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  1. So glad I went to see Double Indemnity on the big screen tonight. There were only about 15 of us in the

    theatre. Most of the tickets sold at the box office seemed to be for some mess of a movie called

    Trainwreck. That bums me out. There might not have been as many people in our theatre but we

    definitely were the winners tonight. I will be pondering this film noir classic for the rest of the week.

    Thanks to TCM for making these events possible.

  2. A couple months ago, TCM showed a movie about a family with 3 rambunctious boys who had exhausted all the town's babysitters. The mother, I think it was Ann Sheridan, posted a want ad for a nanny, and got a man who was really an author working on a book. What was the name of this movie?


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    To paraphrase our first lady, some of you people are downright mean. My point is very simple. TCM has been very careful to be apolitical. This is really a marvel considering all the points many of you have already made about Mr. Turner, Alec Baldwin's wacky worldview, Ben's family politics and his own professional associations, etc. It is no secret what side of the political aisle Hollywood camps out in. But TCM has been a refuge from partisan politics. All of us can come together to admire these great works of art, no matter what our politics. I was simply surprised to see Ben appearing on Al Gore's channel, home of Keith Olbermann. He has built up a fanbase at TCM that far eclipses the viewing audience of Current TV, and to thumb his nose at that just so he can exercise his political free speech just seemed to me to be a less than savvy career move.



  4. I was surprised to find Ben Mankiewicz spewing his political views on Al Gore's channel this morning. I don't think it's a good move for his career or for TCM. Alienating viewers on the opposite side of the political aisle is just a dumb idea. Is TCM getting ready to replace Ben or are they going to start getting more politically charged? Quite frankly, TCM has been my refuge from partisan politics. It would be such a shame to lose this refuge, but I'm not going to stay tuned if Ben is let loose to shill for the liberals and ridicule conservatives.

  5. Joan Blondell, SUTS star for today, supposedly had this to say about acting.



    "There's a very fine line between underacting and not acting at all. And not acting is what a lot of actors are guilty of. It amazes me how some of these little numbers with dreamy looks and a dead pan are getting away wit it. I'd hate to see them on stage with a dog act."






  6. I agree with you completely about Baldwin. He is so fake, and you are right, he adds nothing with his uninsightful insights. I've often wondered why he has been kept on for so long. My conclusion is he is doing this for free or for peanuts as a way to boost his tarnished public image. TCM couldn't get a real star to work for free or for a minimal pittance, so we're stuck with Baldwin until the public feels he is socially acceptable. Looks like we'll be stuck with him for a long time to come.

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