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  1. Yes, they were part of the so-called "Irish Mafia", which also included Spencer Tracy and Frank McHugh.
  2. The only thing that I had known about O'Brien was that unfortunately he had a drinking problem, but now I'm seeing him here in there in films. I thought he did okay in "Virtue" with Carole Lombard. I love that "Breakdowns" series. I watched clips of it on YouTube. It's especially interesting that you can see, behind the hype of "The Magic of Hollywood", all of the hard work and not-so-magical doings that go on behind the scenes. (Lol.) Well, glad that O'Brien was good-natured about all his flubs - I wonder what his co-stars thought! One side note about "I've Got Your Number" - on
  3. Tonight I watched "I've Got Your Number", an early 1930s Warner Brothers flick with Joan Blondell, Pat O'Brien, Glenda Farrell, Allen Jenkins and Eugene Pallette. There were some highlights of the film, like Joan's dependable sassiness and some funny bits from Allen Jenkins, but this isn't a DVD I'd put under anyone's Christmas tree... The plot, very briefly, revolves around Joan as a switchboard operator who is used (more than once) to help someone else commit a crime, and Pat O'Brien is a phone line repairman who (separately) becomes involved with her. O'Brien's character is a slea
  4. I think no matter what Palance would have tired of the sham eventually. He would have had some other love r at the very least... He would have tried to scheme against Crawford whether or not Grahame was in the picture. Palance was weaselly like that. IMO, of course.
  5. I love "Remember the Night" so much more than "Christmas in Connecticut". "Night" has more depth and more poignancy... Especially love when Stanwyck goes back to visit her mother. All three actors were great (in particular, I love the tense dynamic between Lee Leander and her mother). "Christmas in Connecticut" is okay, but not as good as Stanwyck's other comedies. CIC is more one-dimensional. Her comic reactions (at the house) are too overboard at times, and Dennis Morgan is a bore to watch. It gets less appealing to me over the years.
  6. I agree - the film quality does have an archaic feel to it, doesn't it? Maybe that's a kind of beauty in and of itself, so it shouldn't be remastered. (I don't know what the colorized version looks like, but I'm not going to go looking for it, either.) I love the scene where Scrooge looks out his window to see the poor people outside, with the suffering ghostly figures all around them and that eerie music. Haunting (no pun intended). As for Jacob Marley, he genuinely scares me! His screams chill you to your bones. Phenomenal performance, imo.
  7. I like a number of Christmas movies, but my favorite bar none is Scrooge with Alistair Sim. I watched it every year as a kid, and it's so interesting to me, in seeing it as an adult, how "deep" of a film it really is... Pointing out the moral decisions one has to make in living one's life, how it's important to be compassionate toward the suffering of others, how the "chains" of greed can weigh down your spirit (as Jacob Marley points out)... Timeless themes. This particular movie is so well made, too, with terrific acting. I never tire of it.
  8. You can be on your way to the poorhouse, but you can do it to a soundtrack .
  9. Wow, now I'm really curious to hear what that sounds like... I remember being amazed when I first started hearing the clarity in digital music (like, instruments I didn’t know were on these songs), but we didn't have that kind of high-end LP player growing up (since this thread is about the '50s, should I say, Hi-Fi?). My dream is to have these huge, concert quality speakers blasting my favorites.
  10. I used to listen to CDs in my car until I got an iPod... Now I just connect a power cord to that thing and I have 1,000 songs right there. I can also switch the songs and still be able to drive safely (harder to change a CD that way). I can't post photos on my phone, but in the Laurel and Hardy short BUSY BODIES Stan and Ollie are driving and Ollie tells Stan to "change the music". Stan gets out, opens the hood and you see a complete turntable. Stan reaches for a new vinyl disc and pops it on, lol!
  11. I know that Loretta Young was convinced she and Gable were going to be married... (Heard that on the "Call of the Wild" commentary.)
  12. "Believe it... or not." (Palance hosted that Ripley show, right?)
  13. (Lorna quoted:) Joan Crawford originally wanted Clark Gable for the role of Lester Blane in the film. Jack Palance was cast instead. ______________________ Glad it happened that way. I love Gable, but Palance had the menacing creepiness to really make this a tense picture. Gable could be menacing but Palance had a disturbing oddness here. But yeah, I get that Joan and Clark went back a long way...
  14. Lol. That's the one line I clearly remember. I had almost made this exact post.
  15. I have software that allows me to convert old cassette tape recordings to mp3 files. I have one digital tune that was once an LP song on tape. You can clearly hear the popping and the "fsssssss" sound of the turntable needle on vinyl. It makes me smile, out of nostalgia and because it sounds so archaic these days, but I'm glad all my songs don't sound like that.
  16. Yeah, considering they're really just small pieces of vinyl on a plastic board!
  17. Oh wow, I hadn't thought about those in decades. I used to love those as a kid, too. I had one set where the pieces glowed in the dark (you had to make sure to hold them under a light for a while first, then in a dark room imaged would suddenly appear on the shapes). I just looked online and they still sell Colorforms. You can get the Peanuts' "Lucy's Winter Carnival" set for $22.95, among others.
  18. I wonder if that operator sounded anything like Katharine Hepburn or Joan Blondell in Desk Set.
  19. Shop Rite! Wow, I'm 9 years old again, lol! Does anyone here remember Flako cupcake mix? And the Hershey's chocolate milk tin with the boy on one side and girl on the other?
  20. They had full service stations in the mid-80s when I started driving (in NY), but it didn't last long...
  21. Lav, as a fellow Noo Yawkah (Long Island), I remember the A&P. Did you also have a Gristedes? (I don’t know if those stores still exist; the one in my childhood neighborhood is gone.)
  22. Fun thread! September 30 - Deborah Kerr Michael Powell (Director, The Red Shoes) Angie Dickinson Truman Capote Barry Williams (a.k.a. Greg Brady) some Old Hollywood minor actors, like Ben Cooper (Johnny Guitar) and Georgiana Young (The Story of Alexander Graham Bell) Lots and lots of modern-day celebrities who don't register with me at all (lol) I didn't feel like scrolling through all 938 names on imdb... this is all that popped out at me this time around.
  23. A couple of years ago I made a list of the Christmas movies and TV show episodes I have on DVD, and refer to it when I have my holiday "marathon" starting Christmas Eve. This thread made me think of The Honeymooners episode, "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Ralph is showing Ed that he hid Alice's present underneath the icebox. Norton reaches in and pulls out the old, rusty icebox drip pan by mistake. "Oh, that's a BEAUTY!!" he exclaims. Cracks me up every time, even writing about it here! Then Alice comes in and Norton, still not getting it, quickly hides the pan behind his back
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