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  1. I don't know about the critics at the time saying that blasphemous baloney about the film being an "I was a Teen-age Jesus" movie. My beef is that old Ben only made reference about that stupid line. Too bad he didn't say anything *interesting* like the fact that Jeffrey Hunter played the part of Jesus so convincingly that the other cast members wouldn't smoke or cuss around him on the set.
  2. > You probably stage yearly passion plays at your local fundamentalist church. What a typical liberal hypocrite. > It really isn't a very good or coherent movie If you thought this movie wasn't "coherent," then you are worse off than I thought. > Even most of your fellow anti-Semites can agree on that. See my first response.
  3. {font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif} *The movie "Margie" has always been my very favorite* {font} *Mine too. *
  4. King of Kings is my favorite movie of all time. So I was surprised to hear what Ben Mankiewicz had to say about it after it played. He said it got *awful* reviews at the time and he cited one that didn't make a bit of sense. It sounded more like his personal point of view, being a Jew. He ended by saying that Jeffrey Hunter didn't look anything like the real Jesus. How in the heck would *he* know what the real Jesus looked like? What a dope. Either it was Mankiewicz's personal bashing of the film or whoever wrote the prompter he was reading. Either way, TCM has lost all my respect
  5. I used to look forward to Friday nights on TCM because of the horror movies. Lately I've only seen westerns and other non-horror flicks. Has TCM quit showing horror movies on Friday nights?
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