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  1. Thank you SO much Movie Gal and James! It makes me feel SO HAPPY to know how people are feeling about my thread! But, I won't be able to post any new pics or threads here for four or five days because I am working on the 21st Unofficial Programming Challenge, sorry! But anyone who wants to post something here can while I'm working! Bette
  2. Here's another one I just found. Bette is usually in dramatic roles, so I thought it would be nice to find a picture of her genuinely laughing and, from my guess, 1941-1943:
  3. Hi! I will not be around a computer all weekend, so I thought I should post a couple of cute pics before I left! A cute picture of Bette with an ice cream cone, from, by my estimate, 1933-1935.
  4. Bette Fun Fact o' The Day: Did you know that, for Jezebel, Bette thought there was another, almost unknown actor who she thought would be better cast a Preston Dillard? The actor was John Wayne, who at the time was working at Republic Studios, and who did have the toughness built into him more than Fonda. Bette
  5. Bette with Henry Fonda the year before they made Jezebel.
  6. You're right, I've seen Beyond The Forest, and it's definitely different than all the rest. That's not to say that it isn't good, Bette is amazing in it, but it's different.
  7. You're so right! If you would like to test your knowledge further, try this Bette Davis lines Guessing Game! It will reveal the answers at the end!
  8. Can you guess which movie this is from? Here are the links to it on Youtube: Her rant starts at 2:03.
  9. Look! A Bette Davis paper doll kit!
  10. Oh wow, that's hilarious! How did you find that?
  11. Thanks so much Movie Gal! It's so nice to be back!
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