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  1. I had TCM on in another room while I worked, and walked in on the last 20 minutes of Krylya, which grabbed me immediately. Now I wish I'd seen it from the beginning. I hope TCM repeats their Imports later this year; if so, I will definitely arrange my schedule so I can see this movie from the beginning (including RO's intro).
  2. The Searchers, Shane, Days of Heaven and The Black Stallion. Also, although the movie itself was awful (imho), the Blue Lagoon (1980 version) had such stunning cinematography that I endured the whole movie, just to see the beautiful images.
  3. Could it be The Thief of Bagdad (1940)? I know the Sultan in that movie loved mechanical toys and had them all through his palace. I don't remember a train, but he had so many toys that a train could easily have been included.
  4. You could also use the same genres, but with even earlier films. For westerns, instead of Red River and the Searchers (both pretty dark for kids) I suggest Shane and the 1939 Stagecoach. For costume adventure, I suggest the 1938 Adventures of Robin Hood, and for comedy/adventure, The Court Jester. Other adventure movies I think boys would enjoy are Around the World in 80 Days and The Greatest Show on Earth. I, too, recommend North by Northwest and the Swiss Family Robinson. And for some more modern suggestions, consider Jeremiah Johnson, Dances With Wolves and My Dog Skip (although that
  5. Since they hand out the Oscars at the end of February, why not start the 31 days of Oscar on the day the Oscars are broadcast? All of February up until then could celebrate Black History. The month-long Oscar celebration could begin late in February and run through late March. If the programmers wanted to celebrate Oscar until the end of March, I wouldn't complain about 33-, 35- or 37 days of Oscar.
  6. Has TCM ever shown Anastasia? I would love to see it again; it's been many years since I saw it.
  7. I vote for Miklos Rozsa and Max Steiner. And don't forget Dimitri Tiomkin. For songwriters, I'd add Cole Porter.
  8. Here are the notesfor my schedule. {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Calibri}TCM Challenge February 2012 - NOTES{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font}{font:Calibri}Academy Award Snubs, Sideswipes, Shoulda’s and the Rare Also-ran{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Calibri}Sunday, July 8: {font} {font:Times New Roman} {font}{font:Calibri}WINGS – Won Best Picture (Production); William Wellman shoulda been nominated for Best Director{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font}{font:Calibri}SUNRISE – Won Best Picture (Production – Artistic); F. W. M
  9. Timing is everything, and this challenge came at a bad time for me (I have a big deadline due March 9), so I was just going to skip it and not participate. But who could pass up such a delicious challenge as revising the Oscars? So here's a hastily put together schedule. I haven't had time to look at anyone else's schedule, and I won't be back on the boards until around March 9, but good luck to all. This challenge was really fun! {font:Times New Roman} {font}{font:}TCM Challenge February 2012{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font}{font:}Academy Award Snubs, Sideswipes, Shoulda’
  10. This is a wonderful short - in fact, it won the Oscar in 1946 for Best Short.
  11. I am really enjoying this thread, and have found more than one movie which I am going to request that TCM show in future. Thank you for this thread!
  12. I did NOT grow up with movies. I was born in 1946, right at the start of the baby boomers, but my parents didn't care about movies, so we never watched them, in theaters or on TV (occasionally as a teenager I went with friends). By the time I left for college in 1963 I had probably seen less than ten movies in my life. In college I was blessed with a great roommate, who knew and loved old movies, and who also had a TV for our room. She introduced me to old movies, especially Fred and Ginger. We only had access to a couple of TV channels, though, so our movie choice was limited. (We
  13. DESTRY RIDES AGAIN (and BLAZING SADDLES) next - the inside of a church
  14. Thanks, LB - that's the only reason I knew the answer - I heard his wraparound. I'm not really knowledgeable about movie trivia - open thread
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