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  1. I'm sad to find out that Tiffany is no longer hosting on TCM. She was a bit rough in the early going but quickly improved to a more natural delivery, resulting in introductions that were equal parts informative and enthusiastic. The new gal seems like she'll be a good replacement based on what I've seen of her, but Tiffany's passion and enthusiasm will be missed.
  2. I just checked the settings on my cable box and switched audio from 'Default' to 'English' and I think it's fixed now. Guess it was a Comcast thing.
  3. My TV audio is on its default settings. So you don't have the descriptive audio? I wonder if it's being forced by my cable provider (Comcast)?
  4. This week there have been several movies (e.g., 42nd Street, on right now) where the movie audio has a voiceover for blind people which describes everything that takes place visually. Which is great if you're a blind person, but for the other 99.999% of the population it's a huge distraction which renders the movies unwatchable. Is there a way to turn this feature off or did somebody fall asleep at the switch and now we're stuck with it?
  5. TCM doesn't own the rights to show any of those films...their library includes pre-1986 MGM films, pre-1950 Warner Bros films, all RKO films, and a few others. They can license films from other studies to show on TCM, but I believe that the film series you listed have exclusive deals with other networks. And even if they don't, their licensing fees would be way too high for TCM to even bother.
  6. How about instead of praying, you try doing something that might actually make a difference? Like I dunno, lobbying for stricter gun laws?
  7. Clearly, the best way to teach kids about sex is to pretend that it doesn't exist. I don't suppose that anybody had a problem with The Great Escape being shown on Essentials Jr. a few weeks ago? Since violence is totally cool and all.
  8. I've only seen him in Foreign Correspondent and The Most Dangerous Game, but I thought he was pretty bland in both of those films... not really Star of the Month material based on that (admittedly small) sample.
  9. If this ever happened then I would probably set a world record for the fastest time sprinting over to my telephone to cancel my cable service.
  10. Johnny Belinda fits the bill perfectly. A doctor (Lew Ayres) moves to a small town and helps a young deaf mute woman (Jane Wyman) find herself after she had been shunned by the other townspeople (even her own family) for her entire life. Edited by: accc on Dec 28, 2011 8:07 PM
  11. He's coming back December 1 according to the Adolf Hitler lookalike who just introduced In A Lonely Place.
  12. What's going on? Why is this being presented in 4:3?
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