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  1. OH MAN you're good that was it- I just watched it on you tube but it had spanish sub-titles- but that was it- It made my afternoon - what a great little movie - Thanks so very much
  2. In this movie there is a small kid who doesn't speak- he seems lost or maybe just walking around Coney Island(?) I think at the end he finds or is found by his brother. I haven't seen it in over 25 years and it would be nice to see it again- Thanks
  3. Wow it was so 70's and sad and disturbing at the same time- BUT very interesting (a laugh in reference) Thanks I hope they show it again
  4. This was shown last week some time on TCM in Los Angeles. It was a 1970's style movie about a woman who gets involved with a robber - I think it was set in New York - I never seen it before and I fell asleep before I could see the name of the movie,although the description said "MOVIE" with no further info- any help?
  5. You guys are the best thanks- I love movies about Los Angeles
  6. Thank you so very much, now I am gonna try and find it thanks again
  7. this was a 50's(?) movie about a Mexican/American kid, from East L.A., who is a boxer (at the old Olympic Aud) and finds that he get too big for his britches and has a rude awakening in the ring- I have been looking for years for info on this movie- Thanks
  8. This was a movie where these Mexican shoeshine boys take some money from a church poor box and get an American to bet on the dog race(?) he wins , BUT he dies before he can get the kids their money. I believe it,s a 50's movie. any info please
  9. I thought it was paths of glory but it wasn't- I thought it was Kirk Douglas- apparently not- but could it have been a TV movie?? any info please thanks in advance- In the film a father must execute his son for cowaradace during a battle and before the execution he tells his son it is not real and stop crying then the father continues with the execution-
  10. I thought it was Kirk Douglas, but apparently not- the movie was a general who must exicute his own son for cowaradace duing a battle- it could have been a TV movie(?) he talks to his son just before the execution and tells him to be brave and it was not a real execution- its driving me crazy- Thanks-
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