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  1. Oh my gosh, thank you SO much! You do not know how amazing you've just made me feel! This is my first time doing the challenge, and I didn't think that anyone would vote for me! This is such an honor! Ya-hoo!! If you want to cast your vote, you can either: type up who you want to vote for and post on this voting thread, or send who you want to vote for in a Privtae Message to kingrat. That's what I did. Thanks so much again! Bette Davis 19
  2. gagman, itis not too late to vote! The voting stops on March 12th, its only March 5th! Please vote! By the way, I was the person who included The Black Pirate! Thanks for your kudos! I also was the one who scheduled The Man Who Laughs! I'm so glad that you like my schedule! I love hearing what people think (a couple of votes wouldn't be bad either! ) Bette D 19
  3. I am so sad that I can't vote for myself. :_| X-( But, hmmmm, who to vote for................
  4. Now, my main topic for my films are the 1920s and 1930s ones, as you probably have seen. They usually get unnoticed because: the quality, the sound, the lines, and the technology. I wanted to give many of these unseen masterpieces a chance. For the first day, I centered around that lovable dog Skippy (a.k.a Asta) for the daytime. I mean, come on, who doesn't love him? In primetime, I centered around the ever-creepy Lon Chaney. Not only are his films landmarks, but they're also really fun to watch. I also included "When The Clouds Roll By" as my silent because, not only do I think it is ama
  5. Sunday, April 1st 6:00 am (1934). *Fog Over Frisco.* BW-68 min. Warner Bros. Bette Davis, Donald Woods, Margaret Lindsay. D: William Dieterle. p/s. 7:15 am (1938). *Topper Takes A Trip.* BW-80 min. United Artists. Constance Bennett, Roland Young, Billie Burke. D: Norman Z. McLeod. p/s. 8:45 am (1938). *I Am The Law.* BW-83 min. Columbia. Edward G. Robinson. D: Alexander Hall. p/s. 10:15 am (1938). *Bringing Up Baby.* BW-102 min. RKO. Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Charles Ruggles. D: Howard Hawks. p/s. 12:00 pm (1937). *The Awful Truth.* BW-90 min. Columbia.
  6. Here comes my schedule- FINALLY! I don't know about everyone else, but my schedule took me about six hours to make! I hope you all like it! And, just to warn all of you 1960s movie lovers, I only have one movie that was made after 1959. About 3/4 of my movies are from the best decade for movies- the 1930s. I also have a lot for the 1920s. I've noticed MANY 1950s movies on TCM, and not so many 1930s and earlier movies. So, here we go!
  7. Thank you SO much Movie Gal and James! It makes me feel SO HAPPY to know how people are feeling about my thread! But, I won't be able to post any new pics or threads here for four or five days because I am working on the 21st Unofficial Programming Challenge, sorry! But anyone who wants to post something here can while I'm working! Bette
  8. I wouldn't mind doing that job! I know what you mean, I uploaded information for Bette Davis about four months ago, because on her page they got something wrong, and I haven't gotten any word about it and nothing has changed. But they're so busy, I just don't bother them about it!
  9. Here's another one I just found. Bette is usually in dramatic roles, so I thought it would be nice to find a picture of her genuinely laughing and, from my guess, 1941-1943:
  10. Hi! I will not be around a computer all weekend, so I thought I should post a couple of cute pics before I left! A cute picture of Bette with an ice cream cone, from, by my estimate, 1933-1935.
  11. I had a question about the schedule. I didn't know if for the cult film you could do a foreign one.
  12. Bette Fun Fact o' The Day: Did you know that, for Jezebel, Bette thought there was another, almost unknown actor who she thought would be better cast a Preston Dillard? The actor was John Wayne, who at the time was working at Republic Studios, and who did have the toughness built into him more than Fonda. Bette
  13. Bette with Henry Fonda the year before they made Jezebel.
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