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  1. Oh TCM. You are really starting to get on my nerves. Why would you not put all Hitchcock movies currently airing live on the on demand option? I was so mad when I missed Rebecca but then thought I could catch it on demand. Then to my disappointment you didn't put that on there. Then of course I missed Notorious and you again didn't put that on demand either. That's so unfair! I know everyone nowadays has a DVR but I do not. How hard is it to just make these movies available on demand? Especially during Hitchcock class time. I get it that maybe other movies are ok to leave out but if you're offering a class you should make the movies available on demand. Also, why do you cut off the host closing remarks after a movie on demand? You didn't use to do this but now you are. Also annoying. Every time I hear Ben Mankiewicz say "we'll discuss more after the film" I get excited but only to find out to my disappointment once again that you did not include those 40 seconds on demand.
  2. Given the story behind this scene and the fact that it's not a story that shocks the modern world anymore, the fact that there is no sound in this clip, the dolly shot, and the juxtaposition on the images towards the end make this clip a lot scarier than it should have been. Other than the sound being off for our viewing benefit in this clip, I think that is one of the things Hitchcock managed to achieve so well and why no one can ever touch him. I enjoyed this daily dose very much.
  3. Not a big fan of silent films. I do enjoy Charlie Chaplin ones though. I've seen some of Hitchcock's early British work, but not this particular one. I wonder if this is on TCM's schedule for July. If so, I shall try and catch it. From that clip, I could definitely recognize some of his style from his peak days in the 40's and 50's. When I saw the picture before reading the notes, what I immediately went to was the staircase shot. What is a Hitchcock movie without a staircase shot? It was really great to see that this is something he started early on and never got rid of it. And I am glad he didn't and I'm glad he perfected it, because that is one thing I always look forward to in a Hitchcock movie: staircase shots. I also caught something Hitchcock does pretty well in his movies, which is always making sure the audience knows the details of the plots with certain shots. In this clip, you could see the camera shot to the lady's purse when the gentleman is stealing her money, much like the key under the rug shot in Dial M for Murder. Hitchcock always wants you to be in the know of the plot, even the things the protagonists don't. Lovely start of what I am predicting to be an amazing course, and I look forward to learning so much more from this. I took a few Hitchcock master classes with Guillermo Del Toro a few years ago and it absolutely opened my eyes to how to watch Hitchcock movies. I can't wait til we get deep into this course so I can absorb even more as I watch more Hitch films.
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