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  1. My first movie was The Wizard of Oz and I was a little girl. What do I remember about Judy, honestly, the ruby slippers. I watched the two clips however I have been watching her films forever now. I love Judy. I have noticed for a long time how she draws you completely in. I love her in "In the Good Old Summertime" so many great scenes in that movie demonstrating her 'chops'. The scene with Van Johnson trying to sell the sheet of music and Judy steps in, makes the sale however it's a great flirting scene between Garland and Van Johnson. The other scene, which is very different is the straight performance of her with the quartet singers at the party, I love that scene too.
  2. Ginger at the beginning of the scene tries not to show her fear of thunder, when in earlier films the woman would have been in his harms quickly,or expressing her fear and need of the man to make her feel protected. Ginger's clothes are still upper class but not all the glitz and glamour. I think the battle of the sexes is stemming from the battle raging from women and their suffrage movement,long hard fight to get the right to vote and now a little over ten years into that victory they are gaining more and more rights and getting more vocal, this is going to play into film making too.
  3. In this scene I get that Alfred is a bit of a 'player'. The garter debacle, Alfred stating she is jealous and then the disclosing of her being married. Of, course the zipping up of the dress, now that is good. Placing the revolver in the drawer with many guns,like he has had to remove an abundancy of guns from jealous husbands/lovers. The end of the scene where he is chastised for his behavior and Alfred downplaying it with the garter in his hand, then hiding it slightly. Sounds that clue you into the scene, the muffled arguing and then clear sound of door opening for Alfred's explanation to the audience. Again, the muffling sound of the arrival of her husband and his entourage, clearly coming up steps yet Alfred breaks the 4th wall and let's us know it's her husband entering. Her husband dropping his cane, you clearly hear the cane hit the floor but not the wife. I found that interesting. The opulence of their dressing let's us know these people are well off, her pearls,fancy dress, the guys in tuxedos. Not how 'regular people',let alone people struggling during the depression were wearing.
  4. The two scenes are quite different. In the first scene flirting and light. He's joking about always taking her to meet another guy. He sings a touching song then let's her know he just inserts the girl of the moment in. She jokes right back offering up names. The second scene is where it crosses over to being clear how much they care for each other. He's not talking over her singing or laughing. She's uncomfortable through the entire situation but more visibly shaken when she sees him and that's when she leaves the room. I'm not familiar with this acting duo. In just the two clips, as far as production code I noticed the character Rose Marie was dressed quite prim and proper, especially compared to the women in the bar, clearly signaling the audience as to how a 'good girl' should look and behave. Also, going off the two clips, I'm getting the idea from production code that solid good guy is going to go for the prim and proper gal, eventually.
  5. 1. I agree that the movie clip showed a brighter perspective of life than what most people were experiencing daily. I'm guessing they enjoyed going to the movies to see the lavishly dressed actors, flowers flowing, big spenders tipping and all the stuff you dream about. 2. From that clip I would anticipate that other films during this time are going to be lavish too, use their songs for in the moment, and are going to attempt to bring their audiences out of their daily dreariness. The movies will be about escaping for them. 3. I'm assuming before code, Held would have been dressed differently, short and skimpy for the show and already in loose fitting robe in the dressing room.
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