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  1. Thanks, N&N. I'm glad people are still wanting to share their stories. I've been able to get friends to at least try old movies, but they haven't been bitten by the "black and white" bug, as it were. (My friends are in their 40s-50s, so they at least know a little of what I'm talking about, but their memories are vague at best.) Luckily I have this place, so I don't need to hound my friends to listen to me talk about the classics (lucky for them!).
  2. Trump chose Mike over Chris, And the reason, they say, was this: Christie's end spread too wide And Trump could not abide Anything bigger than his
  3. Hibi, is the convention far away from where you are? Or are you stuck in your house for a week? Has the National Guard come yet?
  4. When I was a kid I had Bozo the Clown bedsheets. To this day I never make an important decision without getting in touch with my inner Bozo. (Er, no pun intended...)
  5. From above George watched the convention With Republicans he dared not mention But one look at Trump And the size of his r u m p George knew why he commanded attention
  6. Not too bad, considering I wrote it at 5:58 a.m.!!
  7. Isn't it in the movie "The Final Conflict" where the Antichrist runs for U.S. President? Lol...
  8. It looks like Mason has something between his fingers. Bozo was probably out for a smoke when he approved it.
  9. This is where the "Ignore" option comes in handy (though it has its limits, in my opinion).
  10. From that album cover, looks like Mason was not only teaching kids how to count, but how to smoke a cigarette while doing it!
  11. Truth be told, I hate whipped cream, no matter what the calorie count.
  12. Donald Trump a talk he gave, And George tried to 'spin in his grave' His rear was too immense To move made no sense Still he considered the speech-maker depraved.
  13. As long as KidDabb is doing all the work, why not...
  14. For the first course, I'd like crab and cheese-filled ravioli with creamy lobster sauce, please. Failing that, an ice-cream sundae will do, but hold the whip cream. Too fattening.
  15. I'm glad, filmlover. I've come to appreciate the talents of Linda Darnell and Tyrone Power thanks to Arturo and lavenderblue. And thanks especially to lav for the "Leave Her to Heaven" recommendation. Two thumbs up!
  16. Tell me about it... I have one eye on the clock because I need to pick someone up soon, and if I'm not careful I could leave her stranded.
  17. Great post, misswonderly. There's definitely something here for classic film lovers of all stripes. There are some with a lot of knowledge (kudos to all who don't try to lord it over everyone else), and others who are students in progress. People who make mistakes aren't laughed off the board, and if an idea doesn't take off, it just quietly disappears. It's not a perfect place, but here we are. To its credit, special mention must be made of the fact that the hotbed of political excitement known as the Off Topics forum hasn't yet burst into flames, although at times I can smell the
  18. No kidding. I'm always amazed when someone is trying to find information, but can only say something like, "There's a glass on the table, and the woman dies." Five minutes later someone comes back with title, year, cast, director, and the funny thing that happened on the fourth day of shooting! Btw, I don't have cable at home, either. Just old movies and shows on dvd. So, I need to run errands, and it's amazing the way this board sucks me in, lol...
  19. Thanks, everyone. I wish I had time to respond to all these newer, well thought out posts, but for now I wanted to add something that just came to mind. Classic movies for many members on this site in particular are a serious business. For example, sometime back I started shopping for a new TV, and wanted opinions. I could have posted a question to an electronics site, or asked a salesman. Instead I started a thread on the board, because I figured that this bunch must also analyze the best screens to watch their old movies on. I wasn't disappointed. MovieCollectorOH gave me great,
  20. It's interesting to see this photo so many years later, knowing that Holden and Hepburn had a secret affair. People back in the day must have thought it was just a nice publicity picture that showed the two stars as friends on the set!
  21. Can't add more to that great post! Thank you! Yes, people here are intelligent. In addition to the fact that, and because, they love classic movies.
  22. Lol! Well, for the record, I don't mind people who bash Stanwyck as long as they don't start insulting others for liking her. And I don't want to start a new skirmish so let's forget I said that. Thanks for your post! I'm enjoying finding out what makes people tick here.
  23. And the nicer part of this board is that it isn't overrun with trolls. There are some skirmishes now and then but people here usually avoid conflict.
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