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  1. Too much fun, Michael? Not dry and stodgy enough for you? Prehistoric messageboard technology, Nazi moderators arbitrarily threatening to ban members for getting off-topic... no wonder this place is jumping! I'm guessing everybody with something to say is on a timeout. If Michael the mentally-**** had SEEN Storm Center he might have realized the irony of censoring a thread about the evils of censorship. But he probably doesn't get to see a lot of movies with his head wedged up his warm wet ****. Note to Michael The Brainless Moderator: you're a day late and a dollar short- we've alre
  2. Just caught Audrey in her small role in "The Postman Always Rings Twice." Oh my god... she's younger and more beautiful than I have ever seen her, and with dark hair. Gorgeous. Her dialogue: "Hot day, leather seat, linen skirt..." Excuse me, folks... I need a moment to myself.
  3. Oh, early Jane Russell was a sight to behold. "The Outlaw," anyone? That girl had the jungle in her...
  4. LOL!!! I’ve seen “The African Queen,” but I’ve never seen that poster before. I must have missed something in the movie- I never saw Hepburn’s heaving bosom (actually I didn’t know she HAD a bosom), and Bogie looks like he could have carried the boat through the marsh in one hand. Back to my lessons... 98. Prostitutes are just one romantic evening away from being wholesome, virginal and changing careers 99. Courtships lasted mere minutes… simply having dinner with a member of the opposite sex was the same as getting engaged. 100. In “The Bachelor & The Bobby-Soxer,” Myrna Loy i
  5. Clore: Wow... head of programming at CBS, lives in Queens, TCM fan, lives near a White Castle... if you're also a Mets fan you've just made a friend for life. I wasn't aware that TCM also promoted Fox sets. Maybe I'm a little paranoid. William Paley would be proud that someone like you was working to preserve the dignity and integrity of the network. I remember the glory days of TV as well, when a network broadcasting a movie was a special event and you could watch a commercial-interrupted film without forgetting the plot between breaks. Commercial TV is unwatchable to me now. I a
  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa- slow down there guys!!! It's one thing to remake a bad movie well, but the remake of a classic film can *destroy* the original. Part of a film's legacy is not just the film itself- the finished product- but its reputation- the shared memory of fans and critics and the mystique surrounding it. The experience, the lore, the legend all contribute to the movie-going/watching experience and the way a film is regarded. Let's say "Casablanca" was remade in 1960. Changes to the original are made- always a necessity for remakes since they have to justify their existence. "As T
  7. Do you people see what has happened here? This town is now in chaos! And all because of a single book about Communism left in the public library. I'm getting that little boy early parole and a new book of matches! As for the director telling Bette to "act badly..." That made me laugh so hard I almost choked. I can picture the director in his baseball cap just off-camera: "We're going to do a complete 180 on the audience, Bette. You're disinterested... your energy is low... your passion is non-existent... and Action!" I LOVE Bette Davis- she was the first star to get me into classic m
  8. Ahh, Ricardo Cortez... I'll never forget his fine work in "Casablanca 2: Electric Boogaloo." I'm not sure if I agree with you, NormaShearerGirl. I believe every movie should be remade over and over again, until no two people have seen the same version and discussion becomes impossible. Wouldn't you like to see "Citizen Kane" remade with screen legend Ashton Kutcher in the lead? I'm kidding, of course... the remakes of classic movies mystifies me. A shot-for-shot remake of "Psycho"? Tim Burton cluelessly re-staging "Planet Of The Apes" & "Willy Wonka"... WHY? No, seriously... w
  9. > {quote:title=clore wrote:}{quote} > > The issue arises because not all films have been transferred to digital form in the original ratio by the owner of that film. > Thank you for clearing that up. I'm very disappointed with TCM over this. The letterboxing promo is over a decade old- at least- and maybe they shouldn't run it so often if they aren't committed to showing every movie in it's original form. There is NO EXCUSE for the fake letterboxing. That's intentionally deceptive and pointless. At least they corrected that error in the Letterbox Promo that drove me in
  10. Can anyone explain this part of the letterbox mystery? If TCM only shows movies from *their* library, that is, movies that are owned by the Turner Company or Turner Broadcasting (whatever it's called), how can they then turn around and claim that the "only version" of the film they have available is the Pan & Scan? If the original print of the film exists, then Turner owns it, no?
  11. LOL Ascot! I don't know the movie but it sounds awesome.
  12. Thanks, Clore! I'm going to give it a shot: Did it work?
  13. Wait- why would TCM be showing these movies in Pan & Scan?
  14. I've never seen "Creature From The Black Lagoon." I will have to check her out. And when somebody posts a photo would you mind letting me know how to post photos so I can help out in the future? I have great technology- I'm just an idiot.
  15. Can I just say I am a sucker for this series? I have only seen the first one, but I was fascinated. I could just picture kids watching the movie in the theatre on a Saturday afternoon after some serials... There is one segment featuring a stampede (no spoilers here) and although the editing used to incorporate some of the stock footage is jumpy and primitive, it is still very effective. Personally I was getting tired of the Tarzan movies... as the series went on they just got worse and worse... and Tarzan in color just feel wrong. Anyway this is awesome news!
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