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  1. Thanks - that's a thought. I sensed that something nefarious was going to happen but hadn't considered Vampire activity.....................
  2. I saw only about 10 minutes of this movie about 2 years ago when I had insomnia and was surfing the cable stations. I was intrigued by the movie but ended up watching something else. Wrong choice. Now, I keep wondering about the name and plot of that first movie, which I should have watched instead. The movie was in black-and-white probably late 1930's. The quality of the film was poor; I'm not even sure if it was made in America. It did have sound but the part I saw had little/no talking. The setting was on a ship and the music was dramatic with a mysterious over-tone. There was a solitary gentleman walking the lower floors of the ship during the night. It seemed that he was a stow-away or at least trying to hide from someone for some reason. The movie had a feel like something dark was going to take place. I know this is a shot-in-the-dark but does anyone recognize this little clip enough to identify the movie?
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