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  1. I've already mentioned this, but I love Bunny Watson's apartment in "Desk Set". The furniture doesn't match but it looks so warm and cozy during that rainy night, with that fireplace and plush carpet. Also love the bookshelves. (Sorry, having trouble posting a pic on my phone...)
  2. Just off the top of my head, in no order: 1) Escapism. It lets me "live" a while in a world that doesn't exist now (and probably didn't exist in real life, then!) 2) The different acting personalities: like, say, Jimmy Cagney vs. Cary Grant vs. Clark Gable. So interesting. 3) I love what another poster said about "adult characters talking like adults". 4) Hmmm... Cinematography? Comparing a movie like "Sunrise", with its visual beauty, with a movie made with a hand-held camera,where the scenes jump around every .03 seconds. You can really sit and "absorb" an older film.
  3. Lol. Well, let's hope he's just taking a couple of extra spinning classes, or watching lots of "What's My Line" marathons.
  4. If you mean DownGoesFrazier, I've been wondering where he's been. Do you (or anyone) know?
  5. You could also argue that she used her illness to try and control/dominate others, to make them take care of her (didn't work though... Henry was making other plans, lol.)
  6. Oh yeah, Stanwyck goes without saying for me! I just wanted to throw a curveball and mention someone else.
  7. I think Roz Russell could pull something like that off just fine.
  8. You could go with a movie like Brief Encounter, or a creepy movie like The Shining. Not to derail this thread, but this reminds me that I once read that Frank Capra loved to include strongly emotional scenes with rain as a backdrop, that for him the rain heightened the intensity of the scene...
  9. Heh - I had edited one word in this post but some computer glitch spat out this, cutting off a lot. No big deal, but it looks stupid.
  10. I was sad when the old board was replaced and I lost all my PMs. I don’t have the%2
  11. I have three of these in my apartment, in vintage frames. I love them. They were sold cheaply on ebay - maybe because of the general lack of interest? If so, too bad.
  12. Thanks! Yes, in fact, I sought this one out a while back and picked up a copy!
  13. I have a soft spot in my heart for the TV movie, "Leave Yesterday Behind", with John Ritter and Carrie Fisher. Ritter plays a man injured in a polo accident who stays on his grandfather's farm, and Carrie is the woman he meets who helps him overcome his bitterness at being paralyzed, and they fall in love. Moving performances from both leads. Sadly forgotten today.
  14. True, Princess... add Jim Morrison to your list, too. Like Whitney Houston, he was also found dead in a bathtub (though he was 27, and had heart failure rather than having drowned).
  15. A friend of mine pointed out just now - George Michael Whitney Houston Prince Michael Jackson All 1980s icons that died in their 50s.
  16. Wow, what a shock I had in reading this. Condolences to his family, friends, and many heartbroken fans... As an MTV addict in the 1980s I saw Michael everywhere. My favorite tunes are "Freedom 90" and the haunting/gorgeous "Father Figure".
  17. I don't know if it was meant to be funny, but that scene made me laugh. It just seemed to be a rare moment of comic relief to an otherwise serious message film.
  18. Neat little bit of camerawork here - you need only to look at the raising of this spirit's creepy hand, never mind Sim's reaction, to know that things will take a temporary turn for the worse (regarding visions of the future):
  19. I saw this film again the other night... and yes, this toyshop scene also struck me (again). I was really drawn in by the look on the boy's face... such natural and realistic acting. It was beautiful.
  20. There was one scene in one of the True Life Adventures series that showed a duck (or goose - anyway, some species of fowl) flying down onto a frozen pond and sliding into a group of other birds, to the sound effect of a bowling ball hitting pins. Disney himself wanted a scene like that in the picture, so the filmmakers actually had to repeatedly throw a bird in just the right way to make that happen.
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