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  1. Since "Naughty Baby" was filmed in 1928 I doubt that this was shot across from Thelma's Cafe since in 1928 she did not yet own her Cafe.
  2. I agree 100% Mongo and Dargo. I use your pictures to show them to my friends who think they know all about the "classic" era and they are stumped. Thanks to TCM , and I have been watching from the beginning, I have met actors that I never knew existed and learned to love their performances. I very rarely contribute on these boards, but I appreciate the chance to try out my knowledge.
  3. Well I have always been an excellent speller , even won a spelling bee in grade school. HOWEVER have never learned to type so ......My comment was not meant to be mean spirited, in fact I was trying to make light of your typing....HAHAHAHA.
  4. You must be a fortune teller Mongo! Jane Russell you are predicting will live until 2911, but I thought she had already pased on???!!
  5. The photo of "KAY STEVENS" is actually Kay Johnson and mother of James Cromwell who is currently starring in "American Horror Story: Asylum" on FX Network.
  6. Yes, Warner's all the way. Flynn , though lucky to get this film, must have thought he had landed on Poverty Row(PRC or Columbia or Monogram) instead of the studio which had spent so lavishly on Robin Hood his penultimate classic some 20 years before. Television was scaring many execs, but the Warners were clearly hedging their bets on this film and budget!
  7. Much cheaper also than going with period costumes. Ray Danton looked like he just escaped from a 1960 tennis match .If you look at tennis attire of early 40s they wore very loose clothing, not skin tight attire. Flynn as JB was wearing the only double breasted suit in the film and not even a wide lapel double breasted suit as was in style in 1941. As I said, I could not concentrate on the story at all .
  8. I have to assume Diana's movie career began in 1941. Why during the entire movie , but especially up until 1942 was everyone attired in Non- vintage clothing and hairstyles? I have watched , I imagine hundreds of 30s and 40s movies and never have I seen such an array of late 50s thin lapel suits and ties and not a single bobbed hair style?! I could not concentrate on the story line as I thought I was watching a 50s TV show.The only thing in entire film that was period was the cars. Flynn was great though as was Malone.
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