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  1. To me, this has to be one of the top five greatest films of all time. Although the story has been told many times, there is only one Joan and thats Maria Falconetti! The camera work is exquisite, unique in its style and haunting in it's images. This film has very little set work, primarily a film of faces and emotion. The costuming of this film was top notch and my favorite version is set to the composer Richard Einhorn's Voices of Light which matches the film perfectly. Extremely important piece of cinema work, sad to think it was almost lost to the ages. TCM has shown this one several times
  2. I'm a fan of all of Vincent Price's films but this one stands head & shoulders above them all in my opinion. A period piece, we have Mr.Price as a handsome young man, gothic in nature. A tale of murder and woe with a ghost for good measure. I loved Gene Tierney and was first exposed to her in this film as well. A true classic, my only indecision rests with the decision... is it a horror movie or a cult classic? Regardless, if you've never seen it, it is a must see. Extremely hard to find on video, I've caught it on TCM from time to time. Look for it and once found, turn the lights down for
  3. Oh man, this is a fantastic film. This is a mood movie. Dim the lights, bring out the popcorn and watch a ghost story unfold. Tremendous casting and the visuals are fantastic. I look forward to this one every October!
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