroe insisted on the presence of her drama coach, Natasha Lytess, whose background in Stanislavsky proved poor preparation for the intricacies of face-slapping, eye-poking and nose-bo
  10. > {quote:title=SonOfUniversalHorror wrote: > }{quote}LOL...not to burst bubbles, but that's Bogie's head stuck onto the body of Peter (Mission Impossible) Lupus from Lupus' Playgirl shoot from the mid-70's. :^0 To those of us with cast iron bubbles, it's called "Hollywood Magic."
  11. A publicity shot from STARK (naked) PASSAGE reveals that the heavy-drinking, middle-aged Bogie was in amazing shape !
  12. h2. Whatever Happened to Billy Jack? After a few too many peace rallies, biker fights and too-tight headbands, Billy Jack tries living quietly with his invalid sister, Jilly Jack, only to have their sibling rivalry explode into a brutal and bloody turf war. Despite scenes of pathos – as when Tom Loughlin, singing “One Tin Soldier,” dissolves into tears after a mirror reveals his days as a young, girlish Green Beret are long gone – the film was heavily criticized for its violence. According to Newsweek’s David Ansen, “The indignities heaped upon the poor, jiggle-wheeled Jilly
  13. Verging on genius is one thing, Bildwasser, but making it look so effortless ... That's the hardest I've laughed since Pola claimed Rudy proposed to her before he died.
  14. *Lady Hamilton For a Day* Hollywood snickered when Vivien Leigh was replaced by venerable May Robson as the disgusting old denizen of 18th Century London’s lowest gutters, desperate to seal her daughter’s marriage to Prince Schlitzmaltz of Milwaukia, who's saved when some Runyon- esque royalists pass her off as "Lady Hamilton." The sterling British supporting cast includes Womley Wittlebottom as Dave la Duc de Dufus, Alan Mopbrow as the Baron of Brooklyn, and DeManda Keylight as Roxy "Boom Boom" Sanchez. Tinsel Town's tittering, however, turned into catatonic shock when ru
  15. *3:10 to You, Ma ... !* Oh, wonderful MissWonderly ... like you, I eschew the "LOL" even when -- as now -- I am ... (LOLing).
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