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  1. Of course it does sound stupid today, but audiences obviously accepted it back then. I've just always found it funny that audiences accepted Lugosi's voice coming out of Lon Chaney's mouth in GOF, but not out of his own in FMTWM.
  2. The film was indeed shot with references to the Monster being blinded at the end of GOF, but it wasn't the fire. It was the "scientific" reason that Igor didn't have the same blood type as the Monster, so he went blind when Igor's brain was put in. Also, FMTWM was shot with the Monster speaking in Igor's voice, but preview audiences laughed, so all of Lugosi's dialogue was excised before release, as well as all references to the blindness. I found this amusing, as audiences didn't laugh at the end of GOF, when Lugosi's voice came out of Chaney's mouth.
  3. It is available in the Criterion set The Golden Age Of Television, which includes several classic live dramas from the 50's.
  4. I didn't say that SOTS didn't have content the GWTW doesn't. I just said that there are a lot of people out there who find GWTW just as objectionable. Much of the argument against the film has to do with the depiction of "happy slaves." The problem with this argument is that the film is set during the Reconstruction Era, and blacks portrayed in the film are sharecroppers, not slaves. As for Disney's business choice, it is interesting to note that they apparently have no problem with the film being seen, as they surprisingly do not take any legal action against the many bootleggers who sell the
  5. I'm sure that the same people who find Song Of The South offensive also find Gone With The Wind just as offensive, but you don't see Warners pulling GWTW from distribution.
  6. Zeppo had to fill in for Groucho once during a performance of Animal Crackers on Broadway, and no one knew the difference. He is interviewed in the book The Marx Brothers Scrapbook, and his frustration at not being allowed to develop his own comedic persona is painfully obvious.
  7. Although they received equal credit for the screenplay, West wrote nearly all of the film, which helps explain why she comes off best and the film is below normal Fields standards.
  8. I was just told by another member that the schedule has appeared and disappeared all day. I guess I was lucky to hit it at the right time.
  9. http://www.tcm.com/schedule/monthly.html?tz=est&sdate=2014-12-01
  10. The Barbarian And The Geisha is available as part of the 10 film DVD set John Wayne Film Collection. It doesn't seem to be available separately on DVD, but is on Bluray.
  11. Lois' father was played by Kirk Alyn, who had played Superman in the two serials. Noel Neill played Lois' mother, and she had played Lois in the serials, and later replaced Phyllis Coates in the television series. Jack Larson, who played Jimmy Olsen in the series, had a cameo as a bartender in Superman Returns.
  12. Apparently there originally were references to the Monster's blindness in the script, but these were cut from the finished film, along with Lugosi's dialogue. This was supposedly after a preview in which audiences laughed anytime the Monster spoke. I don't know that it was any more ridiculous than hearing Lugosi's voice coming out of Chaney's mouth at the end of Ghost Of Frankenstein, but we'll never know, as the footage has never been found.
  13. Early word is suicide, though his publicist would only say that he had been battling severe depression.
  14. Night Nurse is an excellent Pre-Code featuring an early appearance of Clark Gable as a pretty nasty fellow. And I have had Lady Of Burlesque highly recommended to me, so I am going to be sure to catch that one.
  15. The set is a bit pricey, but I pre-ordered it the first day it was offered. After all, how can you put a price tag on something that will make you feel five years old in 1966 again. I already have The Wild, WIld West, The Man From UNCLE, and Lost In Space, so this will really make me feel like a kid again!
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