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  1. I’m a little disappointed at the limited choices for her tribute day. It should be a 24 hour dedication. She has stated on numerous occasions to Robert that her favorite movie was Two Weeks With Love(1950) and where the heck is A Date With Judy(1948)? Also I’m curious about her later film where she plays the daughter of Hedy Lamar? Come on TCM! You have all these movies at your disposal, why not give Janie a real tribute?
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but is she the last MGM musical star that was UNDER contract? I can't think of anyone else from that era that's still alive. I mean, I guess Margaret O'Brien but she wasn't considered an MGM musical star.
  3. I kind of accidentally became a fan of Jane Powell after watching a lot of Debbie Reynolds' early filmography that featured her playing the younger sister of Jane Powell. I think my favorite movies that they starred in together were Two Weeks With Love and Hit the Deck. Athena isn't too shabby either but it's definitely an odd film. Here are my favorite musical scenes from those films: Two Weeks With Love(1950) Oceania Roll also featuring Carlton Carpenter and Debbie Reynolds Athena(1954) Jane Powell and Debbie Reynolds Hit the Deck(1955) Featuring An
  4. You said one of the reasons why they made these compilations was so people could seek out the original films but I would imagine that would have been a hard challenge in 1974? I don’t believe movies were released on VHS and Betamax yet. Unless they knew ahead of time home videos were going to be the future and they were thinking of the future as being more accessible to older movies someday. Old timey MGM musicals also weren’t popular amongst the young people in 1974 so I’m wondering if these were nostalgia films that also catered to the aging “greatest generation” crowd that were ki
  5. The Rat Race(1960) Dir. Robert Mulligan starring Tony Curtis and Debbie Reynolds. It's about these two roughing it in NYC in the early 60s, and Debbie Reynold plays an almost PROSTITUTE! I swear it was shown years ago on TCM but hasn't been seen since. It's Paramount distributed.
  6. Just to add a bit of context, early articles after the movie came out had Mary praising the film and being happy to play a more sexual grown character. She wanted a little edge. It was the public that turned against Pickford with this role and the movie Dorothy Vernon of Hadden Hall 1924 which I hope TCM screens next as a future Pickford premiere. As a result of her fans almost “canceling” her, she put out an article asking her fans what she play next?? The replies were back to the “little girl” types like Pollyanna, Heidi, Little Princess etc. some of which she had already played. So she wro
  7. Which actors of today could be matched with old Hollywood actors? ex Tom Hanks is like a Jimmy Stewart Here are my pairings and feel free to laugh or disagree Matthew mcconahey = Rock Hudson Leonardo DiCaprio= Paul Newman Natalie Portman = Natalie Wood Meryl Streep = Bette Davis Robert DeNiro = Marlon Brando Cate Blanchett = Kate Hepburn Angelina Jolie = Elizabeth Taylor George Clooney = Cary Grant Viola Davis = Ruby Dee Lady Gaga = Barbra Streisand Tom Cruise = Steve McQueen Brad Pitt = Robert Mitchum Jennifer L
  8. I definitely could tell she's from a different era. When 180 pounds was considered shockingly obese back then... wow! If you don't mind, I think I'll go hide my 178 pounds under a bunch of covers and eat double chocolate fudge ice cream tonight.
  9. Desk I’ve noticed this change since Sept 30. It reminds me of the design from the TCM app and on-demand which is how I mainly watch TCM now due to the flexibility of choosing whatever film I want to see every week. As a media archivist, the lack of accessibility and removal of content just about kills me. Like many others, I searched filmmakers and actors ahead of time and made note of when their movies aired on TCM 3 months ahead of time. Now it seems like you have to look up specific titles and it only displays search results for the month. I guess we took it for granted that all tha
  10. Also Regis passed away like a day before and was a huge television legend so that’s going to get the most coverage on the news. Between him and Olivia, I had no idea John Saxon died, take about being overshadowed.
  11. So I'm going to be honest, I only got to know Debbie Reynolds filmography after she passed away. I am from a generation that remembered her best from Halloweentown on the Disney Channel back in the late 90s and early 2000s. TCM did some tribute to her in Jan of 2017 so I got to see for the first time, the very best of her work, although I think they couldn't do The Rat Race or Goodbye Charlie since I believe Fox or FXM shows them. I guess, what I want to ask, is what do you think of her? Is she an acting legend, a great singer, or a great dancer? Or all three? and then some? Correct
  12. After 15 years of watching TCM, I just now realized this! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. All teasing aside, they do shift their favorites from time to time. I remember a friend and I who were big TCM junkies 10 years ago would ask one another, "What do you want to watch tonight? The Letter at 5PM or The Letter at 9PM or tune in tomorrow and watch Silent Sundays where they show The General, followed by next week with The General...?" Now due to COVID19, I'm convinced that's why Singin' in the Rain has aired probably like 3 or 4 times in the last couple of months.
  13. Unfortunately, I've heard the "N" word thrown around by white people in anger and paranoia in the last two weeks( 5-10 times in person just yesterday, maybe over 50 times on television/social media, and 100s of times in written posts/threads the last 3 weeks) than what I ever really heard in the last 20 years so I am not sure if you've been living under a rock lately or what. Racism, or blatant racism that you may be referring to usually stays hidden nowadays until a civil rights uprising occurs like what is currently going on regarding BLM and the opposing ALL LIVES MATTER banner that white p
  14. What other viewpoint is there? That the antebellum south was totally justified in starting a Civil War to retain slavery for their precious plantations, and the Mammy(Mammy, Prissy) and Uncle Tom(Pork) stereotypes are totally accurate and appropriate?
  15. I've yet to see the film but the title sounds very familiar(As many films as I've seen in my relatively short lifetime, you'd be surprised how many I haven't seen yet). Diahann Carroll looks STUNNING in this still photo and I absolutely love her so I'll definitely place it on my list of movies during this quarantine.
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