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  1. Rest in Peace Mr. Ernest Borgnine. You are a hard act to follow and will greatly be missed! I've enjoyed and enjoy your movies(along with McHale's Navy tv show) time and time again.....you are one of my favorite Male actors. Your acting legacy will go on and on. My condolences and prayers are sent to the precious Borgnine family. Enjoy Heaven! GOD BLESS you forever and ever! Thank you Mr. Borgnine for your impeccable and extraordinary acting! Thank you!
  2. Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp. A.J. Cook and Viola Davis are the "Modern Cool" In my opinion.
  3. Rest In Peace Ms. Houston. Your Angelic voice will truly be missed. GOD BLESS.
  4. Hi ya there GagMan, I hope you had a great day. Take care. Blessings.
  5. lol Yup we are Blessed to be Americans Monty. Even though, I love the British and the French we are mighty Blessed to live in America.
  6. Here's my top 10, James...Oops my top 25 plus I threw in an extra 5. Mr. Reagan would be in between my top 25-50. What are your top 10 again? !. Jack Lemmon 2. James Stewart 3. Gary Cooper 4. Cary Grant 5. Charlton Heston 6. Kirk Douglas 7. Henry Fonda 8.Bing Crosby 9. Burt Lancaster 10. Gregory Peck 11. Van Johnson 12. Robert Mitchum 13. Fred Astaire 14. Robert Young 15. William Powell 16. Humphrey Bogart 17. Glenn Ford 18. Gene Kelly 19.Rudolph Valentino 20. Joseph Cotten 21. Robert Taylor 22. Charles Boyer 23. Christopher Plummer
  7. lol...Only in America and it's awesome to be different, have different ideas, likes and dislikes etc... Don't ya think?
  8. lol...Whoa hold your horses. I never said that Mr. Reagan was a top 10 actor or in my top 10. I stated that Mr. Ronald Reagan was a fine actor as in he represented himself very well and held down the fort in several of his roles. The Mr. Ron Reagan movies I enjoy are as follow:"Knute Rockne All American", "The Winning Team", "Million Dollar Baby", "Juke Girl", "Louisa", "Santa Fe Trail", "The Hasty Heart". I really liked "The Winning Team" because one of my fav. actress Doris Day starred with Reagan. I'm just a classic movie nut. lol
  9. lol....What a load of whoeee right back at ya. Looks like you know Mr. Reagan personally. Anywho...whatever, Mr. Reagan was a fine actor. I'm not here to debate politics.
  10. Just a small sample of some mighty fine acting by Mr. Reagan. Just saying. lol
  11. Well, GOD gave me a gift to know talent. I'm not afraid to post that Mr. Reagan was a talented darn good actor. His delivery and timing were always on point. Really watch his movies and study his timing, movements and gestures. Put all politics aside choose any one or several of his movies that fits your fancy(as everyone knows there's a list of Mr. Reagan Movies on IMDb). When you choose one or several of Mr. Reagan's movie really study his acting....and take it from there.
  12. lol Yep Downton it is Sprocket Man. Good one, I think Downtown looks cooler. Just messing Great show.
  13. Yes Indeed "Downtown Abbey is a wonderful and enjoyable series! I truly enjoyed Season 1. I need to Rent Season 2 from NetFlix. [Hugh Bonneville|http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0095017/] is a phenomenal actor, he was so darn funny and witty in "Notting Hill" as William Thacker's buddy Bernie. Thanks for this thread Kasloves because I need Dowtown Abbey Season 2. I love the Brits and their phenomenal acting and mini series. The Best...Bar Non. Better than these ridiculous cheap reality shows.
  14. Absolutely TCM should celebrate President Ronald Reagan's Birthday. After all he was not only an accomplished great actor, family man but he was our Leader and President for two consecutive terms(1981-1989). President Reagan was also a successful Governor of California from (1967-1975) also served our country in the US Army Air Forces for eight years and ranked Captain. So yeah Absolutely TCM should without any doubt celebrate former President Ronald Reagan's Birthday. GOD Rest His Soul. Mr. Ronald Reagan would smile from Heaven if TCM celebrated his Birthday.
  15. Yeah, it's a shame and pity that Ms. Davies was a mistress to W. R. H.. I'm sure she deserved better. How did Hollywood keep her being with his child a secret? Then again, Hollywood kept many secrets. Beyond that, I agree wholeheartly Ms. Davies was a pioneer in her acting that paved the way for Carole Lombard and Lucille Ball. I think even Sharon Stone and Jenny McCarthy amongst others studied Marion's work. As we all know...today's Hollywood is a huge "copycat" thanks to the hard work, talent and creativity of our "Golden Era Hollywood Classic Movie Stars".
  16. I really enjoyed "Blondie of the Follies" today plus I recorded it. lol Marion Davies was a classic beauty with tremendous acting skills. What a talented actress. I would love to own everyone of her movies....because Marion Davies acting is "just that darn good". No doubt about it. Superb!
  17. Absolutely, Joseph Cotten and Charles Boyer were fine distinguished actors. Joseph Cotten carrys himself as a Man with total confidence. In Cotton's movies he makes a woman feels(while watching his movies) as though she is totally safe when he's around. I don't feel that way with some Male actors roles of today It seems as though in Movies of today, the Woman doesn't have a strong male to look forward to. Maybe I'm just old fashioned. Just saying.
  18. Oh No. Sorry to read that you were down in the dumps, GagMan. Things will get better for ya. Cheer up and try to stay positive. What a Beautiful Pic. So graceful. Thank you for such lovely photos. Have an awesome Tuesday. Blessings!
  19. Thank you GagMan! So vey Beautiful and thoughtful! Many Blessing to you and yours! Love it!
  20. Happy New Year GagMan to you and your loved ones. Have a Healthy and prosperous 2012. GOD BLESS. Love the pic. Take care.
  21. Happy New Year VP to you and your precious loved ones! Have a Blessed and Healthy 2012. GOD BLESS.
  22. Hello Rosalynd. Welcome aboard! You are not alone....I am a new member too. Dargo welcomed me. I wanted to join this site 5 years ago but never took the time until Nov. I am a classic Movie nut. I love silent movies-early 1990's Movies. I am also a BBC mini series nut. It's wonderful talking with other experts about your passion for Classic Movies. What a great site. Make sure not to post extra large pics. because I'm guilty of posting super extra large pics so that others could print them and enjoy but I guess the large pics take up too much space. lol Happy New Year to you and y
  23. Thanks for the reminder Rover. I wasn't able to watch "The Heiress" but I will rent it from Netflix and view it as much as I like or I will purchase the movie. Thank you.
  24. Darn...I missed "The House I Live In" Short. Thanks for the reminder. I'm a huge Frank Sinatra too.
  25. I've been looking and waiting for "The Artist" . I look forward to watching and I hope it is worth the wait.
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