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  1. And the hunt is on ! Thanks for all the titles guys! Cant wait to find this stuff
  2. I've been watching a lot of James Ellroy shows about Hollywood and Los Angeles, Films like LA Confidential, Cats Meow, etc, and documentaries like TCMs mogul series, and Im looking for more similar type stuff. Any suggestions? Some examples of what ive been watching/ am looking for: Girl 27 Man with 1000 faces Kid stays in the picture LA: City of Demons Aviator Cats Meow Last Mogul Tales from the Script Billy Wilder Speaks Trombo Double Take American Murder - Black Dahlia Slapstick Masters MGM: When the Lion Roars Any biographies, new movies, documentaries, or anything
  3. Of course people still take that stuff, i graduated HS in 2000 and acid was my drug of choice throughout. Most people I know that do any drugs are pretty much a garbage disposal, whatever you got, they'll ingest. But now that we're all pushin 30, we tend to go organic now, pot and shrooms instead of crazy chemicals Im gonna have to pay attention next time i see that film now, ha!
  4. Murray was in *Shake Hands with The Devil* with James Cagney
  5. Murray was in *Shake Hands With The Devil* with James Cagney
  6. Swingtime? No cell phones, people had manners, kids could play outside without worrying about being kidnapped, people had jobs, america was thriving, . . . any movie from the 30s.
  7. Hey, he's human. We all make mistakes. And even in "the information age", researchers can misstype, find bad info, maybe not clarify what version they are citing, a number of things can happen. while im all for more diversity in the guest programmer category (more fans, for example), I dont think someone should lose their job because of an error here or there. No one can know everything and get everything right all the time, and if the mistake didnt crash wall sreet or fire a missle off somewhere, its not something that we won't recover from.
  8. If todays hollywood could do a remake without completely ruining the originals integrity, i'd agree. However, we dont have the talent, on or off camera, to pull it off. Look at the slew of recent remakes - Arthur, Straw Dogs, Guess Whos coming to Dinner, Karate Kid, I spit on your grave, Wolfman- just to name a few, and how awful they are. And then trying to find someone who even comes close to Gene Kelly's talent? theyd just butcher it. This generation just couldnt hack it. Plus, they wouldnt spend the money for the sets like they used to, so do you really want to see Justin Beiber in CGI'd
  9. Depends on the day, the weather, etc. but mostly blues, punk, old country, and garage rock. Sonics:
  10. Do you even need to ask that in a classic film board? Ha. I think old. and heres why: They didnt need computer graphics to get an idea across. They had to be creative and imaginative enough to figure out how to do that with actual items and effects, not click a button and have it done for them. i think todays film people are lazy and boring. They didnt need to drop a bunch of F bombs to show how mad they are or to shock. They spoke a mile a minute, their vocabulary was far superior, and they didnt have to explain every little detail because they assumed the audience would under
  11. I get told i look like Milla Jovovich in 5th Element alot. I dont see it personally, but okay. I think its just the red hair. I also get claire danes my so called life era because of that too, i think. Again, i dont see it. On the plus side, my boyfriend looks a little like Paul Newman, yay me!
  12. Anyone who wants to criticize TCM obviously doesnt watch any other cable channels. The syndicated shows they choose about 12 episodes of to rotate thru weekly, the commercials, the brain numbing, IQ killing programming, the fear mongering news networks, please. Network programming is a mess. TCMs one of the few bright spots.
  13. Major theaters for new releases? Maybe twice a year, if that. They've priced me out of the experience and in my opinion haven't put out anything I couldn't wait for in a while. My boyfriend will drag me to something dumb every once in a blue moon, but other than that, ill pass. Ive been going to a lot of museum funded theaters and art theaters that show classics and silents and indi documentaries lately, they are cheap and i dont feel ripped off when i leave. I try to do that once a month. Those audiences actually have movie etiquette too, which makes it even better
  14. Ive been scouring the internet and haven't found any info. I live here and live and breathe classic film. Ill spit shine shoes, clean toilets, take tickets, and all in a flapper dress if you want, you name it! Anyone one know?
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