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  1. I look forward to the lineup! Thanx for the info!
  2. As a fan of TCM I I'm not going to spar with anyone on this board. I hope TCM uses a better " criteria" for hosts. That's all folks!
  3. Good points! Edited by: atlantic101 on Oct 13, 2011 6:05 PM
  4. Asooming I eddiited my post 4 gramatical errers? Twise?
  5. 1. You know what I meant! 2. Your assuming I didn't write to the Lincoln Center...... and assuming I live in a trailer... talk about ugly.......lol
  6. I do! Even when I watch Arbuckle I think about what he did. As someone who watches and enjoys Turner your right, there are rotten players for sure.I believe hosting Turner is a pretty credible position, and I hate to see it demeaned.
  7. I hate to drag politics into something I enjoy so much as I do TCM. However, now I see Mr Baldwin marching with the Wall St. Protesters and I am compelled to write this. When I see him with Mr Osborne, I cringe at his " coked up " comments, but out of respect for Mr Osborne I look the other way. Now....seeing him Marching, I sure hope TCM considers dropping him. He really puts a blemish on the face of TCM. I try to live by the philosophy that TCM is appreciated by everyone and I should relish in that.....however, I also think someone like Baldwin has a responsibility to TCM to not put himsel
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