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  1. Another poster chose the right idea I was searching for when viewing this first episode. The documentary came across as condescending to me assuming his target audience doesn't know who Victor Sjostrom, Benjamin Christensen, or Yasujiro Ozu are by stating something similar to "Casablanca is not classical but Late Spring is classical". Why can't both films be classical to audiences in different ways? I'm sure there are people who aren't film fans or fans or international cinema that don't know who these people are but to those of us who do, the filmmaker comes across as the irritating a
  2. I don't know much about this actress but I had originally thought she was a rival to Shirley Temple. From the responses, it seems she was a rival of Judy Garland so maybe I got the two girls mixed up. BTW, out of curiousity anybody know who that little girl was who rivaled Shirley Temple? I don't believe I've seen any of Deanna Durbin's films unfortunately but then again I never see TCM really doing many tributes for her besides the TCM Remembers one they are starting to loop now.
  3. He does slur his speech a little. I often wondered if he suffers from some kind of chronic illness not publically revealed or went through a very mild stroke of some sort that caused that. Whatever it might be, it seems quite manageble right now and something that's not interferring with work to the point where he cannot continue. I guess it's really none of our business... I think once you get into your 80s though, you can make a bad turn pretty quick even from a mild cold. I really hope he stays as long as he wants, I do enjoy him on TCM. I guess a lot of us want to be selfish and
  4. I don't mind Ben Mank eventually taking over as the overall host at some point since he's the second more familiar face on TCM and while I don't mind change so much, I like how TCM has been so consistent over the years and it's comforting to see the same familiar faces on the channel. That being said, there was a notable mistake on December 31, 2012 Sunday Silents where Ben concluded that "The Hoodlum"(1919)Mary Pickford was just a female actress that was a damsel in distress character that was always rescued by her male co-stars and got the man in the end of the film. Not only is that no
  5. I noticed that Ben is doing a lot of the primetime intros now and I was wondering if Robert is just cutting down his filming time and slowly phasing himself out of being the main host of TCM. If that's the case I am not surprised since Robert has to be at least 80 years old now and as much as I love him and will miss him on TCM, I want him to spend his remaining years relaxing and having fun with his family.
  6. I'm going to be honest, as soon as Jennifer Jones opened her mouth and said something about being half Chinese and some other lady telling her "Oh you shouldn't be ashamed of being EURASIAN" I decided to change the channel. I know this movie was made in the 1950s and I'm supposed to take everything into context but....yeah.... that and the music being re-played like 100 times throughout the film turned me off. Usually I like and appreciate most movie classics on TCM but that is certainly one I can live without for a long time! Edited by: MerryPickford on Nov 11, 2012 9:56 PM
  7. *I don't know if TCM is really obligated to coordinate their films to reflect the holidays and remembrance days. I guess I don't really care because I figure if you are going to spend these days the right way, you should spend them with your families and go out and do something with them.* *Though I was a bit disappointed they didn't do a Mary Pickford birthday tribute last April from 2:15-5:00AM. Oh well....*
  8. I also wanted to mention that I have an interesting sense of humor and I hope not to offend anybody on here. I just started a thread about the things I find humorous in not so much the films on TCM but just the intros/outros and interviews that take place. I'm also a female in my 20s that lives in Los Angeles and frequents old film screenings. Not to imply that everyone that watches TCM are older and males but just wanted everyone to get an idea of who I am.
  9. So I decided to start a thread where we comment on the things being said on TCM whether it's the way they introduce the films, Guest Programmers interviews, or TCM's cheesy phrases when announcing what's on next just for fun... Just tonight I was watching the outro to Network and this man who is the editor of Entertainment Weekly started awkwardly talking about "bad" movies with Robert. He said you know sometimes I just like watching movies for entertainment and not feel anything. HE then said he saw Notting Hill about 25 times in which Robert responded "I can barely get through that film
  10. I have high hopes for this film since Mr. Fairbanks decided to take part in it. Mr. Fairbanks being that the grandson of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. I can only imagine they want to do the Mary Biopickford justice.
  11. I don't know if this Biograph short is available for home theater viewing but I found the short around a year ago on youtube.
  12. I really liked The Love Light as well. I notice a lot of silent film buffs really have a large disliking for Maria Newman's work and I personally don't find her compositions as bad as they make them seem. I'm not sure what is considered "appropriate" silent film music, everybody seems to think they know what is appropriate but there really isn't a right or wrong answer to this. I find her music very whimsical and beautiful. I've seen her perform live like 3 times so maybe I'm bias or other people have to watch her live. Either way, I don't want anybody saying don't watch a Mary Pickford m
  13. *I know that Disney is very protective of their material but It seems like an alternate universe if they aren't allowed to mention or show the brilliant Walt Disney and his development of the classic animated shorts and features...* *Unless I'm mistaken I don't think I've ever seen a disney film or short on TCM...* *I get that they have no rights to air anything Disney but pardon my frustration as it feels like an incomplete history of cinema as a result...*
  14. *I'm here reading all your posts I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier, once the elections are over I'll turn back to TCM haha. Thank you all for all the helpful information and welcoming!* *Yes I'm a Mary Pickford fan and YES I know they are airing The Hoodlum(1919) on TCM on December 30,2012(unless the world ends before then) on silent sunday night!! B-)If you didn't know they were going to air that film then I just reminded you all to set up your DVR for that day!* *Yes I also know she's from the country to the north but when I first learned of her, I thought she was an American s
  15. *Hey everyone, I am new to posting on these TCM message boards. Please forgive me if there is an appropriate section for me to post this thread. I signed up with this username about a year ago but I never really started posting anything until now.* *I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be actively participating in these discussions and if anyone wants to let me know if there are any unspoken rules or anything before I dive right into these discussions.* *I'm a big fan of all genres of cinema, all different eras, and international cinema, and experimental cinema.. That pretty much
  16. I noticed they don't do the montages anymore when classic people pass away. Anybody know if they are going to do an end of the year montage they've done the past several years?
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